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Call of Duty Ghosts: 5 Tips for Levelling your Soldier.

Updated on November 14, 2013

Will it be the same as before?

Throughout the Call of Duty series since the days of Modern Warfare, there seems to definitely be some serious similarities between titles and how you should go about trying to level up your soldier as quickly as possible, and how you can optimise your performance in game in order to rank up fast. One of the main game changers that this series has seen in terms of how to rank up fast is Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 as instead of focussing mainly on getting as many kills as possible in order to gain the most experience, the game was more orientated around being a team-player and playing the objective.

The main question that most people will have about Call of Duty: Ghosts is mainly whether it is going to be more focussed on team work like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, or if it will in fact revert back to the ways of Infinity Ward's previous title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The Same But Hugely Different!

Do not worry! Call of Duty: Ghosts is still like the rest of the Call of Duty series in that it is action-packed, and pretty much playable from the word go, however unlike the trend in the Call of Duty series it also has some immense changes that will keep you in awe right the way through to next year's release.

One of the main introductions that Call of Duty:Ghosts brings to the table is that it in terms of graphics it has had some major revamping. Something that definitely concerned a lot of people about the Call of Duty series was that the differences in graphics between Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare were almost unnoticeable at times. This was at a direct result of a new Call of Duty title being released every year, and the fact that the development team saw no real reason to change something that for the most part worked fairly well.

Call of Duty: Ghosts has completely changed the game. Now instead of being massively limited in terms of building destruction and interactive environments your performance now has a toll on the world around you. The team behind Call of Duty: Ghosts has even gone as far as to develop a kill/point streak that upon detonation completely eradicates the map and puts it into a state of almost nuclear wasteland. Builds have toppled, Vehicles have exploded and generally all hell has broken lose to the point that you are essentially playing an entirely different map. There is no doubt that this streak in particular is going to be a lot of fun to mess about with, and spice up the way that previous Call of Duty games have played.

A snapshot of some Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay. Credit for this image belongs to Activision and IGN for the gameplay.
A snapshot of some Call of Duty: Ghosts gameplay. Credit for this image belongs to Activision and IGN for the gameplay. | Source

Tip 1#: Learn the Maps.

The first major part of being able to rank up quickly in any Call of Duty game, is that you need to know the maps inside and out. This means that you need to try to explore as much of each map as possible when you are playing, and remember some of the key points where you have the advantage over your enemies. Of course, this will come with some time and no one will expect you to be able to figure out the prime spots on your first time playing, but it is essential if you really want to get ahead of the competition.

Another good way to start learning the core aspects of each map is to look at an illustration of them. This can be achieved through the many online guides that include fully detailed pictures of each of the maps, and highlight some of the key areas that you should look to cover whilst playing. As I speak (or type rather) I am in the process of making a detailed guide for each of the maps, which you can refer to if you are currently struggling.

Tip 2#: Be Aware of your Team Mates.

Depending on your play-style and your class setup you will need to pay attention on the positioning and actions of your team mates. Why? Because whilst you can have players who are all as serious as you are, you can also have team mates who will ultimately hinder your performance by messing around or generally being a complete nuisance. Therefore, you need to position yourself in such a way that means that you are as far away from the green arrows on your mini-map as possible, which conveniently is also the location where your enemies are most likely to respawn.

If you are going to implement this strategy, it is definitely worthwhile considering using as many stealth techniques as possible, such as the various stealth related perks and without a questionable doubt the suppressor attachment.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

4 stars for CoD: Ghosts

Tip 3#: Use the Best Guns for Your Play-style.

Do you like to camp? Then use a gun that has a lot of ammunition in each magazine and enough ammunition overall to last you a long time. Do you prefer to run and gun? In that case use one of the assault rifles or sub-machine guns with rapid fire and extra bullet damage. The point is that no matter what your game-style is, you need to use the right guns for the way that you plan to play the game. Of course, you also need to consider other aspects of your classes too such as the perks and the equipment that you are going to be using, but one of the most important factors is having a gun that performs well with your game-style.

In order to find the best gun for your particular game-style, your best bet is to play around with every single one of the available guns and see which ones you naturally perform best with. Evidently, your preference will be different to someone else's, although currently one of the most popular guns in the game by far is the MSBS.

The MSBS Assault Rifle from Call of Duty: Ghosts


Tip 4#: Know Your Limits.

Unlike some of the previous Call of Duty games, in Call of Duty: Ghosts you die fast... I mean really fast. For this reason, more than ever before you need to keep an eye on your surrounds at all time, play it slow and know your limits. You should never engage in a gun fight that you are not 100% sure about, as more often than not you will suffer the consequences. This game has a whole selection of somewhat over-powered guns that given chance will take you down in a mere second.

It is also a good point to mention that this game has been experiencing some issues with other players appearing out of nowhere from corners, so it would be wise to bring your sights up whilst you turn so that you have the advantage.

Bonus Tip!

Have fun! Call of Duty: Ghosts is a game and should not be taken too seriously. Ensure yourself that you are having fun whilst playing and please do not camp too often. (Unless that's the only way you have fun.)

Tip 5#: Always use Low KillStreaks

Unless you do feel as if you genuinely have a knack for the game and can easily get the lower killstreaks each life, you should at least start by only using the low killstreaks. This means that instead of choosing the Juggernaut (11 kills), Helo Pilot (12 kills) and the Loki (15 kills) you should be aiming for the Sat-Com (3 Kills), Guard Dog (5 Kills) and Sentry Turret (7 Kills). This will mean that in each life you have a higher chance of getting all of your killstreaks, and therefore getting more experience in each life.

Using the lower killstreaks also means that you are more likely to cycle through them, which ultimately makes you a very valuable person on the team. IF by any chance you do decide that you want to pursue the higher streaks that are available, make sure that you are using the most over-powered guns and utilise a strategy of moving slowly but with aggressive force. This way you will stay alive and reach the higher streaks quicker.

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