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Cheap RC Nitro Cars

Updated on January 22, 2011

Buying cheap RC Nitro cars is the wise choice while still learning how to control them. The beginner and younger crowd may need weeks to months to pick up the ability to anticipate the right speed and control maneuvering necessary to steer clear of obstructions that could possibly damage or break their radio control car. This is why when you are first starting with the hobby, going all out and spending on the very best RC with a Nitro engine just isn't the wisest choice. But it also doesn't mean you are limited to kid RC toys.

You don't need a toy, you need a starter cheap Nitro RC car that has good handling and can take what you dish out while honing your handling skills. Slick and fast sporty RC Nitro cars are great, but it's the buggy's and trucks that have the handling and can be used on all types of terrain. Many might recommend electric RC toys, but I think that the fuel powered RC's, especially RC Nitro Buggy's are a lot more fun.

The Tornado S30 Buggy

The cheap Nitro radio control cars are designed well and are just as pleasing to look at and drive around the house or neighborhood as well as the more expensive models but you won't need to spend $300-$800+ that more experienced RC car hobbyist proved they are ready to invest in. You can get there to someday but for now, I highly recommend starting off with the Tornado S30 made by Redcat Racing

These RC buggy's are some of the more popular Nitro RC cars that are available for a price that you won't choke on if you have a bad crash while your still learning.

Cheap RC Nitro Buggy

For a Nitro, the price of the Tornado S30 RC Nitro Buggy is fantastic for the first time buyer or anyone is still learning how to handle the turns and bumps. This buggy isn't just hot, it's got four wheel drive and a persuasive 2 speed Nitro 3.0cc .18 SH engine that makes this RC Nitro Buggy a demon on the track that can maneuver on any terrain.

What makes this cheap RC Nitro great for beginners is that it doesn't just claim to be easy to use, owners will tell you it really is and is built to handle whatever is in it's path. What I love most about this RC Nitro Buggy is that is a RTR. Out of the box, you can be ready to race instead of needing to build on your own. Learn to drive RC's first, then learn to build them.

mlbfanxxx5's video with his Tornado S30 Nitro Car

The Runner Up

Looking for someting a little different? Check out this Vortex SS Desert Truck that features the Nitro engine at an affordable price and drive around the truck you wish you had in real size.

For Younger Beginners: Kid Galaxy Slick Drifter

If you are buying a first RC car for a child that is brand new to the world of RC cars, the Slick Drifter is a must have.

This high performance RC race car is great for slick speed racing and features a hidden 5th wheel for easy drifting when turning left or right while accelerating. This Remote control car is appropriate for ages 6 to 15, but features a two grip handle for small hands to easily manipulate the controls.


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