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Why I'm a Candy Crush Addict

Updated on September 10, 2014

Online Game Addiction

I may be a little behind the newest video game app fad, but I gotta get this out there. I'm addicted to the Candy Crush Saga. Whew. There. I said it.

It started out harmless enough. I was sitting around, bored out of my mind, and a hot chick said, "Yeah, Candy Crush is pretty cool. You should try it."

So, being the kind, open-minded and not at all succumbing to the peer pressure of a beautiful woman individual that I am, I gave the candy crush saga game a chance.

I was just going to play a couple of games and be done with it, but somehow I was sucked into the candy crush vortex. You see, the first couple levels were simple. In fact, the game was so easy that I was about to say the heck with it, I swear. But then, something happened. I stumbled on a particular level, I'm not sure where, and I lost a life. Then I lost another life and another until I suddenly ran out of lives.

"F***!" I shouted.

Now, here's the interesting part. I could've easily quit and decided that Candy Crush wasn't the game for me. I should've. But no. I went into search and destroy mode. I proceeded to wait the next 30 minutes for one of my lives to replenish. Once my life was restored, I lost it in a flash.

Yet again, I had a chance to let it go (Frozen anybody?). I mean, that would have made sense, no? It almost sounds like a no brainer. But did I quit? Nope. I waited another 30 minutes to retrieve a new life, and thus began the cycle of my sad and pathetic candy crush addiction.

Candy Crush Saga Meme


Candy Crush Saga Addiction

Now why can't I quit my little candy addiction? It's not like it's actual candy. No, that would make too much sense. So what is it about this damn game?

Well, like any video game, be it an app, on the computer, or on a console, Candy Crush is interactive. It is relatively easy to sit down, engage, and play. In essence, video games are the ultimate time waster when there is seemingly nothing to do. However, unlike a console or computer game, smartphone app games such as Candy Crush and Flappy Bird are accessible anywhere. Meaning, so long as there is a portable application device available, any person can sit down and play the app game at any time. For me, I came upon this very discovery one day when I went to the restroom or what I like to call "camping". There are several activities one may dive into while sitting on the toilet such as reading a book or magazine, texting, talking on the phone, etc; yet surprisingly enough, I found Candy Crush to be the most stimulatingly way to pass the time. Another little tidbit about candy crush king is that the game is free. That's how they get ya.

Outside of relatively easy accessibility, another reason why I can't stop my candy crush game addiction to this freaking game is due to the fact that each level seems to get excessively harder. I emphasize the word "seems" because there are times when the candy crush Gods will sneak in a relatively easy level in there. So, when you beat that said level you feel like you accomplished something when in actuality you didn't achieve crap. On the flip side, they will have levels that flat out stump you, and you will lose life after life, days even, trying to beat that particular level. The game keeps you on your toes, which makes it that much more appealing. It's ingenious really, but in the end, I feel it's entrapment. The candy crush people know what they are doing and it's deplorable. I'm not saying the game developers are a bunch of schemers (although, they probably are). All I'm pointing out is that they dangle the carrot out just enough to keep you wanting more. It is hateful!

Then again, I might just be crazy. That is a possibility, I suppose. Though, whether I'm crazy or not, it still does not explain the sad addiction to the game. You can be crazy and still not play candy crush. So, let's rule that one out for now and save it for another day.

And finally, the number one reason why I can't stop playing the damn game is because other people play it too. So, when you are first starting out and someone says, "I'm on candy crush saga level 323, fool" you feel compelled to try and catch them. Of course, you quickly find out the chances of you catching up to that player are improbable because it takes forever to reach such levels not to mention the person you are trying to catch is leveling up along the way. However, as improbable as it may seem, that doesn't stop you from trying. No, it actually has the opposite effect. I'm like, "I'm going to catch those son of a *******!" And thus the endless cycle begins of playing to catch up, playing individual levels that take days to finish, and anticipating when your next potty break is.

Candy Crush Saga Explained

Candy Crush Addiction Treatment

If my candy crush addiction is this strong, how the hell do I stop myself from playing? Let's face it. With all these forces urging me to keep going, what's my incentive to stop? Because it's ruining my life? Ha...yeah. So what the hell do I do, man?

Should I treat it like a true addiction and go through the 12 step program? I could try to systematically face the addiction, but somehow that seems a bit excessive and just weird. Besides, it's not a mentally debilitating condition where my very life is at stake. Or I hope it isn't.

I could go cold turkey? This might work. After all, I can live without it, right? I mean, it's not even that fun anyway. Though, I could see myself relapsing whenever the urge strikes.

Should I try to weed myself off the game? I mean, I could work I guess. I could stop bringing the phone with me into the restroom every time I have to relieve myself. Although, that may be problematic at first. I just recently noticed that playing candy crush created a conditioned response to go poo, much like a dog salivates upon seeing food. Ha. It's gross but true.

Honestly, probably the best way to cure a video game addiction, especially one as accessible as candy crush, is to find another hobby. Find something that is worth doing. Hahaha. I didn't mean to use an old cliche, I swear. But when if the shoe fits, run with it. :)

Do you want to stop your Candy Crush Addiction?

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Candy Crush Stats

As of March 2014, there were over 93 million active members on the Candy Crush Saga. Additionally, the game was played roughly 1 billion times per day.

Now, I'm sure the numbers will drop as the game loses its luster, but there is definitely a strong addiction to this ridiculous game! What about you? Are you a Candy Crush addict?


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