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Call of Duty WWII: Operation Breakout Defense Tips and Strategy Guide

Updated on November 25, 2017
Johnrr631992 profile image

John has been writing video game strategy guides for seven years in addition to publishing gaming videos on YouTube.


In this guide I will teach you some tips and tricks to help you win games on Operation Breakout while playing defense. If you have any questions please comment below.

Objective 1: Defend the Manor

Defending the manor can be one of the tougher parts to this map when playing defense, primarily because of the close proximity of the enemy players each time they spawn. When choosing weapons you should stay away from sniper rifles, and focus more on close quarters weapons. Personally I prefer to take a combat shotgun and stay inside the manor. Some players prefer to push onto their side of the map and stay outside, but in the end, if you are inside the house, the other team is unable to capture it.

If your team is being overrun, then I suggest having a class with multiple grenades set up, and throwing these through the windows in order to damage and/or take the enemy players out. It also important to keep the walls built up when you are defending on this stage. This will add extra time, and cut out the different ways that the enemy can charge in.

Another important aspect is preventing the enemy from coming in from the sides. The hut that is on the right with the underground route can be an easy way for a team to sneak into the manor. Someone on the team should be watching this route at all times. The same goes for the left route. Players can easily sneak up the left route and show up right outside the windows of the manor.

When you are defending the manor you should be alert of players coming from all locations. Using a close range weapon will help you succeed from enemy players coming from all directions.

Objective 2: Defend the bridge.

The next objective, which can be an easier one is defending the bridge. Be prepared for smoke grenades, but if you have 2-3 snipers at different vantage points on the map you should be able to hold the bridge fairly easily. There should be 1 sniper in the overlook building to the right. In this position you can easily see the enemy players that are laying prone attempting to build the bridge. A sniper should also be placed in the house to the left. Most players who spawn will attempt to run through the barn and throw a smoke grenade on the bridge and start building. Lastly you should have at least 1 person in the middle of the street behind the tanks. This provides extra coverage for those that are building the bridge.

If the enemy players are able to construct 50% of the bridge they will then need to move up and continuing building at the halfway point on the bridge. This makes it easier for a sniper in the middle of the street to be able to take the enemy players out. Once they have hit the 50% mark you can also place a player on the bridge itself with a shotgun, that will be able to take the enemy players out as they move up to the bridge. I personally suggest laying down prone behind the barrels and shooting players as they begin building.

Objective 3: Defend the ammo cache

Defending the ammo cache should be the easiest task for a team to defend. The main reason is the amount of time that the bomb needs to be placed on the objective, and how quickly a team can diffuse the bomb if it is planted.

With that being said, this is another close range area where players should not be focused on using sniper rifles, instead focusing on shotguns / automatic weapons. I typically will use the combat shotgun, or the BAR when defending this location.

Another important point to make is to make sure that all the walls are being built with the exception of the back 2. I cannot stress the important of not closing off the back 2 walls as this will prevent the defending team from entering the bomb location. Although closing off all other walls will add extra time that it takes the enemy players to enter the bomb location.

Objective 4: Defend the flak guns.

The last objective, if the defending team has completed the first 3 objectives is defending the flak guns. In this case you will need to prevent the tank from making it 100% and destroying the flak guns at the defending teams base. This portion of the map a players can use any weapons, but having a variety will help. Having a sniper can be beneficial to take players out the are running towards their tank. At the same time having automatic weapons, and players with shotguns can also be extremely useful. There are also multiple turrets that can be build, although I personally do not like the locations of these turrets, and by the time you see the tank there is a good chance that you will be killed. I also dislike these locations because the enemy can easily get behind you if they run up the right flank.

Using grenades on this portion of the map is also extremely important. If your team can continue tossing grenades on the tank location it will not only injure/kill enemy players, but if they are still alive will take significantly less to kill them.


If your team plays together on this map, it should not be difficult for a team to defend the objective, and win. The easiest objective to win would either be defending the bridge, or defending the ammo cache. This is even more true if the team you are playing against is not working as a team, or the majority of their team is sniping and not playing the objective. Please remember that this game mode does not count towards your kill to death ratio, so just going for kills is going to destroy your teams chances at winning the game.

© 2017 John Reid-Roberts


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