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Carlsen Anand Wins For Chess In 2013 Championship

Updated on November 15, 2013

World Watches Norway Versus India

UPDATE: Carlsen has taken the first win with a beautiful English opening that led to a complicated endgame.

There is something very big going on in the chess world as we prepare to exit 2013 into a 2014 year which should be full of prospects. While it is almost certain that any tournament rated player will be well aware of the World Chess Championship 2013 match between Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and his Indian rival Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand, the casual-to-non-chess playing person might not be so up to date. A nearly 3 week long WCC 2013 match poses the defending world champion Anand against the highest rated player ever Magnus Carlsen. The otb action has begun with a schedule of 12 games that can lead into a blitz chess tiebreak if there is not a decisive victory by one of the super grandmasters.

There is still time to view the World Chess Championship 2013 as the remaining games play out in epic fashion. Sure, the first 1/3 of the match has already completed, but those first 4 games have all resulted in draws meaning that the action at the ballroom in the Hyatt Regency hotel of Chennai, India is far from finished. And, the initial draws of the first 4 rounds certainly does not mean that the playing has been anything close to dull or boring. Grandmaster Anand is rated 2775 elo as he sits calm and collected at the chess board. His tea is always nearby and perhaps that is the secret to his top-level moves as the chess clock monitors the time controls. 22-year old grandmaster Magnus Carlsen is rated 2870 also sports a superstar-like status among many in the chess subculture as he fuels himself through his personal chef's prepared meals and Carlsen energy drink concoctions.

Chess Match Strategy At Its Finest

Neither of these chess grandmasters needs nootropics or smart drugs to do what they do with the pieces and 64 squares, and the soundproof enclosure and high-tech security prevents any forms of cheating. Yes, it is just mind vs. mind, tactic vs tactic, and outstanding positional play in this Fide event. Round 1 and Round 2 of the World Chess Championship 2013 were both quick draws which occurred due to the 3 move repetition rule that the chess organization Fide has in place for its tourneys. It was an initial probing of each other's preparation and nerves as neither wanted a full-out battle in the early rounds. However, after a rest day and likely much personal and computer analysis of those pgns, the celebrities returned to push harder in Round 3 and Round 4. These were both hard fought draws that tested the endurance and abilities of the challengers. Viswanathan Anand held the black pieces in Round 3 and perhaps missed an opportunity to push for a win. Whether he was just being tentative or if he was only marginally ahead of Norwegian Magnus Carlsen is something that both sides and attentive chess players will have to decide on their own. In Round 4, it was Carlsen's turn to push Anand to the limits as he tried to convert a single pawn advantage into the first win of the World Championship 2013. His previous coach Gary Kasparov was in attendance at the Chennai Hyatt and he has stated that he believed there was winning chances until later in the game. Also, Vishy Anand got into some time trouble as he approached the second time control with around only one minute remaining before the tertiary time control with increment was reached at move 60. Despite this, 64 squares and 64 moves left each player with 2 pts leading into the remaining 8 games.

Whatever the outcome of the WCC 2013 match, this is certain to be great for the game of chess in general. Membership in chess organizations such as the USCF and FIDE are likely to increase as new interest is kindled by the young Magnus Carlsen. Some believe that it is time for a new generation to take the throne as chess champion. That would certainly make a good gift if Carlsen was to win right before his birthday. However, Anand is not without his multitude of supporters, and from his play it is evident that he does not want to checkmate the title away any time soon.

Checkmate At WCC13

How many games will the winner of the World Chess Championship 2013 win by?

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Anand Has Chess Commercial During The WCC 2013


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