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Career Arcs - Mission Guide Index - Eve Online

Updated on January 11, 2014
The Eve Career Advancement window.
The Eve Career Advancement window.

This guide serves as an index for the five different beginner career arcs and the guides for each of their missions in the MMO video game, Eve Online. These sets of missions are designed to introduce new players of Eve into the concept of professions, setting them up with skills and helpful items along with serving as a more advanced tutorial.

Finding Your Career Agents

To find out who your career arc agents are, you can open the help menu with either the neocom button or F12 and scroll down until you see the Career Advancement option. Click on the "Show Career Agents" button to see a list of your 5, one for each arc, and where they can be found. There is a set of 5 agents for each race and blood line of that race, making 12 sets in total. Although they won't be listed in your career window, you can optionally get these arcs through one of the other agent's that offer them.

Tip: You can repeat each set of 10 missions, once with each agent for that arc, thus players can find one of the career agent systems they have yet to complete to do everything over again. Considering the storyline missions are normally once out of every 16 normal agent missions and each 10th mission of each arc gives faction standing, this can be a slightly faster way of gaining standing with an empire you are interested in working for.

Note: Since the Caldari set are the most popular, the videos will cover the missions from that empire, however notes will be made where there are differences for other faction's missions.

Career Agent Locations

These are the systems in which you can find each set of career agents for their specific empires.


  1. Conoban VII - Moon 8 - Hedion University
  2. Deepari II - Imperial Academy
  3. Pasha VII - Moon 3 - Royal Amarr Institute School


  1. Akiainavas III - School of Applied Knowledge
  2. Jouvulen III - Science and Trade Institute School
  3. Uitra VI - Moon 4 - State War Academy


  1. Clellinon VI - Moon 11 - Center for Advanced Studies School
  2. Couster II - Moon 1 - Federal Navy Academy
  3. Trossere VII - Moon 3 - University of Caille


  1. Embod IV - Moon 10 - Pator Tech School
  2. Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School
  3. Malukker I - Republic University

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Military Arc

The Military arc of Eve Online's career missions, serves as the aspiring combat pilot's first introduction to serious fighting and fitting strategies. These tasks will progressively serve you more challenging (albeit still relatively easy) and diverse tasks that prep you for PVE and even some PVP combat. This career arc will lead into the Advanced Military Career arc upon completion. Finally, the rewards also serve to outfit you with your first few combat ships and appropriate modules.

Cash Flow For Capsuleers

  • (1 of 10) - Clear out a small group of pirates from an asteroid belt.
    + Faction dependent Tech I weapon and ammo
  • (2 of 10) - Rescue a civilian (5.0m3) captured by some pirates.
    + Motion Prediction (skill), 59k Isk, Frigate (Executioner, Condor, Atron or Slasher)
  • (3 of 10) - Retrieve Secret Documents (0.1m3) from a group of Pirates.
    + Propulsion Jamming (skill), 120k Isk, 2 x Faction dependent Tech I weapons
  • (4 of 10) - Scout out the pirate stargate.
    + 1 x 1MN Afterburner I, 60k Isk
  • (5 of 10) - Meet the pirate and follow his instructions.
    + faction dependent active civilian shield hardener, Shield Management (skill), 66k Isk
  • (6 of 10) - Destroy the pirate outpost.
    + Limited Ocular Filter (+1 Perception), 151k Isk
  • (7 of 10) - Defeat waves of pirates at the convoy ambush site.
    + Small Armor Repairer I, 281k Isk
  • (8 of 10) - Inspect the Hotel and retrieve the VIPs.
    + Weapon Upgrades (skill), 2 x Overdrive Injector System I, 120k Isk
  • (9 of 10) - Destroy the Narcotics Warehouse.
    + Stasis Webifier I, +111k Isk
  • (10 of 10) - Take out Tahamar once and for all.
    + Sharpshooter (skill), Cmbt. Frigate (Punisher, Merlin, Sigil, Rifter), 287,000 Isk, +1.5% Faction Standing

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Advanced Military Career Arc

The Advanced Military arc can seem to have a misleading title at first, since the missions in this chain do not actually pit you against directly tougher challenges compared to the Military arc, at least in terms of stronger opponents or larger numbers of enemy ships. The idea in this arc is to instead try to familiarize you as the player with the advanced tactics of ship combat in Eve Online that typically only take place in player vs player fights and fleet warfare.

Advanced Military Missions

  1. The Swap - Re-familiarize yourself with combat by clearing out a small gang of pirates.
    + Propulsion Jamming (Skill), 64k Isk
  2. Angel of Mercy - Fly an explosive laden frigate into a pirate starbase.
    + Frigate (Crucifier, Condor, Atron, Slasher), 123k Isk
  3. Your Undivided Attention - Utilize a Warp Disruptor an a fleeing pirate vessel.
    + Civilian Warp Disruptor, +101k Isk
  4. A Friend in Need - Find and repair the stranded agent's vessel.
    + Civ Remote Armor Repair or Shield Transporter, Remote Armor Repair or Shield Emission (skill), 20k Isk
  5. The Stand - Fight pirates until your granted ship is destroyed.
    + Frigate (Crucifier, Condor, Atron, Slasher), 142k Isk
  6. Don't Look Back - Use an Afterburner to fly through a hazard cloud.
    + Civ Afterburner, racial weapon skillbook, 27k Isk
  7. Weapon of Choice - Use the granted weapon to destroy an enemy.
    +Civ Weapon (Gatling Pulse Laser, Missile Launcher, 2 Hobgoblins, Gatling Autocannon), 60k Isk
  8. The Pacifist - Follow CONCORD's orders to introduce you to basic fleet ops.
    + 20k Isk
  9. Glue - Use the granted webifier on a pirate ship.
    + Civ Stasis Webifier, Destroyers (skill), 30k Isk
  10. The Exam - Engage in combat with an enemy that uses webs and scrams.
    + Destroyer (Coercer, Cormorant, Catalyst, Thrasher), Rapid Firing (skill), 175k Isk

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Business Arc

The Business Arc will introduce players to concepts such as basic transportation of goods, acquiring products and placing buy and sell orders on the market. Arbitrage, market manipulation and cooperation or exploitation of both industrialists and combat pilots are just some of the business professional's tools of trade.

Balancing the Books

  • (1 of 10) - Transporting 1.0m3 of goods a short distance.
    + 96,000 Isk, Mining Frigate (Skill)
  • (2 of 10) - Kill pirate ships and retrieve a Black Box (0.1 m3)
    + Venture Mining Frigate; 130,000 Isk
  • (3 of 10) - Kill some pirates and mine 33 Tritanium (3.3 m3)
    + Salvaging (skill); 79,000 Isk
  • (4 of 10), - An introduction to the hacking mini profession.
    + Hacking (skill); 63,000 Isk
  • (5 of 10) - Another transport mission involving an Encoded Data Chip (0.1m3)
    + 1 x Overdrive Injector System I; 1 x Expanded Cargohold I; 53,000 Isk
  • (6 of 10) - Acquire a Tracking Computer I for your agent.
    + Mass Production (skill); 1 x Miner I; 57,000 Isk
  • (7 of 10) - An intro to the archeology mini profession.
    + 1 x 1MN Afterburner I; 49,000 Isk
  • (8 of 10) - Transport a Central Datacore x1 (5.0m3)
    + Limited Social Adaption Chip (+1 Charisma Implant); 14,000 Isk
  • (9 of 10) - Acquire 2, 1MN Afterburner I (10.0m3) modules for your agent.
    + 1 x Expanded Cargohold I; Production Efficiency (skill); 20,000 Isk
  • (10 of 10) - Deliver/Manufacture a stockpile of ammo, dependent on the race.
    + Ammo BPC; Ind. Ship (Sigil/Badger/Iteron/Wreathe); 295,000 Isk; +1.5% Faction Standing

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The Industrial Arc shares some concepts of the Business Arc, however focuses more on manufacturing your own goods and sourcing the materials required for this process through the market or asteroid belts. Industrial players form the backbone of EVE's economy, being responsible for producing the vast majority of the items that exist within the game's universe.

Making Mountains of Molehills

  • (1 of 10) - Mine 999 units of Veldspar for your agent.
    + Miner I; 223k Isk, 50k Veldspar [M]
  • (2 of 10) - Acquire and deliver 750 units of Tritanium.
    + Mining Frigate (skill); Venture (ship); 56k Isk
  • (3 of 10) - Manufacture 2 Civilian Afterburners from a BPC for your agent.
    + Civilian Afterburner BPC (2 runs); Expanded Cargohold I; 292k Isk
  • (4 of 10) - Destroy the enemy drones and deliver 7,000 units of Tritanium.
    + Miner I; 84k Isk; 90k Veldspar [M]
  • (5 of 10) - Make a 40m3 courier delivery to a station around 5-8 jumps away.
    + 1MN Afterburner I; Expanded Cargohold I; 53k Isk
  • (6 of 10) - Manufacture 20 x Cap Booster 25 from a BPC
    + Cap Booster 25 BPC (2 runs); 391k Isk
  • (7 of 10) - Deliver the same Cap Booster 25 (20m3) to a nearby station.
    + Overdrive Injector System I; 29k Isk
  • (8 of 10) - Manufacture a Civilian Shuttle from a provided BPC.
    + Faction dependent Civilian Shuttle BPC; 298k Isk
  • (9 of 10) - Mine ore at your encounter and destroy the pirate that shows up.
    + 142 Isk; 5,949 Kernite (M)
  • (10 of 10) - Produce a faction dependent frigate from a BPC.
    + Frigate BPC (Inquisitor, Bantam, Navitas, Burst); Industrial Ship (Bestower, Badger, Iteron, Wreathe); 391k Isk

* [M] denotes ores that can be mined.


** This guide is currently in development and not yet finished. This page will grow and develop as more sub-guides are published, with this message being removed when the full career arc guide is completed. This section will try to explain the development process and list what is being worked on and when.

What is currently being worked on? (5/01/2013)

Exploration Arc, mineable ores,

Future goals:

Additional differences for Amarr/Gallente/Minmatar side versions.


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