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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 16

Updated on February 22, 2011

Hey and welcome back to Character Analysis. Today, a mayor will face off with a cosmic force. This issue covers Haggar and Phoenix.

Haggar - The Mayor of Metro City, he was enjoying his political career when he receives a ransom note telling him to pay their demands or his daughter, Jessica, dies. Replacing his business suit with a pair of veteran green military pants, the mayor of Metro City teams up with two allies, a ninja named Guy and a street fighter named Cody. Together, they have banded together to save Metro City time and again.

- Power: 8/10
- Defense: 6/10
- Speed: 3/10
- Range: 1/10

Like the Hulk, a heavy hitting melee character who specializes in throws, which makes up for his lack of gap closing abilities like the Hulk.

+ Violent Axe - Shoulder rushes in, does an upper double-hand strike, followed by a lower double-hand strike
+ Hoodlum Launcher - Haggar steps forward, quickly grabbing and throwing the opponent into the air.
+ Flying Piledriver - He grabs the enemy, leaps in the air, and piledrives him/her to the ground.
+ Double Lariat - Haggar spins around with both fists straight out to the side.

+ Rapid Fire Fist - Lv1 - Haggar pounds the enemy with his fists at rapid speed, before doing an upper followed by a lower double-handed strike.
+ Body Press - Lv1 - Haggar jumps in the air and slams the ground with his body. Damage is in portion with how close the enemy is to him.
+ My Wrestling Days - Lv3 - Haggar does a backflip throw, then grabs the enemy's legs, spinning him around several times before throwing him/her into the air, finishing with a devastating piledriver.

Phoenix - Jean Grey is a powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutant. As one of the X-Men, she has faced danger and death many times. When she died on a mission, her body was infused with the omnipotent Phoenix Force and became known as Phoenix. Despite her new powers and all powers being augmented, there is a darkness that swirls inside, a darkness that can destroy the universe if unleashed.

- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 1/10
- Speed: 7/10
- Range: 8/10

a ranged character that has literally no defense. However her various keepaway and ranged abilities can do a lot of damage really quickly. but an opening in her defense could prove fatal.

+ TK Shot - Phoenix fires a Phoenix Bolt forward. Comes in Ground and Air Versions.
+ TK Trap - She lays down a Phoenix symbol on the ground, which shots a TK Shot up to the enemy
+ TK Overdrive - Streaks forward a very short distance with flame.
+ Teleport - She teleports behind the enemy.

+ Phoenix Inferno - Lv1 - Phoenix shoots a large fiery phoenix across the entire screen.
+ Healing Field - Lv1 - Phoenix wraps herself in healing flames, healing herself for a short time.
+ Dark Phoenix Rise - Lv5  - When Phoenix is killed and the power meter is at maximum, she becomes Dark Phoenix. Her Life Bar goes back to full, increased speed and damage, but her life drains slowly over time.

Next issue, we look at two villains, one fights for power and the other for money. we take a look at Akuma and Taskmaster.


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