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Candy Crush Saga – Cheats, Tricks and Tips to Get Free Lives

Updated on January 15, 2014

Candy Crush Saga is a game that has almost fifty million players, on average, spread across Android and iOS devices as well as Facebook. The game has ended up as the most downloaded app of 2013. It is also the highest grossing app in the Google Play Store and the Apple’s App Store. Candy Crush Saga also beat the cult Facebook game Farm ville 2 to become the most popular Facebook game till date.

Gaming experts attribute the addiction for Candy Crush to triggering of dopamine in the brain, which gives a high whenever anyone crosses a certain level. The addictive game features a game-board that is full of different colored candies that users have to match in rows of 3 or more by vertically or horizontally exchanging the sweet treats, with the ones occurring nearby.

However, since you are here, it is but a foregone conclusion that you are already aware of this fantastic game. You are here to find out ways in which you can avoid spending lots of dollars on the additional lives that you can lose in a matter of only minutes.

Users get lives after a gap of every half an hour, after it gets depleted. This time-gap can be quite bothersome. However, you can manually change the internal clock of your smartphones and other devices to bypass the waiting period and trick Candy Crush Saga into renewing of lives without actually waiting for the passage of relevant amount of time.

The steps that you need to take to get free lives in the game is quite simple and quick. You may follow the steps given below to get free lives. It is best to take benefit of this flaw in the game as soon as possible and enjoy the free lives.

Changing the internal clock of smartphones and other smart devices

It is an inevitable truth that you will eventually use all your lives when playing Candy Crush Saga. After all the lives are lost, end the game and access the internal clock of your smartphone. It is generally accessed from settings. In an iPhone, you will need to tap on the main Settings icon, choose the General option and then tap on Date & Time.

After accessing the date and time settings, adjust the time manually so as to show the passage of time. You need to set the clock forward by a minimum of 2 hours and 30 minutes, or an entire day, so as to replenish all the five lives. In an iPhone you will need to toggle off the option of ‘Set Automatically,’ change the date and time, and then make use of the vertical slider to set the date or time to suit your needs.

After altering the date or time, you can launch Candy Crush Saga and get a new full set of lives waiting for you. You may repeat the procedure as and when you feel necessary. However, it is important to remember that after you later change the internal clock of your smartphone to show the right time, the game may display many thousand hours on the life timer. Hence, after advancing the clock or changing the date and getting new lives, do not immediately commence playing. Go back to the clock and revert it to the correct time before starting to play again. If you do not do this, then as discussed above, the timer will show several hours and you may need to wait for many hours to replenish the lives normally.

In case any complications arise, you may uninstall the game and then reinstall the app to correct it.

Free lives for Candy Crush on Facebook

If you are playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, then you may make use of a nice cheat trick to get an additional life. When you have just one life remaining, you need to open up a new session of the game in a new tab while keeping open the first one. This way you will have two sessions of Candy Crush open in two tabs. By the time the last life is lost in the first tab, you will still have one life left in the other tab. It may be noted that this cheat trick is not applicable for multiple lives.

How to become great at playing Candy Crush

Now that you know how to get free lives for Candy Crush, you may follow the below listed steps to become an ace in the game:

  • Wait to make combo of candies, so as to have power candies. Use them on a frequent basis, as and when needed. However, ensure that you do not use power candies right away. You may rather use wrapped candies, stripped candies, jelly fishes etc to clear up the board.

  • Swap the striped and wrapped candy. This can be a great move to clear the board.

  • Swap and crush the candies occurring at the bottom. This way you can score and reach the levels quicker, causing the candies at the top to trickle down.

  • Swap two color bombs at the same time or together to clear a significant part of the board.

  • Save the Lollipops, and use them as and when you deem essential. These lollipops are chargeable, so it is better that you use them only after you reach level 30, where the game gets more challenging.

  • Pay more attention to moving vertically.

  • Play it on the computer to save lives. After you run out of lives on your smartphone, you can play the game on your computer Facebook with new lives.

  • Remove all the jellies occurring on the edges as well as the chocolates at the earliest.

  • Plan your own moves and avoid going for the ‘flashing’ candies.


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