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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 5

Updated on February 1, 2011
Felicia looks stylish in her new duds while Captain America's wardrobe has a full array of comic references.
Felicia looks stylish in her new duds while Captain America's wardrobe has a full array of comic references.

Welcome back to Character Analysis. I didn't update the last few days due to Computer Issues, so to make up for lost time, I'm going to be publish two Character Analysis pieces for the next two days.

Felicia - Found orphaned and alone, a catholic nun named Rose took the little catgirl under her care. However years later, Rose passed away and Felicia decided it was time to find her place in the world. During her journey, she met other catgirls like her and with her newfound friends, went onto her dream of being on stage and becoming a rock star.

- Power: 3/10
- Defense: 3/10
- Speed: 9/10
- Range 1/10

A very fast hitting and evasive melee character, Felicia is very good at getting behind her opponent and unleashing devastating combos. However if caught, she'll be in for a world of hurt.

+ Rolling Buckler - Felicia rolls forward doing damage. A variation of this is the Neko Punch where she does a punch afterward.
+ Cat Spike - A ball falls from the sky, Felicia jumps on it and pops it.
+ Delta Kick - Felicia jumps a little up and a lot forward, doing damage and if done right, moving behind the enemy.
+ Sand Splash - Felicia kicks the ground, splashing sand toward her opponent.

+ Ball Run - Lv1 - A Hyper version of the Rolling Buckler, but if it hits, she unleashes a combo ending with a 3 Hit Uppercut.
+ Friend of Mine - Lv1 - A little catgirl will help Felicia by jumping around and hitting the enemy.
+ "Everybody, Come!" - Lv3 - Felicia will shout for her friends and if the little catgirl hits the enemy, they all appear and maul him/her. It is one of the most damaging Lv3 Hypers to date.

Captain America - When the scrawny Steve Rogers was deemed unfit for duty, his strong sense of justice wouldn't allow it and volunteered for a highly-classified experiment where he was injected with Super Soldier Serum and became the super muscular hero he had always envisioned himself. Equipped with an indestructible shield, Captain America has appeared in numerous battles during World War II and gave hope for the Allies while fighting his nemesis, the Red Skull. However he mysteriously disappeared during the war(Whether it be in stasis, frozen over in the arctic circle, or trapped in a dimension of suspended time with Red Skull) and presumed KIA, but he has reappeared in modern day fighting the good fight once again.

- Power: 6/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 4/10
- Range: 2/10

A well-balanced melee character with moves appropriate for any situation.

+ Shield Slash - Cap throws his shield and new to MVC3, does damage on the return.
+ Charging Star- Cap rushes in with his shield in front.
+ Stars and Stripes - Cap jumps and shield rams. Like Ryu's Shoryuken, a fast Anti-air move.

+ Hyper Charging Star - Lv1 - The title pretty much says it.
+ Hyper Stars and Stripes - Lv1 - Two Normal Stars and Stripes followed by a Hyper version.
+ Final Justice - Lv3 - Captain America dashes passed the enemy, sending him/her into the air, rushes back to deliver a series of blow before tossing the enemy into the air, jumping up, and pile driving the enemy back to the earth.

Next time, Doctor Doom and Chun Li.


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