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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 10

Updated on February 9, 2011
Tron and Gustaff show an array of colors just as X-23 shows off her sense of style.
Tron and Gustaff show an array of colors just as X-23 shows off her sense of style.

Hello again and welcome back to Character Analysis. We take a look at two female combatants; Tron Bonne and X-23.

Tron Bonne - The middle and only sister of a family of traveling pirates. As the mechanical genius of her family, Tron is responsible for the creation of most the technology and robots their family uses. Her brother, Teisel Bonne, is the leader of their group and Bon Bonne is her baby brother. Very temperamental, she yells at her small army of loyal servbots who help the family in almost every way. The mech shes rides is named Gustaff and she also has a crush on Megaman.

- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 3/10
- Speed: 4/10
- Range: 5/10

Tron is a melee character capable of nice keepaway maneuvers combined with several gap-closing moves and a nice melee reach.

+ Bonne Strike - Gustaff dashes forward, drilling anything in the way.
+ Bandit Boulder - Gustaff picks up a boulder and throws it forward.
+ Kobun Launch - Gustaff launches a servbot that parachutes slowly to the ground. Slow Anti-Air, but the Servbot remains collidable until it touches the ground.
+ Beacon Bomb - Tron stands up and fires her gun. If it hits, two servbots jump on the enemy, stunning them for a brief second. Comes in Ground and Anti-Air Versions.

+ King Kobun - Lv1 - Tron will hold a headset to her ear as Gustaff projects a satelitte dish, the tiny servbot accompanying Tron will grow to around fifteen feet tall and bop the enemy with a toy hammer for 2-3 seconds.
+ Lunchtime! - Lv1 - Tron will shoot a small gray bead from her gun that slowly makes its way across the field. If it hits, the enemy is sent into the air and falls to the ground as all her servbots trample over him/her, all holding lunch trays above their heads.
+ Gustaff Overdrive - Lv3 - Gustaff will grab the enemy, swing them overhead, smacking them face-first into the ground, Gustaff spins itself over and over before launching into the air. Gustaff drops down, leaving Tron hanging comically in the air before she falls face first into her mech's driving seat.

X-23 - A top-secret organization tries to replicate the original Weapon X Project, who recruited renowned mutant geneticist, Dr. Sarah Kinney. Using a sample of Wolverine's DNA, they discovered the sample had its Y Chromosome damaged. After 22 failed attempts, the twenty-third sample was successful and Kinney carried X-23 to term. Raising her to become a weapon, the organization used radiation poisoning to activate her mutant genes. Taking out her claws, coating them in adamantium, and reinserting them back in. However seeing her being trained into a hired assassin, Kinney saw X-23 as her daughter and refused this anymore. Helping her daughter to end the organization, Kinney was killed and told X-23 that her real name is Laura and that the rest of her life was up to her.

- Power: 5/10
- Defense: 4/10
- Speed: 8/10
- Range: 2/10

Like Felica and Chun-Li, X-23 is a fast hit-and-run melee character. She is faster than Chun-Li and can unleash a wide array of long damaging combos, but has no ranged abilities.

+ Neck Slice - X-23 strikes at her opponent's neck
+ Ankle Slice - X-23 gets low to the ground, strikes forward some distance, and hits the enemy's feet.
+ Crescent Scythe - X-23 does a backflip uppercut with her feet.
+ Talon Attack - She charges forward like a spear in the air, Has a To-Ground and Air Version.

+ Rage Trigger - Lv1 - X-23 winds up, and spins around twice, cutting the enemy with her feet before ending with a Hyper Crescent Scythe.
+ Weapon X Prime - Lv1 - X-23 does a brilliant kata with all her claws before slashing them through with her feet, then coming behind him/her with her hands, forming a Red X.
+ My Training - Lv3 - X-23 jumps back saying, "Dirt Nap!" Before becoming invisible and unhittable. After a few seconds, She appears spinning overhead of her opponent. Striking them with one set of her hand claws, then kicking off of them with her feet.

Sorry for the long update, but I was writing on my story, read it here. I will updating everyday with two Character Analysis until we're done. We not include DLC characters until more information is revealed.

Next time, one new villain and a returning hero. That's right: Wesker and Spiderman!


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