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Call of Duty Ghosts Cranked Tips and Strategy Guide for How To Win

Updated on December 8, 2013


In this guide I will give you guys some tips to help better yourself when playing Cranked on Call of Duty Ghosts. I will give you tips, and a strategy to help give you the best odds overall and help you survive in the long run. This will also give you tips to help boost your K/D ratio, your win ratio, and what methods will be the most effective overall when playing the game. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post them in the comments section at the bottom.

Also I will attach a Youtube video of me playing ghosts. If you like what you see don't forget to go to Youtube, and subscribe as I will be and post a lot of videos to help give tips, and strategies on there as well. Thanks for reading.

What is Cranked ?

Cranked is a new game mode which attempts to help cut down on the camping on Call of Duty Ghosts. This game mode features two teams in which players play a traditional team deathmatch style game where first team to 100 kills wins.

Once you get a kill you will become cranked, or will seem like you just took some drugs, and you will instantly run, reload, and move faster. You will also have 30 seconds to get a second kill otherwise your player will explode. This cuts down on camping in the sense that typically you cannot sit in one place otherwise you may explode after your first kill. Also after you first kill, anytime you kill a person you will gather more experience for each kill after, reset your clock to 30 seconds, AND each kill while cranked will count towards 2 kills for your teams race to 100.

The game mode is a lot of fun, and hopefully us hardcore players will see a similar version released for us in the future. With that being said lets get to those tips on how to make your life easier.

How to Play Cranked to Win

Ideally when you are playing cranked there are certain methods to follow in order to give you the best chances of going positive, and winning the game, and helping your team.

First. Stay Moving. If you stay moving you ill be sure to run into enemies and hopefully be able to kill more than 1 enemy each time. Not to mention, you never want to explode after your first kill, therefore if you keep moving this will give you the best odds of finding more targets to seek out and kill.

Second. Remember to fire at everything.. While some people will usually only shoot players that they know they can get a kill on, if you are cranked and can pull off an assist than they will get their boost of time back to 30 seconds. So I always will try to get a couple bullets into everyone because getting that assist can mean the difference between staying cranked or exploding.

Third. Choose the RIGHT Kill streaks. Choosing the right kill streaks can help you stay cranked, or if you die, start you cranked again the next time. For instance if you are using the dog, and someone kills you, hit the respawn button as quickly as possible because if the dog manages to kill that person you will become cranked upon respawning. Another example would be a helicopter. If you can manage to get a helicopter, then most likely this will assist you in getting more kills and staying cranked longer.

Fourth. Stay under cover. While my first tip said stay moving, this does not mean running around the middle of the map, and in the wide open allowing for easy kills on yourself, this means effectively moving around, while keeping object around you that make the enemy have a much tougher time of killing you. If they fire shots at you, and miss because you are behind an object, not only will you stay alive, but this will give away their position, and allow you to kill them much easier. Not to mention that if you are running around the middle with no cover, even if they miss the fist couple bullets they will most likely end up killing you before you can turn and take them out.

Weapons that you should use.

When you are choosing your weapons to play cranked, I typically give the same advice as I do other game modes. Focus on weapons you are particularly good with, and focus on weapons that have benefits that will help you succeed on Cranked. Using a weapon with the highest damage in the class, or with a laser scope built in will give you different bonuses depending on your play style. It is hard to tell you weapons are most effective simply based on the fact that I don't know your play style, but you should focus on choosing weapons that will be beneficial to your specific play style. One weapon that is extremely effective on me is the ARX-160 because I tend to hip fire a lo, and the ARX comes with a built in laser scope. This is a great benefit as it gives you the laser as a free attachment, and each weapon has a specific benefit to help the players. I suggest looking for the weapon that will be most effective for your play style and help you overall.

Kill Streaks to Use.

When you are going to choose your kill streaks I suggest using the assault setup. Because of how fast the games typically go, the assault will give you a benefit of getting extra kills, and hopefully keep you cranked, and make the games go by even faster. Typically on Cranked I usually use the dog, Sentry gun, and a Helicopter as these will all usually add to extra kills, and help you have more success over time.

If you want you can also use the specialist perk which will help you stack up a few more perks to help give you a better chance in the long run. This will also be very useful if you are trying to get high amount of kills without dying, and stay on your kill streak.

My Own Footage of Ghosts


Overall cranked is a fun game mode that primarily in my opinion cuts down on the camping on Ghosts. I like the game mode, and it is BY FAR the easiest way to level up a character and try to reach that max prestige.


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