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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 6

Updated on February 1, 2011
Chun Li looks beautiful in a mix of new and classic clothes. While Latveria's tailors went all out for Doom's regalia.
Chun Li looks beautiful in a mix of new and classic clothes. While Latveria's tailors went all out for Doom's regalia.

For this issue of Character Analysis, we look at the tale of the Beauty and the Knight...well if the Knight was evil and cold-hearted.

Chun Li - An undercover Interpol agent, she entered the Second Street Fighter Tournament to get close to the man who murdered her father, an undercover police agent who was investigating the crime syndicate of Shadaloo and its leader M. Bison. In the aftermath of the Tournament, she returned to her work at Interpol and retiring to teach young girls martial arts, but destiny has a way of calling us when we are needed.

- Power: 3/10
- Defense: 4/10
- Speed: 7/10
- Range: 2/10

Like Felicia, Chun Li is a fast and evasive melee character. Though she has an aerial dash making her fast, she doesn't have the damage of Delta Kick to support it, However she does have a ranged attack whereas Felicia doesn't.

+ Kikouken - Chun Li fires a slow-moving pink ball of energy.
+ Spinning Bird Kick - Chun Li lowers herself down before springing up and spins around her legs in a perfect split, going a short distance before landing.
+ Tenshoukyaku - Chun Li jumps up, delivering a series of upward kicks.
+ Hyakuretsukyaku - Standing on one leg, she delivers an unnatural flurry of kicks.

+ Kikoushou - Lv1 - Entering a one-legged crane stance, she stomps her foot down and hands forward, releasing a giant blue ball of energy in front of her.
+ Hoyokusen - Lv1 - A Hyper version of Hyakuretsukyaku using one leg switching to the other before launching an upward kick.
+ True Grace of Spring - Lv3 - Chun Li prepares herself, leaps forward, doing a quick Spinning Bird Kick, then a flurry of spinning kicks sending both into the air, pausing for a brief second before delivering a crushing kick sending them to the ground.

Doctor Doom - Born a son of gypsies, he was raised by his father, who hid the fact that the mother was a witch. After his father was killed by the Baron, the faceless leader of Latveria, Doom swore revenge against the Baron and in that time, he found out who his mother truly was and her tools of the occult. Growing into a headstrong brilliant man, he attracted the attention of ESU and was offered a chance to study in America where he met a classmate of his, Reed Richards. Failing a flawed experiment to communicate with the dead, it left his face horribly scarred and was expelled from ESU. In his worldly travels, he was found by a clan of Tibetan monks, mastering their disciplines and becoming their master, he forged his suit of armor and returned to Latveria, fulfilling his precious revenge.

- Power: 5/10
- Defense: 6/10
- Speed: 4/10
- Range: 8/10

A ranged keepaway character, Doom can hit his enemies from any part of the screen whereas his melee moveset requires a learning curve for some of his moves feel a little clunky.

+ Plasma Beam - Doctor Doom fires a yellow beam of plasma.
+ Photon Shot - Crossing his arms like a bird, he fires a small bolt of plasma from his finger tips.
+ Molecular Shield - Doom stretches his arms as rocks form around him, then fly forward slowly.

+ Photon Array - Lv1 - He fires several Hyper Versions of Photon Shot. Has an Air Version as well.
+ Sphere Flame - Lv1 - Focusing a ball of plasma, he fires it straight above him. When it hits the ceiling, it sparks down like rain in several streams.
+ "Time to Die!" - Lv3 - Doom sits on his hover-throne while the opponent becomes trapped in a portable plasma chamber coursing with plasma energy. Doom raises his hand and when he lowers it, the chamber explodes.

Next time, Super Skrull and Trish!


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