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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 7

Updated on February 2, 2011
It goes to show that first timers get as much attention in costumes as veterans
It goes to show that first timers get as much attention in costumes as veterans

On this edition of Character Analysis, we look at the first pair of newcomers to Marvel Versus Capcom 3, Trish and Super Skrull.

Trish - She was a demon servant of Mundus, a great Demon Emperor, one of whom Sparda had fought millennia ago to free humans from demonic rule. Her physical body was designed as an exact duplicate of Dante's mother, this was to sway the demon hunter to accept her assignment and get him to go to Mallet Island. After helping Dante with his mission, she betrays Mundus giving Dante the power he needs to slay Mundus once and for all. She wields lightning powers and is in possession of the Sparda Sword.

- Power: 5/10
- Defense: 5/10
- Speed: 7/10
- Range: 3/10

A hit-and-run melee character, not as fast as Felicia or Chun Li, but still possesses great speed and the ability to fly for a few seconds. Limited range capability.

+ Tri-Bolt - Trish will stretch her hand forward and shot three small bolts of lightning at once.
+ Trick Mine - She places an invisible mine on the air in front of her, can be blocked.
+ Anti-Air Mine - Trish puts a lightning glyph on the ground. When the enemy crosses it, it will shot a lightning bolt up toward them.
+ Sparda Throw - She will throw the Sparda Sword like a large shuriken and will stay with the enemy for a second or two. Trish can attack while the sword does this.

+ Maximum Voltage - Lv1 - A Hyper Version of Tri-Bolt with a lot more thrown around. Also has an Air Version angled toward the ground.
+ Hyper Sparda Throw - Lv1 - A Hyper Version of Sparda Throw.
+ Trish's Power - Lv3 - Uppercutting the enemy into the air with Sparda Sword, She fires several rounds from both her guns before the sword magically stabs them back down to the earth leaving a crater before exploding with demonic energy.

Super-Skrull - The Skrull Warrior KI'rt was handpicked by the Skrull Emperor, Dorrek VII, who wanted revenge against the Fantastic Four for thwarting the Empire's attempt at conquering Earth, to be artificially augmented with the powers of the Fantastic Four, making him the champion of the Skrull Empire. Though he has even greater powers than that of the Fantastic Four in every way while retaining his Skrull abilities of shape-shifting and hypnotism, he has yet to claim Earth for the glory of the Skrull Empire.

- Power: 7/10
- Defense: 3/10
- Speed: 5/10
- Range: 5/10

A melee character who has several gap-closing abilities and the longest throw reach in the game. Though these abilities are very damaging to enemies, if timed wrong, leaves Skrull open for some serious punishment.

+ Tenderizer - Skrull's signature move. He makes his fists stone and repeatedly punches forward using the elastic power. Has Ground, Anti-Air, and Air Versions.
+ Orbital Grudge - Stretching out and emblazing his hands, Skrull spins forward, creating a ring of fire for a short distance.
+ Elastic Slam - Skrull wraps his hand around the opponent, slamming him/her back-and-forth against the ground before letting go. Reach determined by attack button pressed. Easily followed up by Tenderizer.
+ Meteor Smash - Skrull will disappear from where he's standing and smash himself down at a new location. Range determined by attack button pressed.

+ Inferno - Lv1 - Using the Human Torch's ability, Skrull focuses the flame inward and then shoots it all around him, creating a miniature sun effect.
+ Helix Stream - Lv1 - Using the Human Torch's ability, Skrull flames on and spins forward creating a flaming stream. Direction where he goes is controlled by player input.
+ Ruthlessness of Skrull - Lv3 - Skrull will use a Meteor Slam, stretch himself back laughing manically before mercilessly pounding his opponent with stretchy stone fists. This knocks the opponent into the air, Skrull grabs him/her with one hand pulling toward him and creates a fiery rock fist with the other and punching forward, the two meet sending the opponent to the other side of the screen.

Next time on Character Analysis, we will be looking at another pair of newcomers to the franchise: Thor and Amaterasu.


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