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Cards Against Humanity A Party Game

Updated on July 20, 2015

Cards Against Humanity

Have you played the new hit party game? I was a little skeptical at first when I saw it but boy was I glad I bought the game!


In this game you can have anywhere from 4-20 players. This is a real bonus as you can play with a small or large gathering of friends.

How To Play

The rules to the game are very simple. They offer two separate ways to play but be warned this game is not for as I put it "delicate" people.

Basic Rules

  1. Every person draws 10 white cards.
  2. In most cases the person who last "went #2" or the way my hubby says it the last player who took a dump is elected the Card Czar.
  3. The Card Czar reads the question on the black card. This can sometimes be a fill in the blank question.
  4. The following people answer the question with one of their white cards by placing it face-down.
  5. The Card Czar then shuffles all answers and reveals them one by one choosing the most hilarious answer and therefore awarding them one point.
  6. Then the round starts over again with a new Card Czar.

Pick 2

  • Some cards say pick two on the bottom of the card.
  • When this card is revealed each player provides two cards for the Card Czar to read. He must read them in order together. (paper clips work well for keeping them together!)


  • If a black card is played and you believe that you have a chance to win you can bet one f your Awesome Points to play the hand. However, if you loose you will also loose your point.

House Rules

All games have special circumstances where you play with house rules. These are rules that you make up while playing the game to make it more fun. If you purchase the game it gives you a variety of different options to use for house rules. Some examples are...

  • God is dead.
  • Survival of the fittest.
  • Serious Business
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Packing Heat
  • Happy Ending

And many many more!!

Is This Game For You

This is a almost cruel game to play. It is best played with close friends who are not easily offended. If you would like to get a better look at some of the personal reviews of other people just click on the product from with Amazon or E-bay and find out for yourself. But buyer beware you might find yourself addicted to a very addicting game!

The Game

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