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Why Buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!

Updated on July 1, 2014
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Game Play
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Game Play

Modern Warfare 2 (MW2)

Classic Games Review - Modern Warfare 2

The Battle continues...

Call of Duty modern warfare brought a lot of anticipation to gamer fans of the Call of Duty franchise who were anticipating the release of a second modern warfare since the first. On its release on 10th November 2009, fans of the Call of Duty franchise would have taken this game home to play for the first time. What surprised me is the amount of people who immediately after starting the game went straight onto multi player. This is surprising as most people who buy a video game will firstly complete the campaign as this seems logical but with the buzz around the multi player game play for modern warfare 2, this was not the case for most people. I personally after receiving the game which I had pre-ordered for my Xbox 360, completed the campaign on easy mode first. This is because I am a traditional gamer and believe that the story mode will ease you into the game play, giving you an idea of what the maps as well as guns will be like on multi player. It came as no surprise in finding out that the guns used in single player campaign were the same in multi player, yet seemed to feel and work differently in multi player mode. This was the same in Modern warfare (1), as when you enter the multi player mode, the game play changes slightly which I believe benefits the player and allows for more fun as well as excitement.

Multi Player

Like most Call of Duty fans, since modern warfare (1) it has become expected for a Call of Duty game to have a unique and exceptional multi player experience which differs in graphics and the excitement which the gamer receives. Before modern warfare 2 we saw not only the release of modern warfare (1) but also the release of Call of Duty world at war which was released in 2008, a year later. After having two games released previous to modern warfare 2 for the Call of Duty franchise Infinity Ward who created the modern warfare had to step up their game with this release. The multi player function was the main aim for modern warfare 2 with a variety of great maps, guns, abilities and the best game play we had ever seen on a multi player game at that time. Those who have played the multi player function on modern warfare 2 will know what I am talking about and will know about all of the new great additions to modern warfare 2 multi player as opposed to modern warfare (1) multi player. The additions I speak of include the all new game modes which were added, all new exciting weapons, better graphics, better game play and improved perks.

The game play was not only different to the previous modern warfare but improved dramatically as now you felt more at ease in killing your opponents. For instance for the first time quick scope killing was created by gamers where you would use a sniper rifle zooming in and out almost instantly to kill your enemy opponents quick and swiftly. The quick scoping could be effective at close range and at long range, depending on your skill level in doing this you could dominate the game. As you will notice if you have or are going to play the game on multi player there is no lack of ideas and fun which can be experienced. Like the previous call of duty games the levelling up is very similar and you can prestige a total of 10 times with different emblems for each prestige. The levelling up on the Call of Duty games is by far the best experience we have ever seen for a video game to date and would be hard to beat. It made me wonder at the time of the games release after I had been playing the game for a few months, just how they would top the multi player experience on the game as the bar was set so high. On multi player you have the option to do public matches where you can level up and play with people from all around the world, or to play private matches where you are not able to level up but you can play with just you and your friends. Again with this addition to the Call of Duty franchise they have once again produced the game of the year which is no surprise considering just how entertaining the games single player and multi player functions are to play.

Single Player

The single player experience once again offers the best game play and entertaining cut scenes that I have ever seen on a first person shooter and possibly from any game I have ever played. The story continues nicely carrying on from the first modern warfare game with the same characters continuing on an epic all out shooting adventure to stop terrorists. The story which you witness through the cut scenes throughout the game truly pull you in. Grasping your full attention with a gripping plot which makes it feel as though you are watching a movie. The single player game play is just what you would expect from a call of duty game with a lot of shooting, stealthy missions and the all new snowmobile driving mission which was very fun to play. What I personally loved so much about the single player campaign is its ability to set you up, preparing you for the fun which you are going to get when you play the multi player function. Again leaving the game on a cliff hanger which leaves gamers in wait for the next which was clear to come in the modern warfare series.

Spec Ops Mode

Perhaps not the most anticipated or for that fact the best game mode produced by Infinity Ward but it is certainly a very entertaining addition to the game. It offers a single player experience as you might expect when playing the campaign, except with a small twist as you can invite friends online to join you in completing the Spec Ops missions. There is a difficulty option on the Spec Ops mode for the missions, including easy, hard and expert which will depend on your confidence in achieving the missions on the chosen difficulty. The great thing about Spec Ops is that it can be played online with friends and offline alone/split screen with family/friends. This is Infinity Wards extra addition to their Call of Duty games whilst Treyarch, the company who brought you Call of Duty world at war brought you the added extra of zombies.

Classic Games Overview

With a multi player which has topped all of the previous Call of Duty multi player game play functions and a single player which has continued the epic story for modern warfare 2, you just can't go wrong. With the addition of Spec Ops, modern warfare 2 has even more fun to offer its customers and a superb game play experience which all first person shooter gamers would appreciate. The only thing to add now would be when will we see the next modern warfare for the series or as we now know the finale for the modern warfare series.

Why buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

A great single player and multi player experience which even now in 2013, four years later you could still appreciate as well as enjoy the game play which it offers. With a now very affordable price of £13/$20, everyone can enjoy the best first person shooter game of 2009. The game is compatible for the Xbox 360/PS3/Nintendo Wii, which makes the need to buy this game if you have not yet played it even greater if you are a first person shooter fan.

Thank you for reading my review, please feel free to comment and leave your rating for the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 game. If you wish please check out some of my other hubs.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2


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