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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 11

Updated on February 10, 2011
Wesker and Spiderman bring all kinds of outfits to this fighting party.
Wesker and Spiderman bring all kinds of outfits to this fighting party.

Welcome back to Character Analysis.This issue will be covering Resident Evil's mastermind Albert Wesker and everyone's friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Wesker - The commander of the STARS Alpha Team, he was actually a double agent for the Umbrella Corporation. He lured the members of STARS to the Spencer Mansion to fight the mutated creatures to collect battle data. Supposedly killed after releasing Tyrant, he survived by injecting himself with an experimental virus that gave him superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration in exchange for his humanity. Afterward, he directed events from behind-the-scenes, leading to Umbrella's downfall. His betrayal of Umbrella was spurred by him conspiring with Tricell Pharmaceutical Company to work on a new virus to end all humanity.

- Power: 6/10
- Defense: 4/10
- Speed: 6/10
- Range: 2/10

A melee character with decent reach and one ranged attack, Wesker can maneuver around the screen easily, but does not possess an aerial dash.

+ Cobra Strike - Quickly pulls back to deliver a flat palm strike.
+ Ghost Butterfly - Quickly pulls back to deliver a two-handed palm strike.
+ Tiger Uppercut - He thrusts a hand open into a uppercut, posing the fingers as a claw.
+ Phantom Move - Wesker blinks with a black aura for a short distance.

+ Phantom Dance - Lv1 - Wesker removes his shades and bounces around the screen.
+ Rhino Charge - Lv1 - Wesker counters a melee move, striking into the abdomen of his target before pulling out his hand.
+ Wrath of Wesker - Lv3 - Wesker attacks the opponent with several moves, blinking around him/her before sending them both into the air where a Tomahawk missile magically appears in Wesker's hand and throws it at the enemy before lowering to the ground.

Spiderman - When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he gained the super powers that he would use to become Spiderman. Participating in a wrestling match to get some quick money for a car to impress Mary Jane, he let a criminal escape after getting short-changed. This inadvertently led to his uncle's death and became the impetus behind why he became a hero.

- Power: 4/10
- Defense: 6/10
- Speed: 5/10
- Range: 4/10

A fast melee character that can quickly close the gap between him and his enemies. One of the only characters that can hold their enemy in place for a second.

+ Web Ball - Spiderman shoots a ball of web that holds the enemy in place if it hits.
+ Spider Sting - Spiderman rises up his whole body to deliver a wicked uppercut.
+ Web Throw - A long range throw where Spiderman whirls the opponent around twice before letting them go.
+ Web Swing - Delivers a double kick while swinging from his web strand

+ Crawler Assault - Lv1 - He performs a rapid fire combo before launching the opponent across the screen.
+ Ultimate Web Throw - Lv1 - Spiderman jumps into the air and wraps the enemy in his web, spinning around several times before slamming him/her to the ground.
+ Maximum Spider - Lv1 - Spiderman web swings to one side of the screen before striking the opponent into the air. Moving at rapid speed, Spiderman webs up the enemy at every angle before kicking down hard on his/her back, sending both to the ground.

Next time: Spencer and Magneto


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