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Car Puzzles For Kids of All Ages

Updated on May 23, 2011

Car Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids

Vroom, vroom. Just imagine at all these fantastic car jigsaw puzzles screeching around the floor.

All kids love to play with jigsaws puzzles. It's a mix of wanting to learn how things to together, loving any activity they can do with Mum or Dad, and getting exciting as they see a picture form in front or their eyes ~ and when it comes to boys ~ the puzzles have to be of cars.

Boys and cars go together jelly and ice cream, they just seem to have a natural affinity ~ it doesn't matter whether they are 2 or 102, if it's got 4 or more wheels they're a fan.

From Roary the racing car jigsaws to American Classic car puzzles there are a wide range to choose from - and with kids car puzzles ranging from 12 piece wooden puzzles to 1000 piece Ferraris, all ages and abilities are catered for.

Car Jigsaw Puzzles - Less Than 50 Pieces

Kids like to start with something they can manage which makes these racing car puzzles perfect.

Lightning McQueen and friends feature heavily, getting up to all sorts of antics that young boys will just love.

These puzzles are well illustrated and great fun to make with your kids, and you always make up a story to go along with them.

Car Jigsaw Puzzles Up to 100 Pieces

The next stage is when kids want to start doing the puzzles themselves ~ only they can't take too long to complete or there's a risk of getting board.

Car jigsaws of up to 100 pieces are perfect for this as they have enough pieces to really make a child think about what they are doing, but are small enough to be completed in one sitting.


Car Jigsaw Puzzles over 100 Pieces

 This is where things start to get serious on the jigsaw front.

These puzzles range from a couple of hundred pieces to a couple of thousand and are for kids who love to get their teeth into something.

One thing to think about when puzzles get to this size is where they are going to be done ~ as a 1000 piece puzzle isn't going to be completed in one sitting. If you don't have a desk or table you can turn over to puzzles on a permanent basis then a puzzle storage system is a good investment. These are either roll up puzzle mats or portable puzzle cases such as the portapuzzle in which you can store your puzzle in a part made form.


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