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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 First Look

Updated on July 15, 2012

Call of duty modern warfare 2

The call of duty series for all formats has been one of the most successful series of titles since tomb raider first burst onto the scenes,it has everything,great game play ,brilliant graphics and a terrific story.Each new game has come along and broken new ground and we thought we had seen it all until the new one!!!!!!.

To put it mildly Infinity Ward (the game makers) have outdone themselves,this game is astounding,i find myself unable to put it down.To most peoples amazement i don't enjoy all the c.o.d games, i find myself getting bored with the ww1 and ww2 versions and only really enjoyed the world at war version and the original modern warfare,but bringing it bang up to date is the new version modern warfare 2.The graphics are realistic the violence is gory and the weapons are second to none,and all this before i even touch on the LIVE aspect of the game.

Call of duty modern warfare 2

The graphics

I'm sure from the pictures and the Videos i put on here you can see for yourselves that this game has some of the most realistic graphics yet seen in a video game unless you have Forza Motorsport 3.The detail is outstanding and for the first few scenes you have to be careful not to stand and stare as you tend to get shot at.There is no motion blur when in fast scenes such as riding a snow mobile, and the weather details from snow and blizzards to clear skies to rain are truly brilliant.See the pictures below for more proof

Call of duty 6

Call of duty 6

The story mode

In this game you get to play a couple of different people throughout the game which breaks up the storyline a little bit.You can do what i did and put the game on easy and fly through it or start off on hard and risk getting shot easily.Try whichever way you want just don't say i haven't warned you.

Online play

The online play is phenomenal, with 16 gloriously detailed maps for you and up to 32 players.Terminal and afghan are amongst them and the sheer size of some of them are astounding.Things such as the heartbeat monitor when sniping someone are brilliant and the way you can use your shield to block enemy shots then turn the shield and put it against your back to protect yourself whilst you sneak off.

Call of duty 6



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