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Character Analysis MVC3 Part 8

Updated on February 3, 2011
Amaterasu shines with many colorful coats as Thor shows off his Asgardian apparel
Amaterasu shines with many colorful coats as Thor shows off his Asgardian apparel

On this Character Analysis, we look at a goddess and a god making their debut as playable characters in MVC3: Amaterasu the Sun Goddess of Japan and Thor the Mighty of the Norse.

Amaterasu - When a white wolf, Shiranui, and a swordsman, Nagi, were unable to vanquish the powerful demon, Orochi, they managed to instead seal the demon away, freeing the beautiful Nami and bringing peace to Kamiki Village. However a century later, Nagi's descendant and self-proclaimed great warrior, Susano breaks the seal, not believing in the legend, Orochi escapes and curses the land. Sakuya, wood sprite and guardian of Kamiki Village, calls forth Amaterasu as she becomes the reincarnation of Shiranui. Using the power of her Celestial Brush, she must restore beauty and peace to the land.

- Power: 2/10
- Defense: 7/10
- Speed: 5/10
- Range: 3/10

Able to switch her weapons in battle, this melee character has a variety of different movesets. With a smaller hit box than other characters, Amaterasu can avoid some attacks by simply ducking such as Iron Man's Photon Cannon for example.

+ Power Smash - Ammy charges up her current weapon and does the strike with higher damage.
+ Head Charge - Ammy will dash forward like a spear hitting the enemy.
+ Weapon Change - This allows you to switch between the Fire Disc, Ice Sword, and Lightning Whip.

+ Okami Shuffle - Lv1 - Amaterasu will jump up, unleash an infinity symbol of fire, a quick blizzard, followed by a lighting storm with a massive lightning bolt smacking the opponent back to the ground.
+ Vale of Mists - Lv1 - She will howl causing a mist and four circles with kanji inside to appear. The opponent is slowed down during the few seconds this Hyper is active.
+ Rage of a Goddess - Amaterasu will uppercut the enemy into the air with the Fire Disc, followed by a barrage of lashes from an Ice Whip(don't look at me, never played Okami, just telling you what I know), followed by a strike with a Lightning/Sun Sword. Ammy slides across the ground in what I say is one of the coolest camera pan effects in the game.

Thor - To teach his son humility, Odin places Thor on Earth with no memory of godhood into the body of a partially disabled med student, Donald Blake. After becoming a doctor, Donald spends his holiday in Norway where he witnesses the arrival of an alien scouting party. Getting away from his pursuers, Donald flees into a cave where he finds Thor's hammer of Mjolnir(pronounced "mill near"). Striking it against the rock, he transforms into the Thunder God. With the aliens defeated, Thor has reawakened and shares a life with his human alter ego. Because of his success in his medical practice, he wins the love of his nurse, Jane Foster, and his work fighting evil as Thor attracts the attention of his evil step-brother, Loki.

- Power: 8/10
- Defense: 7/10
- Speed: 4/10
- Range; 2/10

Though not as strong as Hulk, Thor is gifted with slightly better speed. A high-damaging melee character with one or two ranged moves. A lot of people look down on Thor for the "lack" of useful abilities, but Thor is one of the only characters that can take down half a Life Bar in six hits.

+ Mighty Spark - Thor puts Mjolnir in front of him, unleashing a beam of lightning.
+ Mighty Smash - He leaps forward and smashes Mjolnir against the ground when he lands.
+ Mighty Strike - in the air, Thor charges up Mjolnir, then strikes down to the earth in a large lightning spike.
+ Mighty Hurricane - a throw where he spins the enemy underneath him. He raises Mjolnir up and brings it down on the enemy.

Hypers (Since I'm tired of the adjective Mighty, I'll give you my names for these)
+ In Defense of Asgard - Lv1 - Thor raises Mjolnir above his head, charging it full of power. Striking the ground, pillars of lightning shoot up across the screen in order. Can be easily interrupted if enemy is still standing and active.
+ Lord of Lightning - Lv1 - Thor holds Mjolnir with both hands in front of him, focusing the thunder, he raises Mjolnir, creating a tornado of thunder where Thor is at the epicenter.
+ Heaven's Wrath - Lv1 - A very short range Hyper. Thor grabs the enemy, strikes him into the air with Mjolnir before throwing Mjolnir into the sky returning as a large thunder bolt, crushing the enemy back to Earth and Thor retrieves his hammer.

We look at the third pair of newcomers to the Marvel vs Capcom series, the battle between a hero and a villain: Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu!


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