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Cataclysm Resto Druid Pvp Spec 4.0.6

Updated on February 13, 2011

Resto Druid PVP spec

I am finally at peace with this current spec. Resto Druids Might not be as good as Holy pallies at the moment but Me and my two other friend 3v5+ all the time. After winning every EOTS on the weekend, I have the full honor set plus the arena weapon and I am unstoppable. A lot of other classes have run speed boosts so I barley run flags any more which is OK with me because I got sick of it. This Spec I am currently using is fine for heroics but I don't recommend it for raid, not as mana efficient and healing efficient. After playing for about 2 weeks This spec is the best pvp spec for resto druids. Below I will explain what talents I got and why. I don't do 2v2 seriously anyway so there is a small difference if you want to be really offensive and do damage but this spec is the best for 3v3.

Resto druid PVP glyphs

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Best glyph ever use  as much as possible before they nerf it, if they do!
Best glyph ever use  as much as possible before they nerf it, if they do!
Best glyph ever use as much as possible before they nerf it, if they do!

Best Resto Druid PVP spec

For The Allaince!

Druid pvp spec

A: This isn't as good as the holy pally offensive talents plus those points are used in stuff far more important. I see a lot of people bitching on forums and in chat about comparing pallys to the other healers, Would be nice for such a talent so i can kill things like on my holy pally.

B: I had this maxed out for awhile until recently. It is good as far as a mana effeciant talent but criples your "oh shit" healing abilities.  For example you have 3 blooms on target but is taking way more damage so you Healing touch if you have this talent it refreshes the bloom duration instead of it finishing then criting for 30k+. Defenatly like it better without this talent and you get more points to play with.

C: This sucks for pvp, no one stands in the same spot and it doesn't heal for very much points are defiantly of better use elsewhere.

D: This is a poor excuse for a survivability talent.  If I am gettting attacked and below 50% rejuv is already on me duh.

Balace tree breakdown

Balance Tree Breakdown

I have the full pvp set so I have pvp hit cap with just 50% of spirit as hit so i just moved that talent Point left for some bonus healing or you can do the mana reduction.

Feral Tree Breakdown

There are many forum arguments on Furor vs moonglow. Some nerds even go into mathamatical equations for proof. So that's cool and all but for PVP Furor is the best.

In addition to the mana, you get 10 rage in bear and 100 energy in cat. This mean you can use the interrupt in cat right away or bash right away. so good for helping down other pesky healers.

New Tree form

Do you like the new tree form overall?

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New Tree form is awesome!


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am very upset that us resto druids no longer have out super cool tree form that we can stay in prementally, when we were in that form it showed people that we are awesome and mean business, also the dance, noone can compete with that dance, its too l33t I really hope they bring it back!! :)

    • profile image

      Angry tree 

      10 years ago

      I miss the tree as a from... Makes me sad that i now have a cooldown... i like the look however im really hoping that they bring beck the form, each other spec has one, i want one for resto!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Kitty form Skull Bash only costs 25 energy, you can do with only 1 point in furor since both interrupts share a CD. and you can put the other 2 points in a different spot.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Personally, I liked tree not being a cooldown, meant no polymorphs and let us show off we were healers with our cool tree dance, although I think the new tree is quite a lot more impressive...

      a 4th option for the poll, a reversal of the 3rd, would be good. Something like

      "I like the new look, but wish it wasn't a cool-down."


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