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Card Trick: How To Perform "Four Piles."

Updated on September 25, 2012

The Four Piles Trick

This trick is incredibly easy to perform and it will amaze everyone, leaving them in awe!

All this trick needs is 16 cards from a regular playing deck. They have to be the 4 jacks, 4 queens, 4 kings & the 4 aces.

This trick is a story driven trick so you have to tell a story to your audience. To make it easier I'll tell you the story and teach you how the trick is done.

..."Once upon a time there lived four brother jacks, they all decided that they would have a big party to celebrate the new year." Say this and place the 4 jacks in to 4 separate piles, then go onto say, "after an hour of drinking they decided they couldn't have a party without their best friends the 4 brother kings." Say this and place the 4 kings onto the table, one on each of the jacks. "So the party was raging long into the night and the 4 kings decided ...(Now it depends on your audience, if's adults you can say "prostitutes" or to be politically correct, say their "wives") to invite their wives over to the party." Say this and place the 4 queens onto the table, one on top of each king & jack. "So the party was a roaring success, but a disgruntled neighbor didn't approve of the commotion and called the police who rounded up the party guests." Say this and place the 4 aces onto the table, one on top of each pile of queen, jack & king.

The piles should look like this.
The piles should look like this.

Go on to say, "each cop rounded up a king, queen & jack." Square up each pile ensuring the order stays the same, very important! Then say, "the party goers were eventually rounded up and all turfed into the police van." Say this and place each pile on top of each other creating one pile of 16. Go on to say, " so the divvy van was roaring at a breakneck pace along the highway towards the police station when the van hit an oil slick." Now here you could insinuate an oil slick with the r non-used cards by spreading them across the table. "The van skidded out of control and began to tumble down a hill." Say this and then with the pack of 16 card begin to make complete cuts of the pack around the middle, indicating this is to signify rolling.

Keep going until a spectator says "stop." Stop cutting and say, "And that's where the van exploded!" Make it dramatic, then say " the next day more police officers went down to survey the scene, to their dismay they discovered 4 piles of 4 dead bodies." Deal the cards face down going from left to right into the 4 piles with 4 cards in each. "But to their astonishment they realized that the piles of bodies were all similar. They saw that all the brother kings were together, all the cop aces were together, all the wives were together & all the brother jacks were together. They had all died together" Say this and flip over the piles, they will all be together!

I hope you like this tutorial, it certainly is spectacular when you perform it. Try it and see how you go. Maybe even make your own story.


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    • profile image

      Domenick Dicce 5 years ago

      I love tricks with stories. It is so much easier for me to remember them.