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Call of Duty - Less of the new, More of the old

Updated on June 18, 2014

CoD 4 Modern Warfare. PS4 - Xbox One - PC

In November 2007, Activision and Call of Duty released the fourth title in the franchise, Modern Warfare 4. Set in 2011 and stepping away from the World War II era, it changed the way FPS (first person shooters) were played forever. Out of all the main game sites and magazines including Xbox Official magazine and Playstation, also big names like IGN, Gamestop and Joystiq there was not one review under a 9 rating or 90%.

Call of Duty 4 was the third best selling game of 2007 even though it only released in November with 3.04 million units sold. In may 2009 Activision announced in a conference that Modern Warfare has sold a massive 13 million copies.

Now, correct me if i'm wrong but wouldn't it make sense for a remake of a 'Definitive Edition' of this game to be bought over to next-gen? Me personally, think it would be a good idea for both consoles and game designers alike.

Classic is King!

If you didn't play Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare at some point in your life, You're lying. When you go back to think of the endless hours spent on that innovative multiplayer, amazing campaign and unbeatable gameplay physics it's hard to imagine what went wrong.

Me personally, as I think most people would also, love to see a classic Call of Duty remade for the next generation in gaming consoles. Rockstar joined the bandwagon with the Grand Theft Auto V and Ubisoft also with the Tomb Raider: Definitive edition. The GTA V trailer was on 2 million views just a few hours after its trailer release at E3 during Sonys conference. If for example next year Activision came out and said that Call of Duty 4 and others were coming to next-gen, the atmosphere and excitement around the whole idea would be huge. What would you do to play a 1080p, 60 fps version of the original zombies of CoD:WaW or the captivating multiplayer of Modern Warfare 4. I can guarantee there's hundreds of thousands if not millions of next-gen owners that would love this option.

Any chance?

I like to think so. Numerous times I've put the idea over to Activision support and tweeted them about the idea and had numerous people tweet me loving the idea of a port. It would give the younger generation to play the game that made the franchise what it is today.

Remember Remember the month of November

Best selling shooter and maybe the best shooter of all time?
Best selling shooter and maybe the best shooter of all time?


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    • Aaron Lawton profile image

      Aaron Lawton 3 years ago from Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom

      Thanks man, i'm really new to this and want to put my ideas across to people. I read some of your articles yesterday and they're really good. Yeah i see where you're coming from and just think activision and sledgehammer need to do something as the futuristic theme wont last long with Destiny and Halo on the horizon. Thanks!

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 3 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Nice article but if anything I believe we need to step away from the modern military shooter altogether rather than bring it back from the dead. I fully agree the first entry to the MW sub-series was absolutely stunning, and it's campaign was brilliant despite its length. But rather than reboot this one, I'd go with Call of Duty 2, the series' Xbox 360 debut as it could be improved far more on the next generation than MW, but I think both would have to be unveiled in their X1/PS4 glory before I chose one or the other to go on store shelves.

      Great article! Voted up and interesting!