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Cheap Baby Shower Game Prizes

Updated on November 20, 2012
Baby Shower Game Prizes
Baby Shower Game Prizes | Source

The trick to finding cheap baby shower game prizes is finding ways to make a small item or group of items attractive. It will take a little more time since you will need to make the effort to find cute baskets, bags, or containers for the items and take the time to package them. But in the long run, it will save you money on the prizes.

Travel or Trial Size
A small basket of travel or trial size goodies makes for simple and cheap baby shower game prizes. Body sprays, lotions, bubble bath, and facial scrubs or masks would all work well. You could also make a small gift basket of trial size nail care items like nail polish remover, nail polish, emery boards, and small nail clippers. You can find small baskets at a local craft store and decorate them with ribbon for an added special touch.

Candy or Snacks
Food is almost always safe baby shower game prizes. A small basket of a few regular sized candy bars is a tasty treat that is sure to be enjoyed. You could also tie a few together with a ribbon. A gift bag or basket of small snack-sized cookies, candies, chips, granola bars, and/or crackers is also a simple idea that will not cost a lot. If you plan to do this idea, it is best to buy packs of the different food items you plan to use so that you can make several game prize packages for cheaper.

Bath Products
Baby shower game prizes like this work best for a baby shower that is women only. If you have fun taking on craft projects, you can even make your own bath salts or fizzy bath bombs for the prizes. You will need some special ingredients to make them but if you plan on using the ingredients again for other gifts, it is worth the investment. You can also just buy bath oils, salts, bath bombs, or bubble baths. You can make multiple gifts out of one large bottle if you get small pretty glass or plastic containers from a craft store.

Candles are another idea for baby shower game prizes that you can get for just a few dollars. A small variety package of scented tea lights or votive candles are a sweet smelling gift. Get popular candle scents like vanilla, light fruity scents, or soft floral scents like lavender or rose. Buying packages of these candles that you can make into smaller packages for prizes will help cut your costs. Here again a cute basket with a ribbon works well to hold the candles.


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