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Captain America Civil War Action Figures

Updated on May 13, 2016

Welcome to the Captain America Civil War Action Figure and toys hub page. This hub aims to provide a short summary of the 2016 Marvel film Captain America Civil War as well as to show case and review some of the cool action figures and related merchandise linked to the film. This hub is the third iteration of style of hubs i have written over the years on movie action figures and collectible which i hope to refine and improve on, as such if this hub has been helpful please comment below or follow my profile.

Captain America: Civil War Movie

Captain America Civil War is the third installment in the franchise from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however some have also called Civil War the unofficial sequel to The Avengers: Age of Ultron, due to the continuation of the story after the events of the film and because of the large number of Avengers team members being in the film.

While i am not a true fan of Captain America comics, i have seen all of the previous films and have written hubs in past on them. The first one Captain America film in the series was of course about the characters origin story which i enjoyed both for the story and its actions sequences. The second film, Captain America The Winter Solider, less so. i can not recall why i did not like this installment maybe it is just because it is a sequel and you know what they say about them.

However i can not say the same for Civil War, it was a fun ride with great actions sequences and story to boot. It could be the fact that most of the same Avengers characters where in it too. The plot for Captain America Civil War follows much the same story line as the comic book but for those of us who have not read them, me included.

The story centres around the introduction of a government Anti-Hero or In-human registration act to create a database of superheroes as well as to reveal there identities to the world. This act was consider and made real after a battle The Avengers team was involved in and fear of the greater harm there are causing over the good resulted in public our cry. The planned act therefore causes a divide between the team where after a personal crisis of conscious Tony Stark is in support of the act but Steve Rogers is not as the act is a violation of individual freedoms and his principles. The divide is made worst through conspires and other forces trying to destroy The Avengers team.

The film focuses primarily on Captain America's characters development, however Iron Man plays a large part in that. Civil War also introduces new characters including The Black Panther as well as giving greater roles on the team for Scarlet Witch and The Falcon. For a more detailed review of the film see the video below by Grace Randolph.

5 stars for The Captain America Civil War Movie

Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Action Figure Set With Giant Ant Man "Build a Figure"


This is one of the most unique set of action figures around and from the Captain America Civil War movie. Its the Marvel Legends "Build-a-figure" set by Hasbro aka BAF. The build-a-figure legends set are a set of six action figures which includes 6 inch action figures from the Captain America movie but also other classic comic book characters in the set. The set is also unquiet in that for each action figure you also receive a part of another action figure that you can build once you have the collection and in this case it is the Giant Ant Man from Civil War.

While other Marvels Legends set exist this collections includes:

  1. Captain America
  2. Iron Man Mark 46
  3. Black Panther

from Captain America Civil film and three classic figurines:

  1. Red Guardian
  2. Classic Nick Fury
  3. Nuke (Frank Simpson)

Available and sold separately, on completion of the collections this set creates a Giant Ant Man from the film.

Each of the 6 inch figures have good movement for playing but details from figures vary with some individual versions more detailed then the other. For example the Captain America in the set may not be the center piece of the collection as its a re-painted version of the figure from The Age of Ultron series, however this version of Cap has a darker navy blue finish which is more accurate to the Civil War film, and slight difference for the winter solider version too.

The Iron Man Mark 46 in the series is quite unique and detailed, but the Black Panther would have to be the sets key figure, it had a nice details finish and movie accurate.

The action figure are great for general play and for the sand box and kid however as a action figurine collector more detail on the set can be found in the review below for both the Captain America action figure and Giant Ant Man BAF.

The Build a Figure Giant Man / Ant Man figure

The giant ant man "Build-a-figure" aka BAF totals 10 inches and quite detailed figure from this set, The details is not from a previous re-used figure made in the past and worth collecting for its individual features. It has good articulation, a paint washed helmet for a weathered metal look and the lens of the eye made with a translucent look. This figure in itself could be the reason to collect the set alone.

For a more detailed look at the Giant man Ant Man BAF see the video below. Other versions of the Legends "Build-a-Figure" Action Figure also exist exist such as a "build-a-figure" Red Skull. However I like this set more because of the ties to movie.

Captain America VS Iron Man ARTFX+ Statue Set by Kotobukiya


This is the official Captain America & Iron Man Mark 46 ARTFX+ statue set made by Kotobukiya for the Captain America Civil War film. Although not exactly a Action Figure this "statue" is an amazing toy or figurine for any collection and fans of the films. For those who are not familiar with the figure / statue world Kotobukiya or just "Koto" is one of the worlds finest movie replica & figure makers based in Japan as well as America.

This set of two 1/10 scale statue stands 7 inches tall, They are highly detailed and shows off a dynamic pose. Each figurine can be displayed separately but can also be arranged and connected by the based to replicate a battle scene from the film. More details can be found at or from the video below. A great gift idea for any fan that will sit well on a desk or mantel.

Life Size Captain America 3 Civil War Shield Replica Model Shield For Cosplay


Imagine arriving at a Halloween or cosplay party with this Captain America shield, for the hard core fans this is as close as you can get to the real thing. This is a life size full metal Aluminium alloy replica Captain America shield from EFx. Forget the plastic replicas this shield is 22.44 inches (75cm) in diameter and weights about 6 pounds (2.75kg), with an inner handle straps made of leather.

Included is a certificate and manual, a display stand and wall mount so you can choose your display options. As well as a display plaque. The shield also comes with is own black nylon carry bag to protect your new shield when carrying it from party to party. Now all you need now is a costume to match. For more detail a unboxing video is provided below.

This is just a taste of some of the cool Captain America Action Figures & collectible toys from movie and whats out there in this universe so if you have no time search around and need good gift ideas you have come to the right place and i hoped this hub has helped you and out. Please provide comments and suggestions below and follow my profile.

Unboxing of Life Size Captain America Metal Replica Shield by EFX

Plese leave your comments below & tell me what you like to see more of.

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