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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 13

Updated on February 10, 2011
While Arthur remains his classic feel, MODOK draws his clothing inspiration from more exotic sources.
While Arthur remains his classic feel, MODOK draws his clothing inspiration from more exotic sources.

Hey, you're on Character Analysis! Today, we look at a Knight and a Madman, both exclusive to Marvel versus Capcom 3.

Arthur - He is a brave knight from a good kingdom and is the love of the princess. But during a dark and stormy night, demons invaded the castle and took his princess away. Risking both life and limb, Arthur ventures into the Demon Lands time-and-again to save his beloved. Equipped with his unreliable armor and an array of weapons, he can stand against long as he doesn't get hit twice.

- Power: 4/10
- Defense: 4/10
- Speed: 5/10
- Range: 8/10

Arthur's weapon can be hard to learn, but are appropriate for the situation. However, he is one of the best keepaway ranged characters in the game.

+ Lance Toss - He throws a lance forward
+ Balefire - Arthur throws a torch of blue flame that burns across the ground when it hits.
+ Axe Toss - He throws an axe forward, it spins around as it flies.
+ Heavenly Slash - Arthur brings his sword to bear in a nice uppercut attack.

+ Summon Armor - Lv1 - Arthur dons his golden armor, which grants all his weapons an extra ability(i.e. the crossbow shoots 3 bolts instead of 2 and the bolts become homing bolts). After about 12-13 counts, the armor pops off, leaving Arthur in his boxers with reduced defense. To summon his normal permanent armor, use this Hyper again.
+ Goddess Bracelet - Lv1 - A bracelet of celestial light wraps around Arthur's wrist and unleashes a constant barrage of fireballs. Arthur can still move during this Hyper.
+ Fire Dragon - Lv3 - Arthur's hands are wrapped in blue and red energy respectively. Littering the screen with explosions, a great Fire Dragon loops across the screen.

MODOK - George Tarleton, a technician for the Advanced Idea Mechanics, created an artifact known as the Cosmic Cube, his fellow scientists use mutagenics to alter Tarleton into MODOC(Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing) to study and improve the Cosmic Cube. However he decides to kill his former masters and becomes the ruler of AIM and is forever known as MODOK, Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

- Power: 4/10
- Defense: 3/10
- Speed; 2/10
- Range: 7/10

The concept of a Turtling Character doesn't come by much in fighting games. MODOK uses his various abilities to keepaway.

+ Burning Attack - MODOK will ram the enemy with his massive cranium. Direction controlled by player input.
+ Psionic Blast - a beam of mental energy shoots from MODOK's crown.
+ Balloon Bomb - MODOK fires a floating bomb toward the enemy.
+ Deflector Field - MODOK creates a small floating shield in front of him.
+ Analyze Cube - Leaving a cube in the air. If hit by the enemy, MODOK gains Level of Understanding and enhances his other abilities.

Level of Understanding:
- Balloon Bomb - Bomb now follows enemy.
- Deflector Field - It now covers a higher area, instead of protecting just MODOK

+ Limit Burst - Lv1 - A Hyper Version of Burning Attack.
+ Hyper Psionic Blaster - Lv1 - A Hyper Version of Psionic Blast, lasts a few seconds.
+ Killer illumination - Lv1 - MODOK grips the enemy with two electric pincers and shocks the enemy constantly.

For the next issue, we're going to be looking at Zero and She-Hulk!


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