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Cell Phone Games For Fitnesss

Updated on July 19, 2016

People Walk With Their Cell Phones Anyway.

Let's face it, when you are walking around the town or city, you are going to carry your cell phone with you. It does not matter where you go in today's world, the cell phone is your closest friend.

Often a family of four are out to eat and everyone is on their cell phone. When was the last time you saw that? I bet it was with in 7 days. Every person alive carries a cell phone. With the use of smart phones, why not use those phones to help us with things like health and game play?

GO - Catch Them All! Get Fit As You Do!

Since Pokemon GO has been released, you see players everywhere. You see other things too, things you might have never notcied before. Pizza shops have made special deals for players of the game based on thier levels and so much more. The game has made national news too. Sure, you are going to have that ocassional player who stops driving his or her car and creates an accident, but, let's not blame the game for that.

If you lived in New Zealand when the game was released you would have had a 16 hour head start on players in the United States. That could also be 16 hours more fitness too. Keep in mind you have to do an amount of walking to catch these little Pokemon. Walking is great exercise and this game can become an important part of your daily motivation to walk. So, go ahead, pick up your cellular phone and walk to the corner and catch your prize.

GO Walking Is Good For...

Hippocrates might not have known anythig about Pokemon GO or the connection with a cell phone. However, Hippocrates did know that "Walking is man's best medicine." What a smart dude he must have been. As we look for proof, we see that there is a small truckload of research that suggests that walking is great for us. Walking keeos up in good spirits just like playing Pokemon GO. As long as we are careful, we can play Pokemon GO on our cell phones and use it to motivate us to do more walking. How many of these little critters will yo ucatch on a thirty minute walk?

Walking is good for :

weight loss

the heart

neck and back pain

knees and joints

and so much more.

Pokémon GO and Keep Going.

It is fine to stop to catch your Pokémon. However, you will have just as much fun playing, stopping to catch a Pokémon and then, keep walking. The more you walk and the more Pokémon you catch the better it is for your health. You will feel great knowing that you have motivation to walk.

Walk With Care

You Can't Walk On Water But, You Can Play And Walk Anywhere.

It does not matter where you are walking. Like everything else, you have to use care, but, you can walk and play anywhere. People are playing this game all over and getting the benefits from walking in those same areas.

Do You Play Pokémon Go?

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