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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 2

Updated on February 1, 2011
Iron Man boasts his Extremis armor while Morrigan stays with the classics
Iron Man boasts his Extremis armor while Morrigan stays with the classics

On this edition of Character Analysis, we look at Iron Man and Morrigan, two veterans in the Marvel versus Capcom universe.

Morrigan - A powerful succubus born in the Dark Realm, she was adopted by the Aensland clan, Her father seeing her as too powerful, he divided her power into three parts: One stayed with her, one he sealed into himself to return upon his death, and the third in a pocket dimension that would become Lilith. However when her father was killed and she met Lilith, her powers were fully restored.

- Power: 6/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 7/10
- Range: 2/10

A fast, evasive melee character that has limited range capability.

+ Soul Fist - Morrigan fires a ball of chromatic energy.
+ Shadow Blade - Like Ryu's Shoryuken, it is a quick acting Anti-air move.

+ Silhouette Blade - Lv1 - Morrigan sends a large purple energy wave out of the ground like a large Shadow Blade.
+ Missile Barrage - Lv1 - Morrigan converts her wings into missiles that shot forward, hitting everything in its path.
+ Shadow Clone - Lv1 - Morrigan creates a duplicate that stands in equal distance from the opponent as she is. Every move she does is replicated by the duplicate, doubling the damage.
+ Darkness Illusion - Lv3 - Morrigan floats in a straight line toward the enemy. If she hits, she and a duplicate unleash a fury of blows on the enemy doing about 30 hits before smacking them back to the earth.

Iron Man - Anthony Edward Stark was born to wealthy industrialist, Howard Stark. Raised into genius, Tony entered MIT at age of fifteen for electrical engineering, After his parents' death, he inherits Stark International and the company prospers. On tour aboard to observe how his technologies are helping American soldiers, he was captured and suffered a heart injury. After receiving a magnetic chestpiece from a fellow prisoner and genius, Ho Yinsen. They both created the prototype Iron Man armor. Yinsen died buying Stark time to recharge. After avenging Yinsen's death, Stark returned to America and perfected the Iron Man armor.

Though a returning character, Iron Man is given a whole new set of moves and combos while his specials and hypers remain practically untouched.

Power: 6/10
Defense: 6/10
Speed: 3/10
Range: 7/10

A slightly slow range character. Iron Man is definitely a top choice if you want an all-ranged team. If you spam his moves, prepare to be called a Beam Cheaper.

+ Uni-beam - Iron Man fires a straight beam out of his chest.
+ Repulsor Blast - Putting his two hands together, he forms a ball of energy that spreads into an X pattern hitting enemies behind, in front, and above.
+ Smart Bombs - Iron Man drops a few bombs from his shoulders a short range in front.

+ Photon Cannon - Lv1 - Iron Man summons a large cannon that rests on his shoulder and fires a beam toward the enemy. New to MvC, an Anti-air version where it is tilted 45 degrees.
+ Limiter Unlock - Lv3 - Iron Man strafes the ground, tossing the enemy into the air. Focusing all the power from his suit, releases a full power Uni-Beam on the opponent.

That's all for this issue of Character Analysis. Next time: Chris Redfield and the Incredible Hulk.


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