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Cheap Baby Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Updated on September 14, 2015

Considerations When Buying Party Favors

A simple thank you from the mommy to be and baby are always a nice touch to show your gratitude to your guests. However, there is no need to go overboard on anything big and expensive.

A wrapped cookie, or candy filled baby bottles you can buy in large packs will do just fine and show your guests how much you appreciate their support. usually people choose to go with a blue and white themed party when they are having a boy and pink and white themed party when they are having a girl. But many people also choose to pick their own colors to change things around.

How Big Should The Budget Be?

Party favors should be taken into account when you are making the budget for the entire baby shower. If you don't want to cover the cost of the entire shower yourself, It would be a good idea to ask each guest to contribute in some way.

It is not unheard of to have each guest bring a little dish or dessert to share with the rest of the guests as food can sometimes be one of the most costly parts of a baby shower. Here are a few cheap baby shower favors that can be great take-homes that your guests will love and save you money to put towards other parts of the baby shower.

Charmed Baby Bottle Shower Favor,3-Inches, Pink (2 Dozen)
Charmed Baby Bottle Shower Favor,3-Inches, Pink (2 Dozen)

These cute little pink baby shower favors make a great takeaways. They are 3"in Tall, look great, and will hold just enough candies to make your guests happy happy campers indeed!


If your looking for a little blue and white for a baby boy. You could check out a blue and white flavored lollipop kit. These are very hassle free type party favors that don't require any filling, wrapping, or packaging, if you are a bit short on time and need something simple.

Wilton 1006-2978 Blue-White Lollipop Favor Kit, 24 Count
Wilton 1006-2978 Blue-White Lollipop Favor Kit, 24 Count

This package comes with 24 blue and white swirled lollipops along with the ribbons and stickers to make the package complete.


When Do Prefer To Have A Baby Shower?

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When Should A Baby Shower Take Place?

Typically, anytime after the baby is born should be fine, but many mothers to be appreciate a shower sometime before the pregnancy in their third trimester.

By that time, most mothers can be sure that everything is going smoothly and an baby shower would be a great diversion from the pains that come with holding a child. It also makes a great picture when the mother is able to show-off her baby belly.

Before making an official date for the party, talk to the guests and make sure you get a good count of the guests who really want to be there. It would also be a good idea to get take any prior commitments from the grandparents into consideration. Its never a good feeling when you plan and send out invitations only to find out some of the more important people are unable to make it.

If you decide to make the the baby shower after the birth, then that gives guests the opportunity to to bring gifts specific to your babies sex.

Where Should The Shower Be Held?

Take the location into consideration before deciding on how many people you are going to invite. The ideal situation is when the party is held at the mother-to-be's house. But make sure you ask a few people to stay back and help clean up so she does not have to clean-up by herself.

If she is not ready to host the even at her home or there is some other situation preventing that from happening, it local community club or townhouse is a great second option. Just remember to book in advance because these places can be booked well in advance depending on the communities using them.

What Are Good Invitations For The Baby Shower?

The theme should be clear on the invitation and include the basic who, what,when,where, and instructions on how they should RSVP.

Place the department store or or web address where the mother-to-be has registered so the guests can view. You could also wait until the guests have replied before you give them the information where they can see the product registry.

It is important to send the invitations out early enough so that guests know where the mother is registered, what is on her list and have enough time to get the gifts. Usually a few weeks notice is good enough.

Final Baby Shower Considerations

Before finalizing the activities, consider a few things:

  • It might be a good idea to choose a theme to tie everything together, even though it is not necessary, it can help you when your making decisions about other things to buy for the baby shower. Consider getting a few extremely cheap party favors with the same color ofthe theme to add to the decor.
  • You may want to serve food and drink depending on the time of day, your planned budget, and how casual or formal you want it to be.
  • If you yourself are hosting the baby shower, you probably already have in mind who you want to invite. So if someone else is organizing your baby shower, make sure they do a final check with you to avoid any unexpected or uninvited people coming


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