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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 3

Updated on February 1, 2011
Chris Redfield accessorizes for the modern age whereas Hulk stands by his looks of days long past
Chris Redfield accessorizes for the modern age whereas Hulk stands by his looks of days long past

For this edition of Character Analysis, we look at Chris Redfield and the Incredible Hulk.

Chris Redfield - One of the members of the STARS Alpha Team. While investigating strange occurrences in a dark forest, his team is beset upon by zombie dogs that force them to retreat into an eerie mansion. The events that happened in that place led Chris Redfield to become one of the world's best defenders against bio-terrorism and the nemesis of the diabolical mastermind, Albert Wesker.

- Power: 4/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 6/10
- Range: 8/10

Though he has a couple melee moves, Chris is more known for the arsenal of guns he brings to the game. Speaking of which, all his specials listed below shows you how many guns he has.

+ "Open Fire!" - Chris pulls out a machine gun and fires a few rounds.
+ "Eat Lead!" - Chris draws a magnum, which knocks back the enemy.
+ Shotgun - Just as the title suggests
+ "Eat it!" - Chris brings a flamethrower and ignites the enemy in a short range.
+ "Fire in the Hole!" - Chris throws an incendiary grenade, which goes off if shot (Just ask Deadpool)
+ "Suck it!" - Chris puts a landmine in front of him. Melee Defensive move.

+ "It's all or nothing!" - Lv1 - Chris swipes the enemy with his knife twice, fires the shotgun, then his machine gun, magnum, and finishes it off with an RPG.
+ "Loading Grenade! Open Fire!" - Lv1 - Chris draws a grenade launcher, fires a freezing grenade to hold the enemy, fires a round in the air, two at the enemy before the aerial grenade comes back down.
+ "Link Established!" - Lv3 - Chris pulls a stinger missile-like weapon that is a laser marker for some sort of orbital ion cannon. Easy to interrupt, has three shots.

Hulk - When Physicist Dr. Bruce Banner was exposed to a blast of Gamma Radiation during one his test experiments, he would involuntary transforms into the Incredible Hulk. Classified as a monster with boundless rage, the Hulk and consequentially Bruce Banner are the targets of the United States Military as well as sinister factions such as the Advanced Ideas Mechanics. Bruce Banner evades all authority while searching for a cure to his affliction.

- Power: 9/10
- Defense: 6/10
- Speed: 2/10
- Range: 1/10

An immensely powerful and tough character who is one of the slowest characters in the game with no ranged moves. However unlike MvC2, Hulk no longer has any stability, but he has been given his own air combos instead of the aerial one-hit smackdown.

+ Gamma Wave - Hulk lifts up the ground in front of him and whips it like a carpet.
+ Gamma Charge - Hulk rushes and closes the gap with enemies.

+ Gamma Tsunami - Lv1 - A hyper version of the Gamma Wave
+ Gamma Quake - Lv1 - Hulk slams his fist to the ground, dropping stalactites right in front of him.
+ Gamma Crash - Lv1 - Hulk jumps high off-screen and brings an asteroid down to the earth.

On the next edition of Character Analysis, we take a look at the not too serious pair of Deadpool and Dante!


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