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Cheats for the Matrix Path of Neo on PS2

Updated on October 27, 2009

I love video games! This is one of my many "outs" when it comes to life. And as with most people, I usually have my likes and dislikes as far as genres go. Personally I love FPS games (any of the Clancy games rock!) and I love driving games like NFS. Recently my little cousin finally got a PS2 and since he likes sci-fi-y stuff he had to get the Matrix Path of Neo. Whenever he comes over here to my place I let him do pretty much whatever he wants including find cheats for the games.

However, he doesn't have a computer and frankly I don't know any offhand cheats for the Matrix Path of Neo on PS2 so I decided to start looking online. This is one of the more popular games supposedly even though it's still kind of old (2005), and I definitely did not have to dig around to actually find what I was looking for! If you want cheats for the Matrix Path of Neo on PS2 you definitely need to take a look below!

'The One' Difficulty Mode
Successfully complete the first level without dying.

Code Breaker
Complete all of the training tutorial objectives.

God Mode
Complete "The One" Difficulty Mode.

Beat the game on these difficulties for in-game goodies:
Easy - Unbreakable Weapons, Bullet Reflection
Normal - Vampiric Health, All Weapons
Hard - Infinite Health

The Code Breaker
Complete all of the training tutorial objectives.

Zion Archive Level
Upgrade the icon in the 8 o'clock position on the Atman Principle.

Zion Archives
The "Spoon" Atman Principle is unlocked and available for selection in the Path of Neo screen that appears after completing this level. The player can choose to select Spoon at any of the Path of Neo opportunities from that point after. Select Spoon and load the next level to unlock this content.

Storyboard 1 (Making Of)
Complete the level without firing any weapons.

"The One" Difficulty
Defeat Agent Smith.

View Staff Combos
Perform three Silent Take downs in the Tool Shop. Special unlockable pickup appears next to the alarm button.

The Code Breaker (Combo)
Find the Operator's "secret stash" in the hallway on the way back upstairs.

Character Concept 1 (Media Viewer)
Finish all the training program levels (Kung Fu Training, Sword Training, Aerial Training, Winter Training, Weapon Training, Dojo Training).

Ultimate Hyper Strike (Combo)
Defeat 5 enemies in 30 Seconds to Unlock.

Quick Kicks (Combo)
Touch the top two platforms at the end of the level and the combo will be unlocked when the levels is completed

View Sword Combo
Go behind the waterfall and smash the pots to pick up this unlockable.

Level Concept Art
Complete the "He's Heading to the Street" Level. Then, reach Trinity on the 1st floor exit.

Art Graveyard (Media Viewer)
Shoot down the helicopter.

Machine Gun kick (combo)
Hidden behind the two rear fruit stands at the end of the market area.

Morpheus & Trinity
On the side of the street, facing the in the direction of the helicopter crash, there is a platform out of sight that you can leap up and reach. An unlockable pick-up is located on the platform.

"You're Still Here" Movie
Beat Mega Smith.

Fasty McUnlock
To unlock all the in-game cheats, you beat the game on the hardest difficulty. However, you can unlock all of Neo's stages using easier difficulties. Once you do, simply fast forward to the last stage and play it on the hardest difficulty. Should you clear it, you bag all the cheats in one attempt.

Hidden Combos:
Sword Trainer ... Go behind the waterfall and smash the pots for the pick-up.
Kung Fu Training ... Do three silent take downs in the Tool Shop. The pick-up appears next to the alarm button.
Storming the Drain ... Touch the top two platforms at the end of the level and the pick-up will be automatically added when the stage is completed.
I Need an Exit ... Find the pickup behind the two rear fruit stands at the end of the market area.
Seraph's Apology ... Destroy one piece of the eight tables in the room and all of the posts.

Bonus Objective Security Guard Glitch:
In the security guard level, there is a glitch for the bonus objective where you have to defeat the SWAT team in 30 seconds. you can avoid doing this by running up the stairs and ignoring them. You should be able to complete the bonus objective like this.

There are a lot a lot of other cheats and unlockables I found online as well, but these ones were not "verified" so I didn't even bother placing them in this article. However, if you want to try them, they are available on several of the TOP gaming sites online such as IGN, GameSpot and CCG. Again, I can't approve these because they weren't verified, but still you ca have a go and see if they work for you or not! Have fun playing this game, it definitely looks like an oldie, but a goodie and I can definitely deal with that! There are a lot of games that are brand new and I can't stand them. So if you find one that you like and that interests you to boot, you definitely found yourself a gem worth keeping!


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