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Cards you're gonna miss in Hearthstone's new standard format.

Updated on February 10, 2016
Webspinner | Source


Getting a "King Krush" or a "Savannah Highmane" in your hand is an awesome feeling when you play this card. It's a bit like an "unstable portal" for hunters, without the mana reduction and you get only beasts of course. But getting a beast is awesome if you can combo it with "Kill Command". Without this card Midrange hunter will lose it's only 1 drop.

Zombie Chow
Zombie Chow | Source

Zombie Chow

A very good card against Aggro, but sometimes awkward to play if you draw it at the end of the game or something.. Because then it is pretty useless. Unless you play priest and you can combo it with "Auchenai Soulpriest".

Nevertheless, a valued card in a lot of decks and it will be missed!

Antique Healbot
Antique Healbot | Source

Antique Healbot

This card will really be missed in a lot of midrange and fatigue decks. Freeze Mage, Midrange Paladin, Murloc Paladin, Handlock and so on. If you combo this card with "Brann Bronzebeard" you even get 16 points of healing from one Battlecry! This Key card wil definitely be missed, let's hope he gets a good replacement in the new set!

Sludge Belcher
Sludge Belcher | Source

Sludge Belcher

"Sludge Belcher" will be missed a lot in almost every midrange, fatigue, ramp or control deck you can imagine. It is just such a big threat that no one can imagine having to go back to "Sen'Jin Shieldmasta" after the rotation. The fact that it is sticky and almost always requires multiple minions to trade into it makes it one of the best cards of the "Curse of Naxxramas" Adventure. Face hunters put "Ironbeak Owls" in their decks almost solely to deal with an annoying Belcher. The new expansion will probably have a good replacement is my guess.

Piloted Shredder
Piloted Shredder | Source

Piloted Shredder

With it's super powerful deathrattle effect "Piloted Shredder" makes for one of the most solid and useful cards in the game. Although sometimes it can create awkward or frustrating situations (like getting a "Doomsayer" out of it if you have a full board..) the results of the deathrattle are mostly okay or very good. Using 4 mana to have a solid 4/3 minion on the board that dies and gets you another solid minion (like "Milhouse Manastorm") on the board is a possible game changer.
"Piloted shredder" is ran in almost every deck. From midrange to aggro to control and it will certainly be missed and remembered as one of the best common Hearthstone cards that ever existed.

Death's Bite
Death's Bite | Source

Death's Bite

Bye Bye Grim Patron Warrior... This weapon is one of the major reasons that you see patron warrior decks, without it the meta will receive a major shake-up. Maybe more aggro warrior decks will be played. With this weapon you can clear a 4 health minion in 1 turn, and the turn after that play a grim patron, generate another patron, clear a 5 health minion from your opponent and generate even more patrons. This is almost impossible to overcome unless you play priest with "lightbomb" or mage with "flamestrike" or the "equality"/"consecrate" combo from Paladin.

Dr. Boom
Dr. Boom | Source

Dr. Boom

Probably the best (and most OP) card ever made in Hearthstone. Figures why he is used in practically every deck on the ladder. A lot of people asked time and time again to nerf this card, but now it won't be necessary anymore..

Rest in Peace Dr.7

Shielded Minibot
Shielded Minibot | Source

Shielded Minibot

Possibly the strongest earlygame card in the paladin class, together with "Muster for Battle" of course. A Solid turn 2 drop (or turn 1 with the coin) that almost always requires 2 minions to trade into. This made Minibot a very potent tool to establish a board early in the game.
Obviously Paladin is going to suffer by losing this card...

Muster for Battle
Muster for Battle | Source

Muster for Battle

Again possibly the strongest earlygame card in the paladin class, together with "Shielded Minibot" A turn 3 drop that gives you a board in the blink of an eye.
It has an extremely potent combo with "Quartermaster" for example, and also with "Competitive Spirit".The fact that you get three minions AND a weapon out of one 3 mana card is probably enough proof to see why this card will definitely be missed.

Loatheb | Source


An awesome counter to a lot of combo decks. If you play this Druid can forget playing his "Savage roar"/"Force of Nature" combo. For 1 turn at least. And Freeze mage is just practically dead for 1 turn. It's also effectively in Freeze mage and in Combo druid, Ironically. And in a lot of other decks as well. We have to hope for something similar to protect against the onslaught of spell-heavy decks.

Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist | Source

Mad Scientist

Only valued in classes with expensive secrets, so Hunter and Mage. But really big value nonetheless! Playing a 2 drop minion, that can clear another minion like a "knife Juggler" and then summons a 3 mana secret for free is really strong. Maybe even the strongest neutral 2 drop in the game. Hunter and mage decks will probably lose some consistency without "Mad scientist".

Imp-Losion | Source


Warlock will lose some very important removal with "imp-losion". It's a potential game changer, particularly with "Knife Juggler" on the board. So Warlock has to go looking for a very good replacement to top this.

Darkbomb | Source


A very simple spell, but possibly life saving or game changing for most Warlock decks.

Shieldmaiden | Source


A staple in most Warrior decks. Lots of potential if you use it together with "Shield Slam" to remove a 5 health minion from your opponent. Not to forget, you remove an opponents minion, you get a 5/5 minion, AND you get 5 armor. Lots of power in one card. Warrior will have a hard time recovering from it's losses.

Haunted Creeper
Haunted Creeper | Source

Haunted Creeper

Zoolock, secret paladin, Face hunter, Aggro Druid will al miss this little creeper very much. As will most of the other decks because a minion that is this sticky will almost certainly give your opponent a hard time. Playing it with "Redemption" for example, or with "Power Overwhelming" makes it even harder to remove.

Shade of Naxxramas
Shade of Naxxramas | Source

Shade of Naxxramas

A card almost exclusively used in Druid decks. Seeing it grow to enormous size, while you can't do anything about it can be very frustrating. Especially if combo'd with the "savage roar"/"Force of Nature" Combo for lethal damage!

Nerubian Egg
Nerubian Egg | Source

Nerubian Egg

A very powerfull card if you can buff it and trade it into another minion. It also gives a strong insurance against AOE spells like "Consecrate". Your put your opponent in a difficult place with this card and getting a 4/4 minion in an early turn can be very hard to overcome!

Velen's Chosen
Velen's Chosen | Source

Velen's Chosen

Although this card is almost exclusively used in Dragon Priest decks, it does give the deck it's edge. Bursting 2 more damage, and giving your AOE spells like "Holy Nova" a buff can mean the difference between winning or losing. And the 4 health extra can make a minion very difficult to remove!

Tinker's Sharpsword Oil
Tinker's Sharpsword Oil | Source

Tinker's Sharpsword Oil

Oil Rogue will simply dissapear without this card. It's a complete deck build solely around this card to get lethal damage in 1 turn. Without this card maybe we will start to see more Miracle Rogues again.

Voidcaller | Source


Every Warlock deck with Demons in it will suffer from the loss of "Voidcaller". Being able to cheat out gigantic threats like "Mal'Ganis" as early as turn 4 (with coin) can be really overwhelming for your opponent.

Mechwarper | Source


One of the coolest and most fun mage decks to play has to be Mech Mage. With the Synergy the mech cards have, the sometimes enormously strong minions and the fast tempo play it is a deck that can overwhelm opponents in a matter of seconds. With the loss of "Goblins vs Gnomes" almost all good mech cards will be gone, including the card that grants a lot of tempo, "Mechwarper". So rest in peace my mechanical friends...

Unstable Portal
Unstable Portal | Source

Unstable Portal

With this card, you never know what you gonna get. Sometimes the result is ridiculously overpowered (6 mana Ysera), and sometimes it makes you cringe (if you get "Captain's Parrot" for example). This makes it one of the most fun/hated cards to play. This card alone can win or lose a game for you, and it made a big impact on a lot of mage decks and on the ladder.
Nevertheless, finding a fit replacement for this card isn't all that difficult.

Ben Brode about the upcoming changes in Hearthstone.

What card will you miss the most when standard comes?

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