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Call of Duty: WWII: The German Campaign - My Fuhrer?

Updated on October 29, 2017
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The German Nazi campaign - from a nation made strong through the one world order - Poland, Italy, France, North Africa, Russia - The German Nazi regime wanted it all - and so much more
The German Nazi campaign - from a nation made strong through the one world order - Poland, Italy, France, North Africa, Russia - The German Nazi regime wanted it all - and so much more

Call of Duty’s First Nazi/SS Campaign Will Redefine the First-Person Shooting World Indefinitely

First of all, there is no German campaign within the 2017 Call of Duty launch, titled WWII. This comes as a solum surprise given that the war has never received a side view from the German Nazi order. There was so much going on within the Nazi world-dominating regime that would intrigue so many young gamers of the modern day, but Activision deemed the Nazi side as too horrible and distressing for young minors to be exposed to the atrocities of the Nazi reign of terror. The Nazi soldiers thought on the frontline in the millions, but there were also hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Nazi SS soldiers rounding up Jews around Germany, Poland, The Soviet Union, France, and Italy for deportation to death camps. This was a nation order that would traumatise the children of its nation, wield unthinkable military powers, and rob and kill anyone who stands in their way. Often times, it was the Nazi SS regime that decided for people whether or not they were standing in their way.

Perhaps, the Nazi SS regime and Nazi order is too much for gamers to bare. The truths told from the dominating force.

Call of Duty began its long storytellings from the World War 2 setting, but they are still yet to show the world of gaming the true stories behind the Nazi campaign for world domination. Sounds a little sharp for the tongue to form a representative set of events to depict the evil that the Nazi’s brought to their conquered nations during their reign of destruction, and this is exactly why Activision would have been wiser to the where if they had implemented a German Nazi and Nazi SS campaign. Sure, there may have been missions where players would be jolted into sanctioned missions to wipe out the Jewish religion, but for the larger part this could all be in sight, and not in actual partaking for the slaughtering of this demonised race of people (by the Nazi SS regime).

World War 2 is a very emotional time in human history for the modern age, but there is still no sign of Call of Duty putting in place a military campaign through the direct eyes of the Nazi soldiers. There were millions of soldiers lining up in the streets of Germany to show their respects to Hitler before they took their furious anger to the neighbouring nations, as it was the German Nazi’s that believed that their people were god-strengthed for the tasks ahead in dominating the world with the Nazi SS regime and beliefs. There was not to be the choice for the people, but instead the ruthless laws that would task every man to play a role in the Nazi’s success around the global military campaigns.

The Nazi’s had so much strength alongside their fellow fighting man that there was so much devastation that they would bring upon their fellow man due to their ill-treatment after the first World War. The great war to end all wars, but who was to think there would be an even more destructive war to follow shortly afterwards.

The German Reiches

The German army was forced into immediate action across the European borders, but they saw heavy resistance from The Soviet Union after they changed sides during the depth of the Nazi order in the European states. Hitler was adamant that the Russian’s would not be left the time to get prepared, and so it was up to the German Reiche to take Russia with pure force. The Nazi’s stormed the Russian borders and quickly took control of land after further land. But, Russia contains the largest amount of land from across the globe, and so it was of imminent importance that the Nazi order strike the Russian people at the heart of their motherland and they moved with haste to take the state of Stalingrad. In the end, the Russian Soviet army was too strong, and the Nazi order was defeated in Russia.

Is it wrong that the video-game community is distracted from the German Nazi's side to the World War 2 story?

There has been disputes in the past through the media output that video-games should not be glorifying the enemy nations act of war or terrorism around the world. But, when a video-game does create enemy forces brutalising ally forces and civilians through fictional works of video-game storytelling then this is OK.

Surely, it is of great importance than the young people playing video-games today are aware of both sides of the story. This certainly would not be OK for forces that are an act of terrorism, but there must be some positives in gamers getting the opportunity to see the works of military action from the eyes of the Nazi party regime during World War 2. Not to put too stronger of a point on the matter, but there is a lot of glorified US campaigning during World War 2 in video-game IP's today, but very little for the furious Nazi campaigning during the depth of World War 2's epic frontier history.

The US forces did not enter into the World War 2 frontline's until half way into the Nazi occupation in Europe, meaning that there is so much storytelling that has been overlooked in video-games for the beginning of the war, involving the Nazi order and Soviet Union reigns of mass destruction and nationwide occupations.

The Nazi's were not terrorists, but a law order with a military strong enough to cause world order altercations between any nation they saw fit to take as their own. Every Nazi soldier has their story, but since their party has been demonised over empty time they have been known only for their insecurities and inabilities to triumph over the US forces. Bare in mind that the US forces were unwilling to enter into the frontline until half way into the Nazi's supreme order, and by this time the Nazi reiche had been utterly massacred by the Soviet Union, killing millions of Nazi soldiers in their furious campaign to cease control over the Russian motherland.

The Nazi's sought to put an end to democracy, but it is how they went about taking world order that puts the gaming community on edge about seeing a visualised, playable axis campaign that could alter the playing field for overall views from young generation minds. The story must be told, but from the very beginning when the Nazi regime was at its core strongest, not at a time when the German's were unfed, brutalised by various frontiers, and dehumanised for their will to form one world order.

Hitler reacts to the news that there is no German Nazi campaign in Call of Duty: WWII

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