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Call of Duty: WW2 - A Game Inspired by Saving Private Ryan

Updated on August 28, 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 - Releases everywhere on November 3rd, 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 - Releases everywhere on November 3rd, 2017

Call of Duty WW2 Takes the COD Franchise Back to Its Roots

The Call of Duty franchise has dips its toe into all sorts of FPS war waters, and if you can name a war era chances are Call of Duty has based one or more of its titles around that particular war.

Call of Duty started out as a franchise on the PS2 having some of the greatest campaign gameplay's to ever happen on the old consoles. But, after Call of Duty 3 the franchise decided that the multiplayer world was going places and so started the creation of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare which was later released in 2007. COD 4 was the first Call of Duty game to have an immersive multiplayer that is arguably far better than that of its counterparts campaign, as the multiplayer enables countless hours of gaming fun playing with friends.

No introduction need be made to the gravity that is Call of Duty's online function, a world that has been growing in popularity and creativity since the year of 2007 with COD 4. Many have argued the case that Call of Duty 4 was the greatest game to ever be developed by Call of Duty, and to clarify this point further we not all that recently saw the release of Modern Warfare Remastered that saw to create COD 4 but with updated graphics, sounds, special effects, content and a whole new player-base.

WW2 is the subject for today and Call of Duty has come along way in multiplayer functionality since COD 4 when things blew up for the franchise in innovation and a whole new meta for gamers to dig their claws into. The last WW2 era Call of Duty game that we received was Call of Duty: World at War which was released in 2008 and offered a whole new lease of life for the online franchise as there were drivable tanks in some of the largest maps.

However, Call of Duty: World War 2 saw a drop in its player base back in 2008 with many online fans for the franchise taking a step back and this meant that there were players returning to COD 4 in 2008 which Activision saw as a meaningful sign. So, after 2008 we saw the dropping of a war era for the COD franchise, which instead opted for moderner war eras like Iraq/Afghanistan (Modern Warfare series), Vietnam (Black Ops), and the looming futuristic settings which evolved the COD franchise into a movement system that involved countless rocket jumps and wall running changes.

The futuristic era for Call of Duty's online world ran through a 3 year cycle, with the release of Sledgehammer Games Advanced Warfare, Treyarch's Black Ops 3 and the least popular Infinite Warfare. If you are a fan of the super jumps and wall running movements that came with that particular 3 year cycle then you may want to get the most out of the multiplayer player bases that still exist on these titles as we have seen a shift in time eras once again for the COD franchise.

Praise the lord as we have been blessed by the Call of Duty gods with another pre-modern war era video game developed by Sledgehammer Games for the World War 2 setting that even has a blunt title, Call of Duty: WW2. That is how a video game developer gets the point across, as for perhaps going on 4 years now since Call of Duty: Ghosts was released back in 2013 COD fans have been asking for the return of the World War 2 era, and now we have it.

Call of Duty: WW2

Call of Duty: WW2 was developed by Sledgehammer Games, one of the four developers working on the Call of Duty franchises games series (Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven Software).

There has been much criticism over Activision's decision to run futuristic COD titles for the past 3 years but fans of the franchise cannot argue that Activision does not listen to their consumers as they brought back the spirit of the boots-on-the-ground setting with the release of Modern Warfare Remastered in 2016. This was just another way of Activision saying, "halt right there, here you go, there you have in your hands a copy of COD 4 Remastered". The catch, "now, give me my $40, and here is a code for the DLC pack that you enjoyed so much playing back in 2007". Another catch, "now, give me my $15, that code is not yours unless you pledge allegiance to the Activision lords".

In the reality of consumers minds when going into the purchasing process of getting a new Call of Duty title is that there will be some of the best multiplayer gameplay that the gaming industry has ever seen. This is why very few consumers will refuse to buy the latest Call of Duty title but be sure to have trust in that they will complain when there is a certain bug or issue with the games performance on review sites.

Call of Duty: WW2 - More Onto the Point of the Game and What We Can Expect

Call of Duty: WW2 has been developed with camaraderie in mind as World War 2 was one of the most emotionally torn wars that we have ever seen in history. This is due to the vast amounts of lives that were lost all over the globe, probably one of the biggest reasons why it is still heftily documented, dramatised in movies/TV shows and in video-games like it is today.

Sledgehammer Games have come out to say that the COD: WW2 game is historically correct and has a lot of emotional and dark campaign missions that will relive the events of D-day and other historically shocking moments of World War 2's history. This will likely have an impact on the gaming community that like to see historically accuracy as there is a lot to be learned from such a time in history and these individuals do not like to see the war events mis-informing younger minds playing the game.

But, for the larger part, or at least for the side to the game that makes them one of the biggest FPS franchises on the planet is the online mode. This is that corner of the game that seems so separate from everything else to do with the game, such as the campaign, etc. Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer has recently had a BETA release for the PS4 (coming to the Xbox One, PC a little later) that showcased some of their game modes (war, domination, team death-match), weapons and class set-ups.

Multiplayer Features That We Have Seen for "Call of Duty: WW2" so Far

Call of Duty: WW2's multiplayer has some insight as far from Sledgehammer Games because of the multiplayer BETA that was recently released on the PS4. Get excited!

Firstly, the game modes are quite limited and have only as far included the most popular game modes that we have seen in recent Call of Duty titles.

The list includes team death-match - where there are two competing teams, the allies and the axis, and the only objective for this game mode is for players to all work as a team so that they can get the most kills collectively in the match.

Another game mode is domination - where there are two competing teams, the allies and the axis, and the objectives to win the match is for players to capture the three flags that are spread at 3 positions around the map. Capturing and holding onto these flags which rack up score and the first to get to 200 score collectively on a single team will be the team that wins. Hints - if the flags are lit up in white colour then the flag has not yet been captured, if the flags are blue then the friendly team has captured the flag (but still needs protecting), and if the flags are lit up in red then the enemy team has captured it and it is up to the friendly team to recapture this flag.

Another game mode is hard point - once again, there are two competing teams, the axis and the allies, and the objective for this game mode is to get onto the hard point positions that will pop up in different areas around the map. The key is to jump onto these locations and play aggressively to keep your team on these positions until the hard point officially changes to another point on the map.

Another game mode is mash-up - this is a game mode where there are (probably will not mention the competitive stuff again) all of the different game modes put into rotation which allows the player to get a randomly selected game mode and map to play at any one time. This provides variety for players seeking not to play any one game mode in specific.

The final game mode (saving the best till last) is war - there are two competing teams, the allies and the axis, and the objective on this game mode is more progressional as they will change depending on the success of the friendly team. So, if the first objective for the team is to attack the other team will be defending the position that the other team is attacking. The key here is to prevent the enemy from capturing the first location, as this will determine whether or not the attacking team will get to move onwards to the next point. This game mode is more like a mission, so wether your team is attacking or defending a location this will vary length wise on how long the match will go on for. In total there are about 3 locations that must either be taken or defended.

Secondly, there is a whole new system in place that removes the perk system that has been see throughout previous Call of Duty (online) titles and replaces this system with 'divisions'. There are 5 divisions including a rifleman division, sub-machine gunner division, sniper rifler division, and a light-machine gunner division.

This system has been well received among the players who have been fortunate enough to have early access to the private BETA for Call of Duty: WW2 so this feedback should give Sledgehammer Games an almost 'go ahead' on working on improving this system to further benefit the players who play WW2 online.

Thirdly, there are the maps which vary in size and player styles that must be adopted in order to be successful in playing on those specific maps. Some for instance my require a player to be more aggressive using sub-machine guns and assault rifles, whereas other larger scale maps may require a player to be more tactical in planning their attacks. The only other thing worth mentioning regarding the maps for COD: WW2 is that there are maps exclusive to the 'war' game mode due to the more mission style objectives that require the maps to be more strategic and road like.

Fourthly, the guns are patriotic to the time era that would be pretty easy to guess from taking a look at the title for this Call of Duty game, WW2, so all of the online guns for the game are time era appropriate. This should not be an area for the game that brings any doubt to the fun that can be obtained as these guns are a blast to use in the multiplayer feature is the online BETA for the game is anything to go by.

Then, just a few final points to cover includes the graphics which are on-par, if not better than that of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remasters. Although, I would probably go with the graphics for WW2 being better due to it being a game in development a whole year longer than that of MWR which was released going back nearly a year ago now.

The multiplayer has been clearly designed in a way that it will appeal to the fast paced gamer who prefers to rush, as well as to the desires of the slower paced gamers who may in due fact be new to the franchise (this may be their first ever COD online game) will find that there are lots of buildings to get into so that they can stay out of the way or pro-players gun fire coming over from way over across the other side of the map.

There are still 2 months to go before the official launch of Call of Duty: WW2 so there is plenty of time to get your hands on a pre-order copy if you want to take part in the next private online BETA for COD: WW2 that is set to have another BETA weekend on 1st September, 2017. This BETA will be accessible to all consumers who have pre-ordered the Call of Duty: WW2 game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

How to access the private BETA - not too difficult to do, all that needs to happen is when pre-ordering your copy of Call of Duty: WW2 make sure to check your email account as they are going to send you your free BETA early access codes. These codes must be entered into the redemption page - simply follow the on-screen instructions and redeem your Playstation/Xbox/PC specific unique code. Then, go onto the network that you are using (requires the user to have an online subscription - your access to play online) and type in the code that was given by the redemption screen on call of duty's website into the redeem a code page. On Playstation area can be found in the Playstation store - scroll down to redeem code. On the Xbox (One) click the home button from the dashboard and scroll down to redeem code, as you would for any other code that would be redeeming on the console.

Get Access to Early Online Private BETA

Thanks for sticking around fellow gamers

Activision - publisher behind the Call of Duty franchise - A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO ACTIVISION - thanks for all the memories, nice to know we can finally make some more in Call of Duty: WW2
Activision - publisher behind the Call of Duty franchise - A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO ACTIVISION - thanks for all the memories, nice to know we can finally make some more in Call of Duty: WW2

Thanks for reading!

Any questions, thoughts or whatever leave them in the comments section below.


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