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Play Cards Against Humanity

Updated on October 22, 2014
CAH Deck
CAH Deck

You probably shouldn't play this game

Cards Against Humanity is an extremely popular card game that encourages you to say all those non-PC things that you shouldn't. The things that make you cringe and blush.

Cards Against Humanity has been called "A Party Game for Horrible People" and has been described as "as despicable and awkward as you and your friends" -- and that's just from the creators of the game. Obviously this is a card game for adults only.

If you like things such as Family Guy, Robot Chicken, or Monty Python, you'll likely think this game is hilarious, I know my friends and I do since we play it at least once a week. Really the biggest problem with Cards Against Humanity, is that it's just so much fun!

So if you want a different type of game to play at your parties or with your other sick friends, check out Cards Against Humanity.

This Game is for Adults Only

Cards Against Humanity is full of vulgar subject matter such as anal beads, necrophilia, and panda sex. It is definitely not for children.

Playing a round of Cards Against Humanity
Playing a round of Cards Against Humanity

How to Play Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is extremely easy to play, so easy that when we have new people join our games, we usually just deal them right in and they are able to start playing immediately.

There are two types of cards, black ones which ask questions or have blanks, and white ones which answer the questions.

To play Cards Against Humanity each player starts with 10 of the white cards. The rest of the white cards and the black cards are set in separate piles face-down in the center of the table.

One person begins by picking up one of the black cards and reading it aloud to the rest of the group. Each person then submits the one white card from their hand that they think most fits the question. The reader then reads each white card aloud and chooses their favorite. The person who submitted the best white card then gets the black card.

The winner is the one who gets the most black cards by the time the black Haiku card comes up, though my friends and I usually have so much fun we keep going until we run out of cards.

Play moves around the circle of players, each person in turn picking up a black card, reading it, and choosing their favorite from the submitted white cards. Players pick up another white card for each one they submit, so that there are always 10 white cards in their hands. It is very simple to play, and extremely intuitive.

The biggest confusion comes about when a player chooses a black card that has more than one blank. There are a few of them in the deck, most asking for players to submit two white cards, though there are a couple that ask for three, such as the Haiku-building black card. For those black cards players submit the required number of white cards. On the bottom of these black cards there are special instructions, so it is easier for players to understand.

After about the first 20 minutes, most people are playing like pros.

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Playing Cards Against Humanity
Playing Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity Play Instructions

How to Play Cards Against Humanity
How to Play Cards Against Humanity

Playing Cards Against Humanity

Deck Cards Against Humanity
Deck Cards Against Humanity

Just Choose the Best Card

If you were the reader of the black card "Why am I sticky?" which of the white cards given to you would you pick as the best?

Why am I sticky?

See results

Some of the Black or Question Cards

Various Black Cards in Cards Against Humanity
Various Black Cards in Cards Against Humanity

Some White or Answer Cards

White Cards from the 4th Expansion of Cards Against Humanity
White Cards from the 4th Expansion of Cards Against Humanity

Get Cards Against Humanity Now

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity

Get CAH now and start having fun right away!


Number of Players

You can play Cards Against Humanity with any number of players from 2 on up.

The main limit on how many can play is how many cards you have. If you plan on playing with a lot of people regularly, you can always get all the expansion packs and even get an extra regular pack.

Because we have a lot of expansion packs in the deck we play with every week we often play in big groups. It's not uncommon for us to have 14-20 players playing at once.

Another Round of Cards Against Humanity

Which white card is the best answer?

In the hand dealt above, which would you choose as the best answer to the black card

"Billy Mays here for ________."

Billy Mays here for ________.

See results

Black Card with Multiple Blanks and Submitted Answer Cards

Multiple Blanks on Cards Against Humanity
Multiple Blanks on Cards Against Humanity

Pick your Favorite Card Pair

Since the black card in the picture above has two blank spaces and says Pick 2, players would submit two cards that work well together as is also shown.

Pick your favorite card duo from the submissions.

Lifetime presents _______, the story of __________.

Lifetime presents what?

See results

The Haiku Card

When playing the Haiku card don't worry about the number of syllables in the answers, you just want answers that flow into a sort of haiku poem style.

Each player is allowed to draw 2 more white cards to give them more choice in playing, then they pick among their cards and give 3 white cards to the person with the black card.

The Haiku Card

The Haiku Card in Cards Against Humanity
The Haiku Card in Cards Against Humanity

Submissions for the Cards Against Humanity Haiku

Cards Against Humanity Haiku
Cards Against Humanity Haiku

Choose the Best Haiku Submission

Which is your favorite submission?

This haiku does not be in the normal syllable pattern of 5 syllables, then 7 syllables, then 5 syllables.

Just pick your favorite combination.

Which is your favorite haiku?

See results

Get Apples to Apples

A lot of people compare Cards Against Humanity to Apples to Apples. If you aren't quite up to the raunchiness of Cards Against Humanity, pick up Apples to Apples to play with your family.

Playing CAH

CAH Play
CAH Play
Playing CAH
Playing CAH
Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity
CAH 4th Expansion
CAH 4th Expansion

You Can Buy Cards Against Humanity Here

Get the original CAH deck.

Buy the Cards Against Humanity First Expansion Set

Cards Against Humanity is so popular that they've added more cards to the original deck.

The First Expansion comes with:

  • 80 new white cards
  • 20 new black cards
  • 12 blank cards
  • Lovingly crafted by the tiny hands of heartwarming orphans
  • Contains "Adderall"

Get the 2nd CAH Expansion

The Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion set comes with:

  • 75 new white cards
  • 25 new black cards
  • 8 blank white cards
  • 4 blank black cards
  • Dolphin Safe
  • Contains "A bigger blacker dick."

Buy the Cards Against Humanity Third Expansion

The Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion set comes with 100 new cards.

  • 75 White Cards
  • 25 Black Cards
  • Plus 8 blank White cards and 4 blank Black cards to make your own fun
  • Burps and pees like a real baby!

Get the 4th Expansion of CAH

"Adventure. Romance. _____."

The fourth Cards Against Humanity expansion comes with:

  • 100 completely NEW cards
  • 70 new White cards
  • 30 new Black cards
  • 8 blank White cards
  • 4 blank Black cards
  • "Jizz"

Get the Fifth CAH Expansion Set

The fifth Cards Against Humanity expansion set contains:

  • 100 completely NEW cards
  • 75 new White cards
  • 25 new Black cards
  • 8 blank white cards
  • 4 blank black cards

Get a Bigger Blacker Box

The Bigger Blacker Box is an empty box created by the people at Cards Against Humanity.

That's right, it's an empty box.

They made up this empty box so you have something to nicely store your card decks in.

Some have a hidden surprise as well.

Get Crabs Adjust Humidity

Crabs Adjust Humidity is a third-party unauthorized expansion set that is made to be played with the original Cards Against Humanity.

There are three sets. Each of the three sets include:

  • 80 white cards
  • 32 black cards

That means all together the three volumes have 240 white cards and 96 black cards.

Download Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is frequently sold out, but the creators of Cards Against Humanity understand that their game is extremely popular and since they are great people and so many people are waiting for the game, they decided to make it easier on us. On their site they have given instructions on how to print off your own set of Cards Against Humanity.

From the Cards Against Humanity site:

The full game of Cards Against Humanity is available for free under a Creative Commons license. Making a set will take an hour and cost about $10. Download the PDF for rules and printing instructions.

Cards Against Humanity is available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. That means you can use and remix the game for free, but you can't sell it. Please do not steal our name or we will smash you.

To print off your own set, you simply download the PDF and follow the instructions on it which basically say take it to your local copy shop and print the cards out, then cut them apart.

I'll admit, I was hesitant about doing so, but even with the printing costs and time to cut the cards apart, I'm very happy with my set of cards. The cards are slightly smaller and they don't have a case or perfectly even edges, but it works and I don't have to get anxious about people mauling my hard-to-get game. I may actually print another out, just so I can have an extra set.

Sadly, they only offer the original Cards Against Humanity set for download, not the expansions. So if you are really into the game, you should just buy the regular set so you can easily add the expansions. Or print off your own and buy a regular set, just like I have.

If you want to download and print your own Cards Against Humanity set click here to download the PDF.

You can also print more black and white blank cards so you can add your own cards to the set.

Click here to download blank white cards

Click here to download blank black cards

Printing Instructions for Cards Against Humanity

Printing Instructions for Cards Against Humanity
Printing Instructions for Cards Against Humanity

Get a Box for Your Deck

You'll want to get a box to hold your CAH deck and keep it neat.

Special Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

Cards Against Humanity 2012 Holiday Pack

2012 CAH Holiday Pack
2012 CAH Holiday Pack

Get the Cards Against Humanity 2012 Holiday Pack

For the 2012 holiday season the creators of Cards Against Humanity released a special limited-edition holiday expansion pack.

If you're like me and want every card you can get your hands on, check out the eBay listings.


  • 7 black cards
  • 22 white cards
  • "Elf cum"
  • "My hot cousin"

PAX Cards Against Humanity Expansion Sets

The people at Cards Against Humanity have released several special expansion sets at comic and gaming conventions.

The PAX CAH sets are extremely sought after since they carry cards like:

  • "Being an attractive elf trapped in an unattractive human's body."
  • "Yoshi's huge egg-laying cloaca."
  • "A fully-dressed female videogame character."
  • "A homemade, cum-stained Star Trek uniform."

Get the 90's Nostalgia Pack of CAH

"Up next on Nickelodeon: Clarissa Explains ______"

The 90's nostalgia pack of Cards Against Humanity features lots of cards full of 1990s fun.

  • 7 black cards
  • 23 white cards
  • "A bus that will explode if it goes under 50 miles per hour"
  • "Several Michael Keatons"
  • "The Great Cornholio"
  • "Patti Mayonnaise"
  • "Pamela Anderson's boobs running in slow motion"

Get the CAH 2013 Holiday Pack

In 2013 the people at Cards Against Humanity released another holiday pack.

In honor of the season it was called the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit and came out in 12 different packages. So if you order it, make sure to get each separate package.

  • "The shittier, Jewish version of Christmas."
  • "Making up for 10 years of shitty parenting with a PlayStation."
  • "Swapping bodies with mom for a day."
  • "Finding out that Santa isn't real."

Cards Against Humanity Reject Pack

The Cards Against Humanity Reject Pack features the cards that the creators of Cards Against Humanity had rejected, but that individual writers really, really, really wanted to have in a pack.

Each CAH writer was allowed to choose 3 cards that had previously been rejected and share them with you.

  • Contains 24 cards
  • "My dick in your mouth."
  • "Corn."
  • "A giant squid in a wedding gown."
  • "Faking a jellyfish sting so someone will pee on you."

The 90's Nostalgia Pack of Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity 90's Nostalgia Pack
Cards Against Humanity 90's Nostalgia Pack

© 2013 Alisha Vargas


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    • therealrustyshackleford profile image

      Rusty Shackleford 

      13 months ago from Mount Prospect

      If you like Cards Against Humanity, then you'd love Jackbox Party Pack. There's a game that's basically the same, but you type in the answer you want. You can get more creative, and other people will vote for the right answer on their phones.

    • AshleysCorner profile image


      7 years ago

      Very Nice Lens!


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