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Top 10 Cheap RC Boats 2017

Updated on March 6, 2017

There are a lot off different affordable Radio Controlled boats available online. But here I have put together a list of the 10 best Cheap Rc Boats of 2017

If you are looking for an affordable good boat for yourself or as a birhday presant, you will fint the best once here for sure!

I have rated the ten best boats all available at Amazon at the best price, I have also linked directly to the best price. You will not find a better affordable Rc boat anywhere else, period. Now go find a cheap boat!

#10 FT009 High Speed RC FT009 2.4G 4CH

This is a great RC boat! I chose this model because it does have a water cooling jacket wrapped around the motor (coils of tube that water flows through). I have run it dozens of times and it has worked perfectly. It is pretty durable and it is very water tight. It is fast, turns sharp, and is a lot of fun.

One word of caution about extra batteries. The battery that comes with the boat is a LiPo battery and works great. The replacement batteries offered for this are not LiPo, they are Li-Ion. I bought two of the Li-Ion batteries and they both failed after three uses. I think the discharge rate to power the motor is just too great for the Li-Ion battery.

LiPo batteries always include a discharge rate in the specs (e.g. 20C, 25C). The Li-Ion replacement battery contained no such spec, The physical difference is that LiPo battery cells have soft cases (like pouches) and the Li-Ion batteries have hard tubular cells (like AA batteries). Don't buy Li-Ion batteries for this. Search for a good LiPo battery that is a 2S 1300-1500MaH and 20C-25C discharge. The dimensions in mm for the compartment are 74x36x15.

The plug used in the boat is a Tamiya mini-connector, so you may have to buy an adapter for the battery. But this boat is so cheap that should not be a problem. A common LiPo battery connector is an XT60, so you would then buy an XT60 to mini Tamiya adapter. Batteries are always female plugs and the connection to the speed control on the boat is a male connector so in this case you would make sure it's a male XT60 to female mini Tamiya adapter.


#9 Feilun FT009 2.4G

9 year old grandson went crazy when he saw the YouTube video so he had to have one. The boat lives up to all the marketing and hype.

It cannot be run in a pool. There must be ample space like a huge pond or lake because it is so powerfully fast. The boat will right itself if flipped over making it safe for the operator who remains a distance away. It does not retain water so won't sink. Controls are easy if a person has knowledge of running anything remotely.

The upgraded battery Holy Stone 7.4V is a must, easy access to change, inexpensive and adds a great deal of run time. Although many boats this size advertised are far more expensive and some rated higher, this boat is really top shelf. It is incredibly well priced and designed with thought and precision.

Get it at Amazon here!

#8 UDI007 Voyager Remote Control

Great 2nd or mid level boat for the casual hobbyist. This boat is fast and fun to drive. The battery life is as described but still a little disappointing. It does come with an extra battery though so if you have both charged you can get 15-20 minutes total play.

The battery is easy to change out and the boat is easy to drive. My 5 year old was able to operate it with close supervision. The range on the RC was very good as well. I was able to drive it as far as I was comfortable with from the shore with no problem. This is very good and cheap rc car!

It's not tiny bit it is small enough that you need some fairly calm water to operate without it bouncing all over the place. It has the ability to flip itself over if it capsizes but mine has yet to capsize after 5-6 trips to the lake and making turns full speed and crossing its own wake so I can't comment on that feature.

Most of the time the steering needs to be calibrated when you first put it in the water but the controls to do that are simple and it can be corrected within the first 30 seconds in the water. It does run hot after use so I normally leave the top off for an hour or so to let the motor cool off before storing it.

Overall I'm very pleased with this boat. It's way faster then any $30 boat you would find at most big box stores.

#7 Babrit F1 High Speed Cheap RC Boat

I’m very impress with Babrit High Speed RC Boat Remote Control Electric Boat-Red and I rated these remote controlled boat 5 stars because it is built well and lots of fun. I'm using it also with my daughters and son and they are all amazed.

The RC boat has a very good speed, good acceleration, cool body design,and easy handling with the remote. (1x) 8V 700 mah reachargeable battery and charger is included. 10-15 minutes play time with one time full charged (2-3 hours charging time) Please note the boat has a sensor that does not allow it to function unless in the water.

#6 SainSmart Jr. RC 4CH

I bought this speed boat for my brother-in-law for Christmas. He really loves it. He says that it is easy to control and the battery life is pretty long.

It is not as cheap as the other boats here, but it is the fastes one of them. So if you want an RC boat that is fast and good quality, and also kinda cheap, this is the boat for you.

#5 Cheap UDI001 Venom RC Boat

This is actually a really nice and fast boat, but it has a few well known issues that can easily be fixed.... Do these things as soon as you confirm your boat is working. A big issue with this boat is water getting in, and it's happening in a few spots that need attention. The gasket on the top cover is too thin, so you have to either add another on top so it doubles the thickness, use removable waterproof tape on the top cover, or remove the gasket and fill the gap in the top cover with gasket sealant... So it creates a new gasket.

Next you will need some clear silicone, add some inside the boat around the rubber cone that the rudder shaft comes through, you should put some marine grease inside the cone to water seal it completely. Also, add some silicone inside the boat around the water exit tube, and any gaps around the wires on the battery. You must keep the battery dry, use silicone on it! Although the water cooling somewhat works, the motor gets too hot. Open a gap on the top of the cooling coil, slightly bend the first coil up a little and it will expose an air intake hole for the motor.

The motor will run cooler and last longer. Apply some waterproof tape over all the connectors inside the boat. Adding a bit of foam in the nose of the boat will prevent it from sinking, but instead float like a cork. Finally, if you readjust the position of the arm on the servo motor and put the rod to the rudder in a different hole, you can fix the veering to the left problem and also allow the rudder to turn more in each direction. It will steer left and right better.

Do these things and what you drive on the water will seem like a completely different boat. It is a cheap boat, but after you have fixed these issues, it will be like an expensive one!

#4 TurboTech S600

I had ordered the first boat and it looked to me that the box had been opened and of coarse the remote was broken! I contacted Amazon and they sent me another one and it was perfect and the box looked factory sealed to me.

I gave to my Grandson for his birthday and you can imagine how bad he and I felt that his new birthday gift was broken. Now the second one works great and he loves it but on his birthday he was upset and so was I!

I don't know if someone had bought the first one that was broke and then returned it without saying anything but if that did happen all I can say is I am very disappointed in people!

#3 FT012 Affordable Radio Controlled Boat

This boat is a real screamer! After I received, I disassembled it enough to allow access to the seam of the top and bottom hull. I watered down some DAP sealant and brushed it along the seam and the screws inside the transom.

Pulled the shaft and lubed the bearings. Installed a LV alarm. Range test all functions. I took it down to a local pond to run it for the first time. I went ahead taped down the hatch as recommended. Tossed in the water and off it went. It's very fast and responsive after a bit of tuning. The range is excellent and never a glitch in the connection. I heard the alarm after about 7 minutes of hard running and brought it back to shore.

Update: I've been running this boat hard every weekend since I got it, no problems yet. It does require some maintenance to keep them going though. This is not a toy that you can just run out of the box, none of them with this type of performance are. It is more hobby grade and should be treated as such. If you're not a R/C modeler, then don't buy this boat. If I could give this boat 6 stars I would.

Another Update: I purchased and Octura X435 prop which I balanced and polished and mounted to this boat. Gave me about a 3 KMH boost! Would recommend this prop for any with the FT012. I'll soon post a full sequence of mods and maintenance techniques on RCGroups.

Happy Boating with your FT012!

#2 Race® Remote

Extremely pleased with both the product and Amazon. My son loves the boat and it is his favourite birthday present to the point we can't get him to stop playing with it. Thanks for both a great product and equally good customer service. I will be a customer for life.

Get one today!

#1 Water Speed Boat: Best Cheap RC Boat

Amazing Boat! I’ve been an R/C enthusiast for the better part of 40 yrs and have to say this is the best, most fun R/C boat I have ran across. The boat is very fast, extremely durable and responsive. Great control range as well, I’m running the boats on a 3.5 acre lake and have full control across the entire lake.

The boat is approx. 12 inches in length, water cooling intake port on bottom, power on/off sensor on the bottom, flip sensor on the top, USB charged battery. I purchased two of these boats for some afternoon fun with friends, I was not disappointed, these boats are a blast! If you’re into the bump & grind, side by side racing, these quick little boats can be very exciting.

We’ve done about everything you could do to a R/C boat… Side swiping each other rolling boats over the top of one another, (I can assure you the self-righting feature works great!) accidentally catching a rogue waves near shore launching the boat into surrounding bushes, running them into kayaks & docks, and often crashing them into one another or other R/C boats.

Regardless of what we have put these boats through they continue to work flawlessly with no damage. I ordered two boats the first go around, I’m back to order an additional two boats and spare batteries. Extend the fun, BUY SPARE batteries! The charge last approx. 20 minutes. When the low battery alarm begins to sound I have been getting an additional 3-5 minutes of use until it begins to slow then it has to be brought to shore. My only caution would be watch the motor/battery temperature.

The motor has a liquid cooling system that picks up water on the bottom rear and exits it out to the side. Keep an eye on the water inlet port so that is stays clear of debris so water can flow through the system. Great boats, I’ve bought 4 of them now w/ 4 spare batteries.

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