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Call of Duty WW2 BETA - 10 Biggest Mistakes

Updated on September 2, 2017
As the Call of Duty: WW2 BETA comes to a close, what mistakes have the developers made?
As the Call of Duty: WW2 BETA comes to a close, what mistakes have the developers made?

Call of Duty WW2 is Currently Getting the BETA Treatment: Final Weekend

The open BETA is available on all next-gen console platforms for the Call of Duty: WW2 game. All that needs to happen to get instant access to the online BETA is for you to have pre-ordered the Call of Duty: WW2 game, then from here you will have to redeem a token that is done through pinning in the code that has been sent to your email address. The code must be redeemed at, and once you have received your token (in the form of a 10 digit redemption code) you must redeem this code (for free) at the Playstation/Xbox store like you would any other code.

Be warned, the BETA takes quite some time to download so there is very little time for dilly-dallying as the COD: WW2 BETA is LIVE now on the Xbox One and PS4 for this weekend only (Friday 1st September, 2017 - following Monday).

The hopes of releasing this BETA to pre-ordered fans is to firstly boost their initial pre-orders for the game, but also as a way of getting feedback from the players a couple of months before the launch date so they can make the relevant tweaks to the final game. Plus, there is a lot that was in the BETA that might not be in the final launch edition, as goes for things that may have been missing or purposefully not shown in the BETA that will be in the final cut of the full launch game.

The BETA is purely for the access of the games multiplayer as it showcases some of the games multiplayer maps, weaponry divisions, perks, gameplay style and other cool multiplayer features.

Additional Notes: The COD: WW2 BETA does not allow access to the single/co-operative player campaign, the Nazi zombies mode, or any or all of the games multiplayer - Sledgehammer Games have selected things that they want players to see in the BETA, and have restricted access/not shown things that they would like to keep secret until the games full launch.

In the COD: WW2 BETA: Players get the chance to play fan favourite game modes like team death-match and domination that require quick handling to take down enemies that are storming across the map. Certain maps have been selected to be shown in the games multiplayer, however there will be many others in the final full copy of the game. There is also an entirely new game mode 'war' that is accessible in the BETA, but there is only one map available for the games mode.

Disclaimer: This list may in the end result of the games launch appear as though there was a lot of oversight for as to how the arguments have been stretched to cover what went wrong within the games multiplayer. However, this is discriminative purely of the COD: WW2 BETA and not the official full game launch that will be released this November.

Don't Forget to Grab Your Pre-Order for Call of Duty: WW2, Due Out November 3rd, 2017

10 Biggest Mistakes Made in the Call of Duty: WW2 BETA

1. The Hit-Marker Detection is Awful at Times which Makes Life Much More Difficult When Playing Competitively Online

This is the first hiccup that has been made in the Call of Duty: WW2 private BETA as there is nothing more frustrating in a competitive game setting like COD's multiplayer than to have enemies turn on you in the midst of a gun fight when you shot first to find there are hit-marker delays, or perhaps they are just slightly off. Either way, this has been one of the biggest complaints posted by fans to Sledgehammer Games regarding the bullets that seem to go missing when firing towards an enemy target.

2. Time to Kill is Too Slow

This is a varying complaint between those players who say that the time to kill is better slower as it makes not dying so often more of a reality. Then, on the other hand there are those players who are triggered every time they miss out a kill because they say that the time to kill is slower than it aught to be.

Given that Sledgehammer Games are going to want the newly arriving players to feel as though they have a chance in playing well on line they will likely alter this issue before the official launch of the full game. Sorry, accurate fans as this seems to be a no-brainer, increase the rate of damage in order to get a kill. This could also help tackle the first issue on this list as well.

3. The Assault Rifles Are Underpowered

This is the oddest sentiment that has ever happened for an online Call of Duty game whereby the assault rifles are being complained about because they are underpowered. Typically, the argument over assault rifles is all to do with the OP problems, but this may make sense when looking at the time era for the games setting. World war 2 will have had some descent assault rifles among which many have been showcased in Call of Duty: WW2.

However, it was the sub-machine guns during the world war 2 era that packed the biggest punch, one of the key reasons for as to why the assault rifles feel as though they are staggeringly worse when in comparison to one another.

Fear not assault rifle enthusiasts as it is highly likely that Sledgehammer Games will be buffing the AR's to keep the balance that Call of Duty fans so often expect.

4. The Submachine Guns are Perhaps the Most Useable Weapons in the COD: WW2 BETA, But What About the Other Player Divisions

The Call of Duty: WW2 BETA the second weekend in a row that is now leading up to the final day has been a breathtaking experience if you were wise and chose to take the submachine gun division into battle.

Then comes the assault rifles that have been a blast to use on all of the maps that were available, although perhaps the sniper rifle or the assault rifle divisions may have come in handy at certain checkpoints in the war game mode. Other than that for the most parts the maps were quite tightly packed with lots of turns, bendy corners and short range sights that made for an easy pickings situation for the submachine gun users to shred the enemy team.

The only other class that makes sense to work well on these maps that have crammed locations where there are back to back walls and wreckage buildings is the shotgun division which to the COD communities surprise was one of the more powerful set of weapons divisions to use.

This is most likely due to the range that each of the shotguns has when adding the rifle attachment enabling the possibility to gun down an enemy across the map (you heard it right!) with a single shot from the shotguns double barrel.

Not to mention the destructions and havoc that could be reigned down upon the enemies by using the incendiary rounds of the shotgun, except when using the rifle attachment for the shotgun as it removes the incendiary shells.

In the end, the fact remains that the submachine guns stand as being the most powerful and used of the weapons divisions giving a stance for the argument that other divisions may not be able to compete fairly. This could easily be said otherwise about but the point remains that the community in most are finding that it is a struggle in many gun battles to win against the submachine gun division weapons.

5. The Maps, Although the Complete Selection Has Not Been Provided As Part of the BETA Have Brought Many Concerns Among Enthusiasts for the Call of Duty Multiplayer Franchise

The first concern of which is the style of map design that has been opted for by Sledgehammer Games, as lots of the maps that were showcased in the two weekend spread BETA's there has only really been shown small to medium size maps, excluding the war map that was provided as the maps in the war mode are exclusive.

What is wrong with the maps being small to medium sized in Call of Duty: WW2's multiplayer? The problem is not exactly with the maps being small to medium but rather the maps being clustered with tight spots, walkways, walls, and wreckage buildings as it offers fewer battle grounds where there can be open warfare for both teams to cause havoc.

If we think back to Treyarch's World at War COD game then you will remember that many, if not all of the maps were designed in a way that the areas would be as open as humanly possible to get soldiers quickly into the battle. Sledgehammer Games approach to WW2 is almost the opposite as they have opted to give the players a lot of hidden walkways and building to get around. This creates for an environment where players are going to be making lots of walkway mistakes that leads to more deaths or kills based purely around the luck of the draw.

Call of Duty: WW2 BETA users did however find the war game mode and the one map provided for playing the mode to be very enjoyable. This is perhaps because of the continuation of objectives completing one in order to work at another, but the likelihood is that players enjoyed the open space throughout the map setting up for some epic gameplay action.

If the final launch of COD: WW2 does not sort out this issue then they may find many of their players on the war game mode and far fewer in the other standard game modes like Domination, Hardpoint and whatever else they release in the final cut.

6. The Divisions Have Been Poorly Received During the BETA

For those unaware of the changes made to Call of Duty: WW2 the BETA has confirmed that classes will now be called divisions, a process that is different to that of the create-a-class system that has been seen long before in multiplayer settings for the Call of Duty franchise. The divisions allow players to use certain weapon types levelling them up to gain access to new attachments and the equivalence of perks.

Create-a-class has been argued the case that it is far more appropriate for a Call of Duty game in general as it enables a simply left-screen layout that shows the player their desired weapons, attachments, perks and kill streaks of choice. The divisions on the other hand oversimplifies things to make it so that the player has less of a choice in deciding how to personalise, but then again perhaps this has been put into practice as it better suits the war era.

7. We Have Not Been Shown the MP40 in the BETA

The MP40 is an iconic German submachine gun that was used during the world war 2 era, and also happens to be the most popular gun from 2008's World at War. This was a weapon that many fans were hoping to try out before the games launch but no longer seems to be a possibility as we close in the BETA's end.

The biggest question among Call of Duty fans is over whether or not the MP40 in WW2 plays better than the MP40 in World at War. This is a question that will subsequently have to be answered at a later stage after the full game is launched.

8. We Have Not Been Shown the Thompson Submachine Gun in the BETA Either

This is the second fan favourite weapons from the world war 2 era as it was another popular weapon from World at War. Fans like myself were hoping to get the opportunity to compare the gun in WW2 to that of World War 2 so that the gun could have any changes made if necessary before the games official launch.

9. They Have Not Brought to the Table Any Innovation Whatsoever

This is when things get a little more serious as we are diving deeper into the ocean to discuss the issue over the lack of innovation that has caused a lot of players to miss the mark when playing through the enabled multiplayer features.

Call of Duty fans have always had high expectations for the franchise, meaning that the Call of Duty developers are under extreme pressure to get the games multiplayer right each and every time.

The issue here for Call of Duty: WW2 is that they have not changed things in any way, shape or form when looking into the games multiplayer as it has been shown in the BETA. Innovation was the thing of the future back in the days when Call of Duty 4 was first released in 2007 that altered expectations entirely for what could be achieved in a multiplayer world. Then, in 2008 Treyarch changed things once again through the addition of larger multiplayer maps that included the likes of drivable tanks.

This level of innovation in the Call of Duty franchise has been slow shifting ever since 2009 when Modern Warfare 2 was released that brought fans into perhaps the most immersive multiplayer experience that we have ever seen in the COD franchise history. Although, this was not the innovation that showed a path forward but rather a dead end that would lead to pointless retries at the success that was had between the years of 2007 and 2009. Sledgehammer Games could learn a thing or two from the original Modern Warfare (COD 4) and World at War.

Many fans would give a disdained view of futuristic Call of Duty titles, and then through pure shock on the situation see Call of Duty: WW2 as being the best game that they have ever played. But, do not be fooled by the hype of the BETA as although it is a good, sturdy multiplayer experience it has nothing all that new to bring to the table to be seen as a video-game to go down in the history books.

10. Not Playable in Late 2018

Will Call of Duty: WW2 be a fun game? Yeah, sure. Will Call of Duty: WW2 have a multiplayer experience that will bring fans back into a singular line to play this COD game over the older ones? This is essentially the hope for most fans of the COD franchise as it feels like the community has been split into 3 Call of Duty titled multiplayers instead of the one.

Everyone has had their 3 years to mope around over the subject of Call of Duty being set in the future, as the dream is finally coming true as Sledgehammer Games is the first developer to dive back into the modern wars, more specifically the world war 2 era as their title is cleverly called Call of Duty: WW2.

Although, even with the Call of Duty community getting set to fall back into the singular line to support the WW2 game there is little chance that fans will stick around after the years cycle is through a Treyarch get their chance back at the franchise. This point is directly connected back to the ninth mistake as with not offering anything innovative to the table fans will quickly realise that the games tires quickly without the fully fledged meta multiplayer base.


Have any of the mistakes made during the Call of Duty: WW2 BETA altered your preferences over whether or not to play the game on launch, or are you perfectly satisfied with what they have offered (taster-wise) in the games BETA? Let us know.


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