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Cash Flow For Capsuleers (9 of 10) - Eve Online Mission Guide

Updated on October 7, 2012

This guide and video walkthrough will cover the Military Career arc mission, Cash Flow For Capsuleers (9 of 10) in the video game MMO, Eve Online. Within you will find information on completing the mission objectives along with rewards and any other relevant details.


"Destroy the narcotics warehouse and report back to your agent."

Enemies (Caldari)

  • Room 1: (warp in)
    • Group 1: Guristas Rookie x 3 (9k)
      Spawns group 2 when destroyed.
    • Group 2: Guristas Rookie x 2, Pithi Imputor x 1 (9.75k)
  • Room 2
    • Group 1: Guristas Rookie x 3 (9k)
      Spawns group 2 when destroyed.
    • Group 2: Guristas Rookie x 2, Pithi Imputor x 1 (9.75k)
      Spawns group 3 when destroyed.
    • Group 3: Guristas Rookie x 2, Pithi Invader x 1 (10.875k)

Total Bounty: 39,375 Isk

Blitz: When you enter the second room, you can ignore the enemies, take out the narcotics warehouse and leave.

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Engaging the enemies in the first room.Attacking the Narcotics Warehouse.Space drugs.
Engaging the enemies in the first room.
Engaging the enemies in the first room.
Attacking the Narcotics Warehouse.
Attacking the Narcotics Warehouse.
Space drugs.
Space drugs.


There really isn't anything new added with the second to last mission in the military arc, mimicking very closely your generic combat missions received from generic faction agents. The risk gets toned down here compared to the previous couple missions, featuring weaker waves, although more numerous all together, and no potential hazards. Having the Overdrive equipped from the last mission will help make this mission go by faster by just taking less time to fly around.

The first room you warp into will feature a pair of pirate waves that spawn around a dust cloud some asteroids and the acceleration gate into the next room. Kill the first, then the second when it spawns to unlock the gate and head into the second, final room.

Once in the second room you have two basic options as to how you approach it. You can either Blitz the mission like mentioned above, destroying the warehouse ASAP and bugging out, since the Rookies that start spawned here do pitiful damage to you, also forgoing some extra bounty and the chance to loot in order to speed things up. Your second option is to stick around and take out this rooms 3 waves for some extra profit.

There will likely be some drugs or illegal goods dropped from the warehouse. Like mentioned previously, you can loot these items safely by warping to 0 on a station in-system and leaving the items there after departing from your mission encounter. Just don't try to take the items in your cargo hold when jumping through a stargate.

Finally the Webifier you receive at the end of this mission is another useful utility module, that when activated, can slow down enemy ships as you experienced yourself in mission six, allowing your weapons to hit the enemy harder and with greater accuracy,


  • + 0.2022 % corporation standing
  • 1 x Stasis Webifier I
  • 111,000 Isk bonus (1 hour, 50 mins)


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    • David Conklin profile image

      David Conklin 9 months ago

      Killing off the enemy; where's the WAREHOUSE?!?

      Does it get you all excited to waste our time?

    • Velzygirl profile image

      Velzygirl 2 years ago

      Great tutorials. Awesome help!!!! I learned a ton.