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Call of Duty Black ops Zombies Strategy on Moon, biodome strategy and tips for high rounds

Updated on December 9, 2011


I said i would be making a guide for high level zombie play and here it is. With this strategy you can make it very far in the game, and will be able to survive for long amounts of time. the strategy is fine with 1 person, 2 people, and becomes a little more tricky with 3 or 4, but still can be done. If you have the right weapons setup and perks you can easily make it to round 40+, but this will take a few tries most likely in order for you to get that perfect setup to do this the right way.

The strategy

So this strategy is my personal favorite, and while there are many out there, in my opinion this one works best. First off, get some pack-a -punched guns before trying to get really far in the game, you will not be able to get very far without it solely cause of how much ammo it will take to kill the zombies. so here we go

Hopefully before attempting this you will get some perks as well, it will not be easy past 25, if you have no perks, by perks i suggest, Juggernaut, Speed reload, stammin-up , and quick revive(yes quick revive even if your by yourself). If you can you should do the easter egg for all 8 perks, but not a requirement.

So anyway... After you get everything you need, If your by yourself get hacker, if with friends, just make sure SOMEONE has the hacker, doesn't have to be you. Now go to the bio-dome for the fight. When you go into the biodome, you will notice that its obviously a circle, but there is a large loop, with a path oing through the middle of it.

Strat for 1 person

If your by yourself, figure out the dome, and which path you would like to take.( i suggest you have a crawler when figuring out your path). Remember, no running the opposite direction, once you figure out your path, you will have to follow that path the WHOLE round. So now start the round. AS the zombies spawn, dodge the once coming at you ( not to hard because they won't be too many, and with juggernaut, you can get hit once or twice). And a large horde will start to form behind you. Keep running your route, and every one in a while when nothing is ahead of you, lay into the horde with you gun, ( preferable a LMG, or ray gun, Or wave gun). Keep moving, DON'T ever stop, even when shooting, do not waste ammo on the zombies running at you, as they will waste lots of ammo, and ammo is tight.

Now eventually you will notice ammo may start to run low, so this is when hacker comes in handy, IF you have a gersch device, use it whenever a perk drop falls from a zombie, hack it and take the ammo. Which when playing by yourself you will have the hacker, so this will be easy to do fast. Keep in mind that hacking any perk drop costs 5000 but always gives you a max ammo.

Doing this strategy will get you very far in the game, especially once you get used to using the gersch devices, and hacking the dropped perks, this will become a key necessity in further levels so practice up early, and get used to doing it. THe only drop i suggest not doing it, is when a turret drops, as you will get more kills, and can easily kill the moonman with this.

And there you have it the solo strategy.

The team strat

The team strat is very similar to the solo, in one different way, instead of running a big circle, you will have to run a circle, but in half of the dome remember the path running through the large loop, well that will be your cut off, and you will run a circle around that, your partner, or partners should run the same direction but on the other circle, now this is hard to do with more than 2 people but can be done, If there is only 3 people, then one person should go to the moon and run in circles there. Another thing to remember is that you should have the hacker person in the dome to hack any drops. And that this will take more practice with more than 2, but still can be done,


So now you have the strategy to get you far. It will work once you get used to it. ONE NOTE you need to keep gravity in the dome for this to work, losing gravity will make it impossible, and you mine as well forfeit, or retry. So hence why hacker is another tool to keep. Over all you should not have any difficulty at all reaching 30, and beyond that it will all depend on how good you can hack and defend. Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to message me and will get right back to you,or comment :). Thanks

PS i will attach a video to show you the strat in first hand play ( this is not me )


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 6 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      well... as long as all four of you run together it is not difficult, me and my team has ran this strategy with 4 people, and didn't face to many problems, until someone gets caught off guard, but as long as everyone is paying attention, you should be fine.

    • profile image

      ich haben ein tausend hausen 6 years ago

      this seems complicated for 4 people