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Card Pickups Today - October 18,2011

Updated on October 20, 2011

1993 Elite Series - Prismatic Foil Still Rocks

This is Why it's Still Fun

The baseball card industry and collecting baseball cards has been in a down spiral for quite some time. There is a steady and dedicated collector base for sportscards but very little new business is being generated by bringing in kids to the industry. Many people simply believe it's big business now (it isn't). Some people believe the products are too expensive (many of them are). The main issue is that they just don't DO anything like today's entertainments and that is a valid point. Baseball cards today have changed a great deal in look and feel from the baseball cards of the 1950s but essentially, it's still just a piece of cardboard.

As a collector, I'm one of those guys that like's the inexpensive stuff. I'll get big stuff from time to time but I really enjoy buying and selling inexpensive cards because I can bring kids into the hobby that way. Today, I was at a card store going through their "dime" boxes. Every card costs a dime no matter what it is. I love these and I even carry these myself when I do shows. Its a great way to move cards and really, there is no way to go wrong with a card for a dime. This kind of pricing also lends itself well to selling card to kids who don't usually have a lot to spend to begin with.

1993 Elite - Very Rare and Limited

1993 Elite Series Cards, Wow...

I've been collecting a long time so I remember these cards being incredibly hard to find in packs of 1993 Donruss. To make matters worse, these were limited to 10,000 each!! Collector's today would laugh at such a number but back then, when each base card had a print run of at least a million (to as high as 2-3 million!!), 10,000 was exceptionally limited and incredibly rare. These were very difficult to pull from packs. I admit, I didn't pull any and I don't think I know of anyone who did. In fact, collectors today still like to bust boxes of this (very cheaply of course) for the chance of pulling one of these cards.

I pulled the following cards along with their current price guide value:

  • Dennis Eckersley - 3 of these valued at $15 Each
  • Paul Molitor - 2 of these valued at $15 Each
  • Darren Daulton valued at $15
  • Dave Winfield valued at $15
  • Barry Bonds - 2 of these valued at $20 Each
  • Barry Larkin valued at $25
  • Roberto Alomar - 2 of these valued at $25 Each
  • Andy Van Slyke valued at $30

Yes that's about $250 value for $1.30 and I left a lot of others I should have grabbed as every card is valued AT LEAST $15. Anyway, at 10 cents a card this was a great pickup of some really classic, hard-to-find inserts from the early 90's that retained their value (almost none of them did). The Prismatic Foil is a huge draw as well as the very limited nature of these cards.

Just thought I'd share that since it's hard to convince people that's its still fun to collect, but when you see a pickup like this, it certainly makes it easier for people to understand..

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them here. For those collectors out there, keep your open and have fun!!



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