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Call of Duty Ghosts REVEAL Information and Date of Release

Updated on September 28, 2013


In this Article I will talk about the new Call of Duty Game "Ghosts" which is the next installment to the game we're all obsessed with by Activision. I will talk about platforms, release date, game info, and some of the things that just got revealed in the trailer, and press release from Activision.

I will also add a video of me talking about the game, and providing the links (In the video on Youtube) that show more information about the game. In the comments let me know what you think about the game that will be coming out in a few months, and what platform you will be getting the game on, and what you think of what they are going to be providing us.

Revealed Information

Okay, so they have not given us a lot of information about the game, but there is enough for me to reveal some stuff to you guys..

First off the release date.. Call of Duty Ghosts is set to release on November 5th, 2013.

Okay, so now lets talk about what's going to be new in the game. First off the entire game engine is getting replaced. What this means is that, ever since the original Call of Duty, they have used the same game engine. Using similar movements, only updating small features each year. WELL.. The new Call of Duty Ghosts game is going to use a whole new engine. The makers at Activision threw out the entire old system to give players a Call of Duty experience like none other. Supposedly this new system will be nothing like what we have seen on Call of Duty 4, Black Ops, Modern warfare 2, World At War, Modern Warfare 3, or Black Ops 2. The new game engine will completely readjust movements, and the feel of the Call Of Duty game. This will allow for an experience once again like no other.

NEXT - This game will be available on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC .. ALSO it will be available on the next generation consoles for instance the Playstation 4, and Xbox 720 (Not official name but will use that for sake of the article). So this will prevent players form having to run out and buy Ghosts, and then a few weeks later buy the new console, and the new game. OR force players from going out altogether and buying a new console that will most likely start around $500.00 dollars, plus the game.

A NEW STORY - Activision released that the new story mode that some play (Sadly I haven't played campaign in a long time ) will also be completely redone. The campaign mode will be something players have never seen before (obviously either way), and will be a next generation type story mode.

So why the new changes?

If your wondering why Activision is not simply playing it safe, and making another Call of Duty game like the ones we are used to, and simply raking in the profits they KNOW they will get. They want to offer the players a transition into the future along with the new consoles that are coming out. They could not have chosen a better time, and gotten lucky because within the next two years, we as gamers will most likely all be switched to a new console, and expect next generation games, even if it means paying steeper prices for those games (you all know you'll continue to buy new games regardless of price)... Therefore Activision got extremely lucky with this being their year for a Call of Duty game to throw out the old system and try something new. Although I am sure that Treyarch is also starting to try and make a new game starting now for release in 2014 that will implement the new system as well, BUT that is beside the point. The new game will definitely be worth looking into, and buying because of the new features we are being so built up on. Although I do hope this is not an upset and delivers a sub par game. Although I do believe that if everything goes as planned the next Call of Duty game will blow the socks off of Battlefield 4 and once again will be worth getting.


So overall I would expect the new game to be a major update to the current play style. Also this will give every player an equal advantage with all of us starting on the same level, unlike now where some players start at Black Ops 2, and some have been playing since Call of Duty 4 like myself. I think it will be very interesting to see the further details that come out over time, and remember to comment below to let me know what you think. Also check out my Youtube video, and remember that I will be releasing all the leaks that come out for the game, and will also be releasing footage from day 1 on the game.


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