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Can Metal Gear Survive Zombies?

Updated on February 6, 2018
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Since her first Nintendo, Jennifer Branton has been an avid gamer who fairs best in Survival Horror and RPG's.

A Kojima Type Game Without Kojima

Fans of the Metal Gear franchise have a love/hate relationship with the idea of the upcoming Metal Gear Survive's premise. Since the long publicized falling out between Hideo Kojima and Konami putting any game heavily influenced by the departure very unlikely to have any further games added to the franchise.

Think of the backlash surrounding Kojima's other property Silent Hill, shutdown in the last few years after a teaser trailer for something called P.T. which was in fact an ingenious playable teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills title. When Konami released Kojima,the created a world of hurt for any game that fell under his direction so fans were shocked to see a new entry in the Metal Gear series, especially one that featured a new campaign of battling the dead.

Granted, even dating back to Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation, there were always gory and somewhat metaphysical aspects to a Metal Gear game, but its story and game play relied on these just being aspects of the espionage at hand.

Kojima was brilliant and you could easily forgive the silliness of the "Just a Box" mechanic to confuse enemy AI, when you really took in the entire experience of Solid Snake.


"Whats that?......Just a box!"

Could It Be Just A Re-skin Of The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear 5 was the last title that Hideo Kojima had his name on in the Metal Gear series, so there is concern what game mechanics have been kept from the latest game and dropped into Survive. Would this play as more of a stand alone title or feel true to the series? Are there to be any elements tying together the events of this recent game to anything we have previously experienced?

Early reviews point to both co-op and campaign modes that rely on the a field crafting system for supplies and upgrades similar to how The Evil Within 2 took it to the street rather than always needing to find a work bench to upgrade weapons. Depending on what style the player wishes to play, co-op always players to defend a base and build barricades to keep back the zombie invasion and they find a safe vantage point to blast them away.

Those that have Beta tested so far all seem to report the same thing: It's a fun game that mirrors just about every other series that is popular right now, but what makes the Metal Gear name is nowhere in this game and its just slapping a tried and true label on what could have easily been some co-op to rival the Day By Daylight, Seven Day To Die, Friday The 13th, and a nerd group I belong to People still playing co-op on The Last Of Us, just because I need my fix before Part Two.

I wish there was more Metal Gear to this game, but as a fan of fighting zombies and monsters in games, I will give it a go at some point.


In co-op modes players can work together to defend a base through the use of barricades and building fences to keep back the horde as they work to eradicate them.

Why Is It Always Zombies

With the decline of ratings on shows like The Walking Dead,one would think the market was getting too over-saturated with zombies- but that is never the case. Monster games are still a big deal, even if it isn't part of the main series and an unlock-able mode or mod to a main game.

Starting the trend could be easily blamed on Call Of Duty and their early zombie modes that are contained now in all games in the franchise. They are great for the most part too.

Zombie shooters are still highly anticipated games that have a lot or replay value so I don't quite think that we have jumped the shark yet.

I have high hopes for whatever Metal Gear Survive actually turns out to be. Is it a clever game just banking on the Metal Gear name to win back some fans that are angry with Konami still? Will fans that sided with Kojima stay away because it seems from trailers to be somewhat based on the game play of Metal Gear 5?

We will have to wait and see what the players think.

I'm hoping to be able to hide from zombies in a box.


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