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Call of Duty Ghosts FULL Perks List with Description

Updated on October 5, 2013


In this guide I will talk about the full perks list and the description for how the perks work. The perks are similar to past Call of Duty games, but at the same time Infinity Ward is adding a lot of new perks which seem to take a bit from all the past games, with a few new ones.

Also check out my video below from Black Ops 2, and if you enjoy don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube as I will be posting a lot of tips, and tricks once the game officially comes out. I will also post tutorials, tips, how to videos, and whatever else people suggest over time. Also feel free to comment below with questions, or if you want to let me know what perks you like the best, or any help you need.

Also I will organize the perks by their classes, and talk about each perk, what it does, and I will post another effective guide talking about the best possible setups and my setup for the classes later on, so check back for that after the game comes out and I can test out every possible setup.

Class 1 Speed Perks

The speed perks are things that will allow you to work faster. This is going to be faster reloading, running, and other perks, so let me get right into these perks.

Dexterity - Dexterity is a perk that will allow you to use your weapon quicker after sprinting, unlike in past games where you could mantle objects faster.

Sleight of Hand - THis perk as we have seen in almost every call of duty game will allow you ot reload your weapon twice as fast as you normally would, especially effective on large weapons like light machine guns.

Agility - Agility will allow you to walk and run faster in game, kind of like lightweight.

Marathon - once again another famous perk we are used to, similar to extreme conditioning will allow you to sprint for longer periods of time.

Stalker - This perk will allow you to move faster while aiming down the sites.

Class 2 Perks HANDLING

These perks will allow you to work more effectively while attempting to do normal tasks. This may be reloading while doing certain items, or throwing your equipment further..

Strong Arms - THis has a double effective that it will cook your grenades faster, and will allow you to throw your equipment further like C-4 and similar items.

On The GO - On the go will allow you to reload while sprinting, which is not something we have seen in the past.

REFLEX - This perk will allow you to switch quicker from your primary and secondary weapons, although I personally do not see myself using this perk to much.

Steady Aim - This perk will be useful in the sense that I enjoy hip firing as I am a run and gun player, BUT I still think there will be better perks for me out there.

Quick Draw - The last of the handling perks will allow you to aim faster down the sites, and allows you the ease of aiming quicker if you are a run and gunner player like myself.


Now these perks are typically what I go after. While I am a run and gun player, I enjoy sneaking into the enemy base, or rushing in and taking the enemy out while they are not expecting it, so these perks will be significantly more effective for my play style.

Takedown - Typically when you kill an enemy a skull appears on the UAV area which alerts an enemy that someone has died, but this perk will make it so when you kill an enemy their skull does not appear, which is an ineffective perk for hardcore players.

Blind Eye - This will make you immune to oracle systems, and also makes enemy targeting systems on aircraft and sentry guns not able to find you. So far this is a must perk for use by most players.

Off The Grid - Sat com scorestreaks, and any ping perks will not work on you with this perk enabled.

Dead Silence - Allows all of your movement to be done completely silently, and you will jump quieter, sprint, and walk quieter.

Cold Blooded - Prevents your name from appearing when an enemy looks at your on their sites, or in general.


This setup is another useful class that will allow you to hear, and see the enemy easier when playing. These perks are usually useful throughout the game, and will make you life easier.

Recon - When an enemy is injured they will appear as a marked image on the map allowing you to find them easier, which is another perk useless most of the time to hardcore players.

Scavenger - This perk will allow you to replenish ammo off of dead bodies.

Sitrep - Sitrep will allow you to see enemy equipment in a red highlight image through walls, and when moving about the map.

Eavesdrop - Eavesdrop is a perk that allows you to hear the enemy on the game louder.

Wiretap - Wiretap will allow your sat coms to hack the enemy sat-coms and allow them to stack for you. Getting three sat coms allows for an advanced uav.


The resistance perks are another useful setup that allows you to have specific classes that will be designed to help your character in particular. This would be helping you take no fall damage, or to allow you to regenerate health faster.

Resilience - With this perk you will take no fall damage.

Painkiller - This perk will regenerate your health faster, making this useless for hardcore players like myself.

Stopper - This perk will reduce your flinch when shot, and will also reduce the amount of redness on your screen after being shot.

Tac Resist - This perk will make you more immune to tactical grenades thrown by the enemy.

Blast Shield -This perk will allow you to take more explosive damage and works like Flak Jacket from Black Ops 2.

Class 6 Equipment Perks

Equipment perks will allow things like taking more tactical grenades, or grenades and is similar to the wildcard that we saw on Black Ops 2.

Extra Tactical - This perk will allow you to take an extra tactical grenade.

Extra Lethal - This perk allows you to take extra lethal grenade equipment.

Fully Loaded - This perk will allow you to have extra magazine on your weapon, which will help if you do not use scavenger.

Extra Attachment - This perk will allow you to have an extra attachment on the primary and secondary weapons.

Danger close - This will give you extra damage on your lethal grenades.


These perks are pretty much the ones that seem to be missing, like hardline, and others whicha re extremely helpful overall.

Gambler - Okay so I lied, not ALL of these perks are useful. Take this one for example. This will give you a random perk at the start of the game. Seems pretty lame to me, as you may get something stuck on you that does not apply to you. for instance being a hardcore player, I would get something like regenerating health which wouldn't apply to my character anyway.

Hardline - This will require the amount of kills needed to get your killstreak by one.

Ping - After you kill an enemy this perk will send out a sonar ping that reveals other nearby enemies.

Overkill - This perk will allow you to equip two primary weapons at the same time.

Deadeye - This perk really has me curious. Each time you kill an enemy in a life your weapon becomes more powerful. Essentially at some point you will be unstoppable.

My Own Black Ops 2 Footage


Overall this game is going to be a lot of fun. I enjoy the perks setup, and cannot wait to try out all the different perks to see how effective they are. Overall I think that some perks will be useless, but on the other hand I am happy to see many perks coming back. If you enjoyed this guide, please feel free to check out my video, and subscribe on Youtube where I will be posting a LOT of content when the game is released.


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