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Cartier Fountain Pens, Rollerball, Ballpoint Pens, Pencils Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Cartier Pens

Cartier tend to work with classic pen designs, only allowing some of its watch and jewelry collections – Pasha, Trinity, Must – to influence the visual appearance of the instrument. Many of the fountain pens the brand offers were manufactured in limited editions – all of them directly reassert the company's emphasis on luxury – wrapped in unique Gallic cultural envelope – echoing contemporary Waterman writing instruments, also made in France.

Fountain pens feature rhodium-plated gold nibs (classic triangular shape), and trims that incorporate palladium, platinum, gold, resin, composite, lacquer and even onyx on various parts of the feeder, barrel and cap. Colors are usually neutral – black is particularly common, red, blue and white appear in ballpoint variations.

Cartier Diabolo Fountain Pen
Cartier Diabolo Fountain Pen


  • Louis de Cartier, though platinum trimmed, is quite casual in appearance, exhibiting a Roman numeral motif on the barrel, industry standard cigar shaped body, and cap&clip configuration. Ball point pen models feature crocodile leather (!) on the barrel and a yellow gold plated cap to offset the greenish reptilian tones.

  • Diabolo pens present a pitch black body topped by an elaborate cap (the clip attaches to a separate ring, producing an interesting unstable layout. Ballpoint models include pink and white lacquer variations; the cap in all types can carry the iconic “double C” logo (calling up the decorative Louis de Cartier). The hot yellow gold plated series carry an oriental inspired ornament – somewhat reminiscent of Persian carpets.

  • Pasha presents a modern formal design, two-tone (black and platinum): a very business-like appearance that brings to mind Waterman Expert – the cap in Pasha fountain pens is also flattened (though without an angle).

  • Roadster displays a thinner, elongated design (an effect especially enhanced when posted) decorated with a richly ornamented cap crowned by a large blue (resin-made) cabochon. Almost completely black besides the palladium /gold trims and the rhodium-plated 18k gold nib.

  • Trinity evokes the collection's theme by outfitting the cap with three distinct rings: the clip extends from the third one (essentially from the cap's body, like in Diabolo), the flat end gives a sudden modern twist to the design.

  • Must doesn't offer fountain pens, but its ballpoint instruments effectively summarize Cartier's focus on elegance and taste.


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