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Call of Duty Ghosts Blitz Game Mode: Tips & Tricks

Updated on November 10, 2013

Blitz Game Mode in Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts offers several game modes in multiplayer. One of these game types is known as Blitz. The player's objective in Blitz is to score a goal by running into their enemy team's goal. Since the enemy team will also be trying to score, players must defend their own goal. Basically, you either can play offensively or defensively. Offensively, you are trying to kill enemies defending their goal and run into it and score. Defensively, you are trying to prevent enemy players from entering your own goal.

When a player runs into the enemy goal, they will be teleported back to their team's goal. There will be a 10 second cool down timer after someone scores so a team does not score repeatably right away. This was most likely put in place so an entire team does not score several times in a row. It would make Blitz quite unfair in Call of Duty Ghosts if that were the case.

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Tips & Tricks For Playing Blitz in Call of Duty Ghosts

Playing Offensively in Blitz

If you choose to play offensively in Blitz then use weapons that allow high mobility. Having higher mobility will allow you to run faster and get to the enemy team's goal faster. Avoid weapons like machine guns that slow you down when you are playing to score.

Probably one of the best ways to score is to flank the enemy. Take the longer and less obvious route to the enemy's goal. This will allow you to avoid most of the enemy players and reach their goal easier.

Once you get to an enemy's goal, scan the area quickly as there may be other players ready to shoot you and defend their goal. This will largely depend on how many enemy players are defending versus attacking in Call of Duty Ghosts Blitz.

Perks to Use When Playing Offensively in Blitz

  • Marathon for unlimited sprint
  • Agility to increase movement speed
  • Stalker to move faster while ADS (aiming down sight)
  • Sit Rep to detect any explosives that may have been set when attacking the goal

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Playing Defensively in Blitz

Playing defensively in Call of Duty Ghost Blitz is all about defending your goal. You must prevent the enemy team from scoring! The best way to defend is to stay close to your team's goal. It's not necessary to stay extremely close because enemy player's will spot you easier. Find a good hiding spot where you will be more difficult to see.

Using C4 or I.E.Ds will benefit you when defending in Call of Duty Ghost Blitz. You can set an I.E.D where enemy players may run through when they are trying to score. The same goes for the C4, place it where enemies will come through.

The motion sensor can be useful so you can detect enemies that are trying to attack your goal. It tags and tracks enemy players that move near it in Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer. Place the motion sensor in an area where enemy attackers may appear.

Since you'll mostly be staying still and not rushing much, weapons like machine guns are good to use for extra firepower and ammo. Unlike attacking, you do not need to rush since your defending your goal.

Perks to Use When Playing Defensively in Call of Duty Ghosts Blitz

  • Recon
  • Amplify so you can hear enemy players moving easier
  • Scavenger (good because you won't be run-and-gunning)

Tips & Tricks For Call of Duty Ghosts Blitz

Communicate With Team

Communicating with your team when playing Blitz can be vital for success. Go on the mic and ask "whose going to defend" or "whose going to attack." This will help (if people speak) so it's not unbalanced. If too many people on your team plays offensively, it leaves your team's goal defenseless to enemy players.

Also, sometimes it's good to play a support role. Instead of attack or defending, figure out who needs help more. Is your goal being attacked constantly? Then go help the defenders. Do your attackers need help scoring or clearing out enemies? Then go help them. Playing a "support like" role means you should stay in the middle of the map so you can run and help either the attackers or defenders in Call of Duty Ghost Blitz.

Keep in mind, not everyone is going to have or a mic or communicate over the mic. However, you may as well try to see if some people talk. Blitz is one of those game modes where talking over the microphone can help tremendously. Of course the skill of each individual player is important too. But sometimes a bad team that communicates can beat a good team that does not communicate in Blitz!

Good luck in Blitz on Call of Duty Ghosts!


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