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Cash Flow For Capsuleers (7 of 10) - Eve Online Mission Guide

Updated on August 19, 2012

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Military Career arc mission, Cash Flow For Capsuleers (7 of 10) in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with rewards and any other relevant details.


"Destroy the pirates at the convoy ambush site. If you get low on hip-points, simply warp out and regenerate then warp back in."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Group 1: Pithi Arrogator x 2
    Engaging this group spawns Group 2.
  • Group 2: Pithi Infiltrator x 4, Pithi Imputor x 1 (trigger)
    Killing the Imputor spawns Group 3.
  • Group 3: Pithi Arrogator x 2, Pithi Imputor x 1

Total Bounty: 37,500 Isk

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Arriving at the mission location.Firing on the first group of enemies, spawning the second.Getting hit by enemy fire.Returning the favor.
Arriving at the mission location.
Arriving at the mission location.
Firing on the first group of enemies, spawning the second.
Firing on the first group of enemies, spawning the second.
Getting hit by enemy fire.
Getting hit by enemy fire.
Returning the favor.
Returning the favor.


Cash Flow for Capsuleers 7 takes the mission chain back to the basic combat mission type, where you'll be warping into a pocket of space without gates, fighting a series of waves of enemy ships. In this part of the arc, you will see a step up int he quality of enemies, with ships that can hit you for more damage and get within range quicker than before. Fitting the armor repairer you are granted in this mission to your ship helps serve as a bit of an emergency boost if for some reason your shields are broken as well as saving you money from repairing armor damage you may take, at the station's repair shop.

When you arrive at the mission location you will be presented with the Giant Snake Shaped Asteroid, a large lattice like rock structure that occupies most of the area, with some ruined starbase bits within and around it. Your first wave of enemies, Group 1, will be found orbiting an asteroid to your left as you warp in, about 25km out. Start shooting at them to get this mission underway.

The one somewhat hidden lesson in this mission is the managing of enemy spawns by selecting your targets. As you can see above in the list of waves and what triggers each, generally only 1 copy of the trigger ship type for the next wave will spawn, although occasionally there can be multiple. By carefully choosing the order in which you take out your targets, you can effectively manage how many ships you are in combat with at once, thus increasing your odds of surviving more difficult encounters. When working with gangs or fleets on high end missions, it also helps for other players to prepare themselves, since there may be a role system set up, ie; logistics, tank, dps, etc.


  • + 0.2706 % corporation standing
  • 1 x Small Armor Repairer I (granted)
  • 137,000 Isk
  • 144,000 Isk bonus (2 hours, 28 mins)


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