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Camping Strategies For Kino Der Toten Black Ops Zombie Map

Updated on January 2, 2011

Basic Info

Call of Duty: Black Ops offers two zombie maps, Kino Der Toten and Five. Dead Ops to me isn't really qualifted as a zombie map because it's not in first-person as you play and just isn't the traditional zombies.  In this hub I will be describing a strategy most beginners will use which is camping.  Everyones probably thinking which room should we camp out in and what doors to open first and which guns to use and this hub will help .

Beginning (rounds 1-5)

In the beginning of Kino Der Toten, you start in the room known as the lobby. You may not think it but the lobby is one of the more useful camping spots but that will be discussed later in the hub. To start off, everyone guards a window. My advice for the first 3 rounds is to shoot each zombie 6 times then let them tare the boards off the window. Then they come in, knife them and some may drop rewards. Knifing a zombie and killing it is worth more than shooting it and killing it. After the zombies are dead, board the window up, repeat this process. Only thing is, as the rounds progress, it will take more shots to weaken them to the point to kill them with a knife so you might have to experiment with that.  If your staying in this room and you happen to get dogs, buy the shotgun in the room, its the easiest way.  If you use the shoot then knife method, then most likely you will get a max ammo somewhere in there and you can save your money for a better gun . Note, there are two doors you can unlock, one upstairs across from the window and the door downstairs across from the downstairs window.


The basic layout of the whole map
The basic layout of the whole map

Downstairs (Firetrap Room)

When in the lobby and you feel like trying to find the box, you can either go to the room downstairs with the fire trap or upstairs to the upper theater. It seems like a popular idea to me that most people like going downstairs first. This room has two windows and the door and i believe the weapon in there is the MPL. That gun will get you massive points because it shoots rapid but its super weak. If your lucky, the box may be in there and you can hit it for better guns. But when you get over run, you'll have to go out the back door which leads into the ally


After you come out in the alley, you will notice it's pretty straight forward. You go out, follow the path to the chain link fence. As you come out the door, you will notice a perk is there, its Double Tap and this increases the rate of fire of your weapons. When this is equipped with the ray gun, it turns it into automatic. The gun in this part of the map is the AK74u. I haven't used this gun much but when I have, it didn't disappoint me. They ally is a horrible place to camp in my opinion because the one window is the by the door you just opened, the other window is by the chain link fence. On top of there being two windows, zombies will come from the balcony above and they drop down. This is a very cramped place and can easily turn into people stuck in corners then oops, game over. There is a way to make this camp spot effective that I seen in a game I played but its hard to explain. You can experiment with this but one guy sits at the window close to the chain fence, another guy sits in the corner near the AK74u, guy three stands on the same wall as the guy by the AK74u but in the corner near the steps and the fourth guy is stuck watching the window and what comes through the previous door. The zombies above go for guy 3 and guy 2 then guy 1 guards the window and guy 4 guards the door and window. Also, the random box appears under the balcony which means if your stuck waiting for the roulette of guns in the box, you can easily get trapped. If you get overwhelmed then you will have to go the through the chain fence and up the stairs into the next room.

2 Trap Room

I don't know the real name for this room but I will call it the 2 Trap Room because it has two electric traps in it. This room has two windows and a stairwell . Its simple, two people guard the stairs and one person on each window. The window nearest wall with the windows ( great description right ?) is great for points because you can look outside and shoot the oncoming zombies that are running for the stairwell. If the electricity is turned on, note that the switch on top of the stairs is for the stairs. The switch nearest the windows turns on the electrical barrier that will box you in by the two windows. The box also appears in this room sometimes. It appears by the window that's on the same side as the door in this room. Through this door you will be put on the stage.


The stage has two windows and the doorway you just came from. Guard the door and two people guard windows. In here, the M16 is on the same and on the wall by the window there are claymores which come in handy for any situation. This strategy only works if you don't turn on the power, if you turn on the power then this camp site isn't so much camping anymore. When the power turns on, you can now link up the teleporter and teleport to the pack a punch machine which upgrades your guns damage, sometimes it improves the rate of fire, sometimes puts a sight on the gun, most of the time it puts more bullets in a clip, and ALWAYS makes your gun look amazing with the designs on it and makes your bullets purple (except for the Ray Guns which turns red). With the electricity on, this is where the lobby turns into a goos spot to hold out on.

Back To The Lobby Again?

Since the powers on, the door back to the lobby opens. Now since the door upstairs isn't open, you can have one person on the window upstairs and three on the stairs. Its important everyone stays grouped together and on the right stairwell because if one goes too far, zombies will come up the other set and trap you. The only thing you do have to watch out is that the Nova zombies will drop in behind you occasionally so watch that. This spot is usually a good spot for starters. Its pretty easy to defend. Now I will explain if you went upstairs first .

Restart. . .I Wanna Go Upstairs

Back to the beginning, instead of going downstairs you want to go upstairs. The room you go into has a PM63 on the wall and one window. Even though it has one window, zombies come from the theater balcony, the open door, and the one window. Me personally, I've never held out here, its more beneficial to just open the next door into the room with the MP40.

Speed Cola Room

This room to me is one of the best rooms to hold out in. Even though it has 3 windows in it, I personally love it. One person stays downstairs and guards the two windows with the MP40, one person on the upstairs window , and two on the stairwell. I suggest you get the MP40, this gun is pretty much the best gun you can get straight off the wall, and under that is the stakeout which is conveniently located by the the upstairs window. Also downstairs is Speed Cola which makes reload time faster and makes you move slightly faster. The trap in there is the turret on the table which shoots zombies everywhere. The next door leads you into the dressing room.

Dressing Room

I wouldn't camp in this room. This room is very cramped and hard to see the other players because the obstruction in the middle of the room. This room has 2 windows, and the doorway. Get the windows guarded and the open door and you'll be okay. The only thing is, zombies drop though the roof and attack you from behind. You can get on stage and do the strategy where you don't turn the power on and hold out there. But if you do turn the power on, you won't be able to camp in the lobby because the doors open upstairs.

If You Went Upstairs First . . .

The upstairs and everything else following is open now so you can't hold out in the lobby. I highly suggest going to the down stair room , hold out in there and take advantage of the fire trap. The fire trap will kill many zombies before it goes out. Also, if your leaving that room for the alley, why not turn it on and kill any following zombies ? Go through the alley and go upstairs into the two trap room. You can probably hold out here for a while with the right weapons and using the traps when needed.

Farewell (:

I've described the basic strategy for moving room to room to camp in zombies and briefly described some weapons. I hope this helps you make it far in zombies. You may read and say this kid probably is bad at zombies, I'm actually pretty good. I've made it to 29 with three people on a four person game. For those who don't understand that, the amount of zombies you see in a round is based on how many people are playing. Since we had four and one person lagged out, we had 3 players fighting zombies as if we were playing with four. This is my first hub so I hope you enjoy. Oh, and another thing, if anyone would like to play , I play Xbox and my gamertag is Ix DiGiTz xI.


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