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Can You Steal It

Updated on February 24, 2014
All Images In This Article Are Used With Permission From Can You Steal It?
All Images In This Article Are Used With Permission From Can You Steal It?

Are You A Safecracker?

The room escape genre just got a lot more interesting. Originally dominating the picture quiz genre, Man Zhang and crew have debuted a new game to the genre.

Can You Steal It is a free mobile app that is patterned after the other games in this genre, but only in functionality.

You are a safecracker that has the ability to sleuth any situation and find the hidden object. Each level is a different setting with its own challenges and treasure hunting.

The only way to escape from the room is to find all of the clues and objects to retrieve the coveted prize. This game is fantastic for pushing your mental acumen by demanding outside-the-box thinking skills and strong memorization techniques.

In The Beginning

I first noticed the mobile app developer, Man Zhang, because of his originality in the picture quiz app arena. He is the creator of Hi Guess The Brand and the successful follow up Hi Guess The Movie.

Both of these apps did very well on the Free App charts for iPhone and iPad and the popularity of these games, led to a dozen more theme variations on the "Hi Guess" gaming concept (ie. Hi Guess The Food, Hi Guess Who, Hi Guess The Celebrity). Some of the characteristics of these games were a smooth user interface, really fresh graphics and a simple, not overthought concept.

Expansion Plans

Moving on to greener pastures, the Hi Guess team have created a new division, called Hi Games. They are busy developing new concepts and have released a few new titles, based on escaping different rooms.

Can You Steal It utilizes similar illustration techniques and brings the smooth user interface and calm graphics that are their trademark. Each level of Can You Steal It features a room and a hidden object. Your job is to find clues throughout the room that will help you unearth the object. Examples of this could be: finding a key behind a jar, noticing a birthdate on a calendar that could be a 4 digit safe code, finding a square to a picture puzzle and more. The trick to answering each level is to use the objects you find in the right sequence to complete every section within the room. This is definitely a game of "one thing leads to another".

If you're like me, you are going to hit some roadblocks. When this happens, you can either rack your brain trying to figure out the spot that is giving you trouble, you can go and visit a cheat site like Can You Steal It Walkthrough for help or worse yet, you can just give up and quit the game, altogether. There's really not much fun in the final option and if you're stuck, what can you do?

Kindle & Android Version

Why Is It Free?

I am actually excited to see Man Zhang join the ranks of the other room escape apps because it's a style that I enjoy and it was starting to get stale. I'm not sure if his involvement will spark a new wave of apps, but I can salivate at the possibility.

The freemium model has proven to be a lucrative endeavor for a handful of designers. The concept is that to load up the game on your device, they won't charge. It's free. They are hoping that you will enjoy the game so much, that you would be willing to spend a few bucks to get tools or hints to help you solve the puzzles.

This strategy worked masterfully for games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, so much so that both of those outfits are offering public stocks in their company. If one can develop a game that is fun to play and highly addictive, it could result in not only recouping the initial investment, but also gaining a revenue stream.

The smarter developers are taking that revenue stream to plug into new game concepts to keep all of their digital products thriving. In reality, the odds of a designer hitting a home run are already slim, not to mention multiple hits within the same portfolio. Investing in mobile apps is every bit as risky as the film industry or one's music career. The odds are not kind.

An Introduction

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    • boutiqueshops profile image

      Sylvia 3 years ago from Corpus Christi, Texas

      Sounds interesting, I may have to check this one out. I enjoy puzzle sorts of games.