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Castle Panic Review

Updated on July 12, 2015

Castle Panic Board


Castle Panic Review

Castle Panic Review

Castle Panic an aptly named board game designed to do just that! Cause panic. You, and your team mates must work together, plan moves carefully, and trade wisely to hope to etch out a victory against an ever increasing horde of orcs, trolls, and goblins as they seek to destroy your walls, and castle. Castle Panic's random placement of monsters will have you rely a lot on luck, and also hoping for the right cards to solve particular crises has they occur. Survival will not always be assured, but the fun, and experience of Castle Panic will stay with you for a long time.

Castle Panic

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Castle Panic

Castle Panic Page Summary

  • What is Castle Panic?
  • How to play Castle Panic?
  • Game Components of Castle Panic
  • Game Expansions
  • Final Thoughts

What is Castle Panic?

Castle Panic is a brilliant co-operative game in which you must defend your walls and tower of your castle from the coming horde of goblins, orcs, and trolls. Each player will join together, plot out there strategy, swap cards, and hope to survive the onslaught of the ever growing horde. Castle Panic is a relatively easy game to learn, although that doesn't mean that the game play itself will be easily mastered. Castle Panic game mechanic which relies a lot on luck of the draw combined with the randomness of monster placement, all of which is made to present to you an exciting challenge for you to conquer.

Game includes:

  • 1 Gameboard
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 49 Castle Cards
  • 49 Monster Tokens
  • 6 Walls
  • 6 Towers
  • 1 Tar Token
  • 2 Fortify Tokens
  • 6 Order of Play Cards
  • 12 Plastic Stands
  • 1 Die

Castle Panic Board Game

How to play Castle Panic?


Each player at the start of their turn draws back to the maximum cards allowed. You hand size varies of course in accordance to the number of player present. Less players will grant you a larger sized hand likewise more players will grant you a smaller hand. Basically your hand size will be between four and six cards.

Castle Panic Play Throught

Discard (Optional):

You may choose at the start of your turn to discard one of your cards and replace it with a hopefully more desirable one. I urge you not to perform this action to hastily or to frequently if the need doesn't warrant it. It would be better to keep the card you have and perhaps trade it later on to another player. Which brings me to the next step.

Castle Panic Players


Trade (Optional):

This action can also be done during the beginning of your turn. As mention above I would take caution in performing this action to frequently, or needlessly, at times during the game things can change drastically. The trading should be mainly used to benefit you or another player, and only for the prevention a some dire event for occurring like loosing a tower, or walls in the next foreseeable turn.

Play cards:

Each player has to ability to play as many card from his hand that they are legally able to. I really like this rules as it will sometimes, but not often provide you, and your team if lucky with a much needed little break from the pressure of the oncoming onslaught of the hordes.

Move monsters:

In this step all monsters that survived your attacks on the board move one space closer to your castle, and your in pending slaughter( unless specified by special game rules). Once any kind of monster makes it through the confines of your walls they may now begin to move clockwise. Watching the enemies hordes advancing can almost be as nerve racking, and stressful as the next step in this game.

Draw Two More Monsters:

What's more terrifying than watching an enemy hordes draw closer to your castle? How about having to add a few more troops to occupy the board. In this last step of your turn you get to draw two more monsters and place them on the board, put not just anywhere that you would like to place them, no the decision of placement is made solely by the roll of a six-sided die. Having done all your moves and steps for the turn it is now up to the person next to you to have a go, and hopefully expand on the actions you have just performed.

Castle Panic Orc Token


Game Components of Castle Panic:

The Monster Tokens:

The Monster tokens most of these will be your standard run of the mill orcs, goblin, and trolls, which can be perilous in there own right, but on occasion you might encounter a surprise like one of the bosses or leaders showing up. You of course have no controlled over this event, it is completed random. The only thing that you can be sure of in this game is that you only have to survive a set number of enemy monsters, 49 to be precise.

Castle Cards:

Attacking, slaying, slowing, and reinforcing are but a few of the action you can perform during the round. Other than a few special cards in the deck you will often find yourself attacking opportune targets as they present themselves, slaying some en mass, and slowing or pushing back their advances. When your not doing that you will be busy either rebuilding your defences, or planning your next move with your team mates.


Walls the only line of defence against your towers, and the opposing hordes of monsters. Walls can be rebuilt, and reinforced. They also can be easily destroyed, when one of the many monsters gets to the wall he takes it down. This is where to trouble starts for you, for as long as the monster is in the inner ring he move clockwise and keeps destroying walls or towers as he goes.


Six towers is all you have, the walls can provide you only limited defence, once all six towers come down it's game over. If your unfortunate enough to have lost all your towers then victory I'm afraid has except your grasp once more.

Wizard's Tower Review

Game Expansions:

Castle Panic Wizards Tower:

Castle Panic Wizard Tower comes with the addition of spells which can only be drawn as long as the wizard tower is still standing. The new added spells give you more options for attacking, defending, and repair your walls. Some spells even allow you the ability to set things on fire, but be careful when using these you could also run the risk of setting your own troops or walls on fire as well.

Six new mega bosses are now available to you. The Wizards Tower will you have face three of these new mega monsters randomly per game. All new mega bosses have abilities, increased health, and some with new movement, and attack rules such as fire breathing.

Game Contents

  • Rule book
  • 10 Castle cards
  • 22 Wizard cards
  • 43 Monster tokens
  • 6 Mega Boss tokens
  • 12 Flame tokens
  • 1 Wizard Tower
  • 1 plastic stand
  • 10 Vampire Attack Counters
  • 1 Monster Draw Bag
  • 6 reference cards

Castle Panic The Wizard's Tower

Dark Titan

Castle Panic Dark Titan:

If you have experience the game play of the two previous Castle Panics and found them challenging then Castle Panic Dark Titan's level of challenge will probably drive you insane. Face the biggest monster to date, Agranok an eight point monster who is summoned during the course of the game, he is not alone he has also brought along some friends to help him, a Dark Sorceress, a Boom Troll and a few Elite Troops. Things aren't' t all that bad for you as well, you will also get some help by means of a few support tokens, and a cavalier token who has the ability to enter, and fight monsters the inner castle ring.

Game Includes

  • Rulebook
  • 1 Agranok Token
  • 5 Agranok cards
  • 5 Castle Cards
  • 17 Monster Tokens
  • 3 Support Tokens
  • 1 Cavalier Token
  • 1 plastic stand

Final Thoughts:

Castle Panic will have you both on the edge of your seat on some occasions, and have you waiting for the action on others, it all depends on the randomness on the draw, and the placement of the monsters. Despite that it doesn't take away from the fun of the game as you will soon find yourself wondering if you will be able to survive the onslaught one more turn.

The expansion of Wizard Tower changes the game play somewhat for Castle Panic, in that you are now desperately trying to keep the Wizard Tower alive in order to have the benefit of its more powerful spells. Loosing the Wizard Tower must be avoided, and will severely effect your chances for victory.

The Dark Titan expansion can be played with the Castle Panic vanilla game or with both Castle Panic, and the Wizard Tower expansion. For a greater chance of success I would recommend playing Dark Titan with both. The Dark Titan Expansion is already an insanely challenging game on its own, the Wizard Tower's spells can only help you even get a chance of carving out a victory once and a while.

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