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Canon Powershot A410 3.2MP Digital Camera

Updated on July 29, 2013

Canon PowerShot A410 Digital Camera

NOTE: If you are looking to purchase a digital camera, especially for the first time, I would like to recommend the A410 Canon PowerShot.

I love my camera. I have had it a couple of years now. I purchased it originally because of the Super Macro feature so that I could take pictures for items I listed on eBay. It has well served its purpose. I takes excellent photos outside as well as in. The picture below, African Violet, is a closeup of a Violet in my office at work. The lighting in the office is fluorescent.

My experience with a camera, prior to my A410, was "O". I had used an old Brownie, purchased the Panorama self-develop type cameras and that is about that. But, when I got my digital.....WOW! Love at first sight!

The A410 is so easy to use. It is not often I have taken a shot that I don't keep (unless I don't have my glasses on and did not read the setting right).

I hope you enjoy all the photos I have taken with my camera.

Close up of a violet


Super Macro Setting

This is a closeup shot of one of my marbles. It was set on the Super Macro setting.


The PowerShot A410 brings to you a 3.2 megapixel feature with improved operability and performance thru DIGIC II Processing. It is more compact, and houses a 3.2x optical zoom with maximum aperture of f2.8 - f5.1. Additional features include:

5 - point AiAf auto focus and a range of shooting modes. Ideal for those making the transition to a digital camera. Better focus analysis of the camera shoot.

Start-up and response times for image review are significantly improved.

DIGIT II technology accounts for an up to 40% improvement in auto focus times.

Smooth continuous shooting at a high impressive 2.5 frames per second.

Longer optical zoom of 3.2x allowing the user extra reach.

More options when shooting in low light.

Super Macro Mode allows focus on subject's as close as 1.5 centimeters from the lens.

Takes shots using optical view finder or the 1.5 inch LCD monitor.

22 language setup can be displayed.

Improved flash. No dark shadows in images when recorded with lens full extended.

14 shooting modes to select from.

8 preset scene modes: Portrait, Night Snapshot, Kids & Pets, Indoors, Foliage, Beach, Snow and Fireworks.

Movie clip feature. Up to 3 minutes footage can be captured (sound not available).


Kit contains:

A410 Camera, 2 AA batteries, 16 MB media card, wrist strap WX-800, Digital Camera Solutions CD Rom, USB Interface Cable IFC-400 PCU, Instruction Booklet

Great Stuff on Amazon

Canal River, Richmond, Virginia

Canal River, Richmond, Virginia
Canal River, Richmond, Virginia


With your CD Rom Software you get:

Zoom Browser Ex 5.5

PhotoRecord 2.2 (Windows)

ImageBrowser 5.5 (Mac)

Photostitch 3.1 - Create stunning panoramas & can be used with Windows & Mac.

Photostudio - Manipulation software by Arcsoft

supports: W/98, ME, 2000, XP & Mac

Fun At The Zoo Watching The Prairie Dogs

Fun At The Zoo Watching The Prairie Dogs
Fun At The Zoo Watching The Prairie Dogs

Picture of a Picture (8x10)

I took this picture with my camera. I thought it came out looking great.

A display for an item I sold on e-Bay.

A display for an item I sold on e-Bay.
A display for an item I sold on e-Bay.

Super Macro Feature

I shot this picture with my camera. I needed a closeup for an eBay posting. My camera was set on Super Macro. Shutter speed 1/160. Aperture Value 2.8. Lens 5.4-17.3. ISO speed 200.

Picture For Your On-line Store - Ebay or Etsy

If you are selling on-line and need close ups, Canon Power A410 is the way to go. It has an excellent macro setting for really close clear shots that you need for showing off jewelry, etc. I took this brooch with my Canon Power A410.


Closeup of a Class Ring


eBay Sale Item


This was done on the "auto" setting with its built-in flash. Shutter speed 1/60.

Picture From My Camera Booklet

This was taken on the Super Macro setting with a shutter speed of 1/40.


I took this picture on a walk. My camera was on "auto" and no flash was needed. Shutter speed = 1/125.

Love My Canon Power Shot - Zoo Day and More

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Floating BallTallCute FaceFamily at the ZooBridgeTrainExploring Prairie Dogs
Floating Ball
Floating Ball
Cute Face
Cute Face
Family at the Zoo
Family at the Zoo
Exploring Prairie Dogs
Exploring Prairie Dogs




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    • blue22d profile image

      blue22d 8 years ago

      [in reply to paperfacets] Thanks, how do I view your Pictolens? I didn't see it listed on your Bio Page.

    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 8 years ago from La Verne, CA

      I love taking pictures too. Yours are wonderful. The marina is stunning! I made a Pictolens a kind of game with my lens pictures because taking pictures is so much fun.