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Canadian Decorative Coins Formerly Known as Spy Coins

Updated on April 30, 2012

Canadian Spy Coin

In 2005 the United States Government issued a warning stating that Canada was tracking defense contractors. Coins with this design to the right were found on three separate occasions on different contractors who traveled through Canada. No one knew how or why these coins were acquired by the contractors. Thus prompting the defense department to look into the matter. At the time coins with such decoration were unheard of.

Canada denied any use of the coins being used as tracking or recording devices. It was determined the feasibility of using such coins for this task wouldn't make sense. The size of the coin if it did contain a tracking device would only have the range of a few feet. Also for the fact that if someone wanted to track someone a coin wouldn't be the way to do it. It would more then likely get lost or the person being tracked spend it.

These coins were nothing more then decorative coins made by the Canadian mint. However the United States Defense Dept. still claims it was a real threat. In a report the US has admitted to using coins for spy purposes such as hiding memory cards for videos, photos and recording.

Glow in the Dark Coin
Glow in the Dark Coin
Million Dollar Coin
Million Dollar Coin

Canadian Collective Coins

Breast Cancer Coin
Breast Cancer Coin
Baby Collection Coin
Baby Collection Coin
Dinosaur Collection Coin
Dinosaur Collection Coin
Double Poppy or Remembrance Coin
Double Poppy or Remembrance Coin
Olympic Coins
Olympic Coins
Baby Collection Coin
Baby Collection Coin
Thank You Coin
Thank You Coin

Canadian Collective Coins

Since the initial release of the above pictured quarter, known as the Canadian Poppy Quarter, Canada has released many others. Some are to raise awareness such as Breast Cancer while others mark events such as the Olympics or just to celebrate different occasions. Reportedly later in 2012 a new glow in the dark coin featuring a dinosaur will be released. These coins have become highly sought after as collectibles.

Other then the collective quarters the Royal Canadian Mint holds the world record with Guinness for the worlds largest legal tender gold coin. Known as the Million Dollar Coin, it is made of 99999 pure gold and weighs 3215 troy ounces. It was originally made as a special coin commemorating the release of the 1oz version of the coin. However there was interest in private parties buying the one million dollar version and the mint commissioned five to be made and sold worldwide.

Some of these coins can still be purchased through the Royal Canadian Mint at or found in your change. Otherwise some collectors sell them through ebay or coin shops. These coins are disappearing faster then the United States commemorative coins so if you would like to get your hands on one or all you better move fast.

What Coins do you collect?

Have you been lucky enough to find one of these rare coins? If so please share which one you found.


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